It’s been a while since you thought about the condition of your deck, but when it comes time to get outdoors, you’re faced with wood rot, broken boards, and wobbly handrails. Once a place of relaxation, your deck has now become a safety hazard for your family and guests. The smartest decision to make right now is to get Wichita deck replacement, one of the many convenient services offered by your Wichita handyman.

Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area will provide a full inspection of your deck before performing all necessary replacements. Whether your deck only needs a few boards replaced or the entire structure needs to come down, we’ll work quickly to get you back to enjoying your favorite outdoor space. Looking for a quick deck cleaning instead? Feel free to ask us about our other handyman services, whether it’s interior or exterior house repairs. Call now to schedule your first service.

About Our Wichita Deck Replacement Services

Deck replacement is divided into several categories. These are namely the replacement of a few planks, the replacement of an entire section such as your handrails or staircase, or the replacement of your full deck. Issues such as stability, wood rot, mold, and cracked boards can occur on one part or all of your timber decking, but to ensure your deck gets the attention it needs to be stable and secure, we’ll assess the entire unit including the joists, planks, stairs, and nails.

Deck replacement usually refers to the substitution of newer deck materials for older ones. While inspecting your property, we might suggest that the following needs to happen for your deck to be structurally sound, safe, and free from hazards.

Deck Board Replacement

This is where we will swap out the surface boards of your deck, keeping the original substructure (frame, handrails, staircases, etc.). Deck board replacement can involve the swapping out of one board to the entire lot, but the amount we swap depends on how extensive the damage is. If your deck has any kind of mold, insect infestation, or rot, it’s possible that all boards will need to be replaced. 

Deck Stairs or Deck Railing Replacement

Wobbly staircases and loose railings do not make a safe deck. Whether yours are made from real wood or composite decking, all the pieces need to be secure before we can clear your deck for use. If you do have a deck made from natural wood, the same issues of rot, mold, and insects may occur. However, they may not have spread to the other locations of your deck. We’ll be sure to check things out on your entire wood deck before recommending that only these parts be replaced.

Full Deck Replacement

Full deck replacement will need to happen if your entire deck is affected by a problem of some kind. It involves tearing down your entire unit and building it again from scratch. The silver lining to deck construction is that you now get to choose how you would like your new custom deck to look. Our Wichita deck builders will help you design your new dream deck and pick out your preferred materials. 

Mr. Handyman Is The Top Choice For Wichita Deck Replacement

When you’re in need of Wichita deck replacement, you know it, and sometimes, you’ve known it for a long time. Something else you know? How much you enjoy sitting out on your deck. Prolonging replacements and deck repair services is common for Wichita homeowners—whether it's due to tight budgets or because they don’t want to give up their decks for the entire week or two; it takes average deck repair companies to replace them.

With Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area, homeowners don’t have to worry about lengthy replacements, late deck replacement contractors, and surprise fees. With a dedication to quality service, we are upfront with you throughout the entire process and offer a guarantee on our work. Aiming for complete customer satisfaction, locals rely on us for the type of home improvement services they can trust.

Thinking about scheduling a total upgrade of your outdoor spaces? We're the top choice for deck replacement in Wichita. Ask us about adding gutter cleaning or window repair and replacement to your Wichita deck replacement. Call our valued customer service team today at (316)285-1217 to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wichita Deck Replacement

What Are Some Signs I Should Replace My Deck?

As with most structures, decks show signs of wear and tear over time. Because the majority of them are made from wood, you’ll likely see a range of issues emerge. What should you look out for? When your deck begins to show these signs, it’s time to call your Wichita handyman:

  • Warping
  • Insect infestation
  • Mold
  • Wood rot
  • Issues with the joists
  • Structural imbalance
  • Issues with handrails

Do I Need a Replacement or Repair?

It depends on the condition of your deck. If you are experiencing isolated wood rot, mold, or the odd nail that needs fixing, small amounts of deck repair might do the trick. But if you have excessive wood rot, mold, and issues with the joists that require extensive repairs, you’ll need a full replacement. An inspection by the deck repair professionals at Mr. Handyman will help you figure out which one is required.

Can I Replace My Deck Myself?

If you have carpentry skills, all the right tools, and the time to do it, you may be able to tackle your deck project yourself, but there’s a lot more that goes into the deck repair project than Wichita homeowners may think. Decks need to be structurally sound to meet safety standards, and you will need to acquire a permit to make changes to your existing setup. While it’s possible you can replace your own deck, it’s not recommended. Our licensed and fully insured deck contractors have abundant experience in deck replacement and follow all safety precautions during the service.

How Much Does Wichita Deck Replacement Cost?

There are numerous factors that go into the cost of Wichita deck replacement. For starters, some types of deck replacement only swap out a few old boards for new ones, while others replace the entire deck—stairs, railings, planks, and more. As you can imagine, the costs between the two would vary greatly. And that’s not even taking into account the variation in deck size! To find out how much your replacement will cost, we’ll assess your current deck and discuss your plans for your Wichita deck building if needed.

Don’t Let A Broken Deck Keep You Indoors! Get Outside With Wichita Deck Replacement From Mr. Handyman

Your deck doesn’t look as good as it once did. In fact, it’s become a hazard for your family and guests. Without Wichita deck replacement, you can't take full advantage of this beautiful feature for outdoor living. But thankfully, getting the service you need is fast and easy with Mr. Handyman. Our deck replacement contractors provide a thorough inspection and replacement service for your deck, assessing all types of damage and replacing either section of boards or the entire deck altogether. We want you to get outside and make the most of your outdoor space, and that’s why we strive to make the replacement experience as simple as possible.

From the moment you call our trusted team, we’ll work tirelessly to get your deck back into great shape. After that, you’ll have peace of mind when guests are over and won’t have to settle for sitting in the grass. When ready to schedule your Wichita deck replacement, call our qualified customer care team at (316)285-1217. Don’t forget to inquire about our wide range of additional exterior home improvement options, such as pressure washing, stair repair, trim installation and repair and siding repair. The deck installation pros at Mr. Handyman proudly serve the Wichita area as well as the surrounding cities of Augusta, Bel Aire, and Eastborough.

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