How often do you sit by your home window with a cup of coffee and marvel at nature? Probably every day! If lucky, you have a good view of the east, so you get to see the sunrise every morning. But what if by the time winter is around the corner, you suddenly feel a cold draft that you didn’t notice before? With efficient window repairs, Walpole, MA homeowners will recover their home’s energy efficiency.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.
A handyman using a saw to cut away a window frame while providing services for window repair in Walpole, MA.

Your local Walpole handyman at Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore is a skilled window repair expert who can immediately tell whether window repair or replacement is due. Contact our friendly office team today and tell us about your situation, or read on to learn more about our Walpole window repair services.

Learn About Our Walpole Window Repair Services

A handyman replacing the mesh screen of a home’s window during an appointment for window repairs in Walpole, MA.

At Mr. Handyman, we aim to provide our local customers with professional maintenance services that prevent early signs of wear and tear, as well as stop small damage from getting worse.

Home window repairs in Walpole, MA are a common request during peak seasons when customers notice cooled AC air being pulled out or heat escaping outside in the winter. Before you decide you only need weather stripping and air sealing service, our Walpole window repair technicians highly recommend a detailed inspection.

When hiring Mr. Handyman’s team for window repair, Walpole, MA homeowners can rely on us to do the job thoroughly, from start to finish. While all properties should be equipped with high-quality double-pane windows, you might still run into problems with some systems, whether it’s caused by weather damage, poor installation, or old age.

To get started on your window repairs, Walpole, MA service professionals will complete the following steps:


  • Check glass panes for chips and cracks
  • Rubber seals that hold glass panes in place
  • Inspect insulating gasses and materials in between the panes of glass, such as glass sealant, spacer, gas, and trapped air
  • Check for cracks, holes, and wood rot on interior and exterior frames
  • Check surrounding pieces, including sills, muntins, sashes, and jambs
  • Check the smoothness and cleanliness of the sliding track
  • Exterior drainage (window well drainage) inspection to check how well it handles harsh weather conditions

Window Repair

A handyman using a screwdriver to adjust the mechanical arm on an open window during an appointment for window repairs in Walpole, MA.

Walpole, MA property owners can expect Mr. Handyman’s local pros to provide quick diagnostics, so you can quickly recover your indoor balance with efficient window repairs. Our technicians care about long-term benefits and will be transparent about their findings and recommendations. They will map out the repair options for you and, depending on the severity of the damage, make cost-effective suggestions for window replacement service, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs again in the future.

Why You Should Choose Mr. Handyman

As your leading home service franchisor in North America, Mr. Handyman is proud to serve their local communities. Each location is a locally owned and operated handyman business, made up of highly skilled professionals that are background-checked, bonded, and insured, bringing an average of ten years of experience in completing trusted property maintenance, basic home repairs, and remodelling projects.

At Mr. Handyman of Central-Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore, we pride ourselves in being your one-stop shop for all your handyman services. Whether you need window repairs, gutter cleaning, drywall repair, kitchen remodeling, or another handyman service, our highly rated local pros will get it done.

Backed by Neighbour’s Done Right Promise®, Mr. Handyman is committed to high-quality workmanship and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Repairs in Walpole, MA

Unless it’s broken glass, it’s not always easy to detect any faults until you get high energy bills. Our Walpole handyman team has collected a list of FAQs to help our customers identify warning signs and act fast.

What Are The Signs I Need Walpole Window Repair Services?

Typical warning signs that call for repairs may include chipped glass. Just like a chip on your vehicle’s windshield, it doesn’t stay the same size forever. In fact, it will spread further, breaking deeper into the glass until it causes structural damage. Without immediate window repairs, Walpole, MA homeowners may require a replacement window instead.

Another common issue involves peeling paint on the frame or sill, which indicates moisture damage, either caused from the outside or inside. Wooden materials should also be inspected for wood rot. Otherwise, undetected damage on the casing could spread through your window frame and make it less efficient.

If you open and close your windows daily, it can suffer from daily abuse, and you may find it difficult to open and close. It’s not uncommon for the crank handle to come off its track or for the frames to warp during home settling. When you hire us for window repair, Walpole, MA service technicians will make this problem go away.

How Do You Repair Foggy Windows?

When you experience fog or condensation in between the two sheets of glass, it means the insulating gas or trapped air in between the panes has escaped. This can happen if your window is over ten years old and has suffered a fair amount of weather damage. While possible to re-add argon gas to windows or conduct a glass replacement, you may not get long-term results. It’s a fix that may need to be redone in a year’s time. Typically, replacing the window unit is the best long-term repair solution for foggy window glass.

What Is Low-E Glass And Is It Worth It?

Low-E is another term for thermopane glass, which is a type of insulating glass unit (IGU) that protects your home’s interior from UV rays. It’s definitely worth getting if you have light-sensitive floorings like vinyl or solid hardwood.

Need Trusted Window Repairs in Walpole, MA?

Loving that natural light that shines through, but you don’t want to stand anywhere near it due to cold drafts? When you need expert window repairs in Walpole, MA, or a nearby area, the technicians at Mr. Handyman will quickly recover your home’s energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

Call our excellent customer service representatives today to schedule an in-home inspection with a Walpole window repair professional and find out how else we can help to make your living space more energy efficient.

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