There is a reason why tile backsplash installations add beauty to a wall. Besides handling splashy water and grease, they provide your kitchen and bathroom with aesthetic appeal. However, choosing the right material and service matters. When you’re seeking expert backsplash installation in Wichita, KS, your expert team at Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area has you covered?

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.
A new kitchen backsplash made of white subway tile installed using professional services for backsplash installation in Wichita, KS.

When you hire your local Wichita handyman for backsplash installation or any other reliable handyman services, you can rest assured that our professional technicians will get the job done right the first time. Keep on reading to learn more about the wide range of backsplash installations in Wichita, KS that our service professionals offer to our local community, or call our friendly office team to schedule an appointment.

About Backsplash Installation in Wichita, KS

We offer a wide range of tile services at Mr. Handyman and are proud to provide our local customers with our extensive knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s floors, walls, or countertops, Wichita backsplash installation services are by far one the most popular among our customers.

When planning a backsplash installation, Wichita, KS property owners want it to be functional and attractive. Glass mosaics, subway tiles, or horizontal strips—those are desired styles that make modern homes stand out.

Our team of experts is familiar with today’s trends and is highly versatile in accommodating property owners’ needs. We work with popular backsplash materials, including porcelain and ceramic tile, as well as glass, marble, or granite tile. Even if you have a specific product, style, shape, or color in mind, we’ll guarantee to have your project executed the way you want it.

When hiring Mr. Handyman for backsplash installation, in Wichita, KS homeowners can expect our local professionals to complete the following:

  • Inspect wall surfaces, counter spaces, and electrical outlet covers
  • Help you choose the type of tile you want during an in-depth consultation, during which we’ll agree on a cost estimate.
  • Planning the installation process for when it is convenient for you.
  • Depending on the size of the backsplash installation, it may take up to two days, during which we’ll ensure to keep any disruption to a minimum. We’ll treat your home with care and respect.
  • After completion, we’ll take care of the cleanup, so you won’t have to deal with any mess.

Why Trust Mr. Handyman For The Job?

A handyman from Mr. Handyman installing tile sheets on a kitchen wall during an appointment for kitchen backsplash installation.

In the last 25 years, Mr. Handyman has become a part of the leading home service providers in North America. As a proud member of the Neighborly community of businesses, our handyman company now has over 200 locally owned and operated locations.

We only hire certified technicians to join our local team of experts. Each of our handyman professionals brings many years of experience working in the trades, providing efficient property maintenance, repair, and improvement services that have proven to enhance our customers’ work and living space.

With our Done Right Promise, we strive to provide our clients with the best customer experience that helps us create strong relationships and partnerships. We aim to take your next home project to the next level with our guaranteed workmanship.

Wichita Backsplash Installation FAQs


The cost will depend on the scope of work, and it may include old backsplash removal or drywall repair, or new countertop installation. From backsplash materials to labor costs, we usually prefer arranging an in-home inspection first before we determine the cost estimate. When you call and provide us with sufficient information, we may be able to give you a price range; however, to support our upfront pricing system, your best option is to schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our professionals.


If you seek to keep maintenance and cleaning to a minimum, you likely want to opt for something that is less porous. Ceramic and porcelain are porous materials (ceramic even more so) unless you seal the surface properly and repeatedly every other year, which also includes redoing the grout lines.

However, this has proven to be bothersome to some homeowners, which is why glass tile has become popular and trendy. Combine glass tile with epoxy grout, and you won’t have to worry about grout lines staining or crumbling. Another option is to glaze the surface of your backsplash installation. Wichita, KS homeowners with a glazed tile system can benefit from a smooth, easy-to-clean surface.

A bathroom backsplash made of glass tiles installed using Mr. Handyman’s services for backsplash installation in Wichita, KS.

Pro Tip: To further help you keep maintenance duties low, we also recommend using silicone caulk to seal the seam where your countertop meets your backsplash installation. Wichita, SK technicians have found that silicone caulk is more durable and water-resistant than acrylic, rubber, or polyurethane.


Yes and no. When you ask your Wichita tile installer about grout versus tile adhesive or tile mastic, we’ll always choose the longer route or the more efficient way to get our job done properly, so our customers can benefit from high-quality products and services that guarantee long-term results.

Using mastic is a common practice for DIY installation projects, but it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not recommended for wet areas where the moisture content is primarily high (such as your shower wall). Though you may get away with it when installing a kitchen backsplash.

Thin-set mortar is still stronger and more flexible, providing a better bond in the long run, whereas adhesives deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to moisture.

Need A Backsplash Installation? Wichita, KS Homeowners Trust Mr. Handyman

Whether you’re finishing up your kitchen or bathroom remodel and require one last touch-up or want to learn more about our Wichita backsplash installation services, give our friendly customer service team a call to schedule a consultation.

We serve our local community of Wichita and surrounding areas, including Andover, Goddard, and Sedgwick. Let our expert handyman services convince you what we’re capable of!

While you’re here, we invite you to learn more about tile repair and other related services like cabinet repair and custom cabinetry installation.

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