Does Your Home Need Window Repair or Replacement? Here's How to Tell:

Imagine your home without windows... no natural light, no fresh breezes, no checking out the neighborhood, and no views. Windows are among the most defining features of Norfolk County homes that make them comfortable and livable — but they can also cause some serious problems for homeowners and business owners when they fall into disrepair. When that happens, repairs or window replacement are essential for avoiding further damage.

When you think of a damaged window, do you imagine a baseball shattering a pane of glass in slow-motion? Broken glass is obviously a problem that calls for repair or replacement, but it's definitely not the only thing that can go wrong. Some problems are more subtle and difficult to spot. How do you know which issues require window repair service? And will repairs do the trick, or do you need to have the whole unit replaced?

This guide will explain some of the situations in which window repair service is needed, as well as scenarios where you will require replacement instead. Whichever one your home or commercial business needs, you can rely on the service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore to restore your home or commercial property to perfect condition and provide an outstanding customer service experience.

Signs You Need Window Repair Service:

Some problems don't require the whole unit to be taken out and replaced. If the majority of the parts are in good condition and there's an issue with just one part of the unit, then Mr. Handyman's service technicians can get it fixed up and make the repair invisible so it matches the rest perfectly. Here are a few of the window repair projects that don't usually require replacement.

Rotten Frames

Most window frames are made of wood, and since they are frequently exposed to moisture on the outside from damp weather — and on the inside from leaks or condensation — they are particularly vulnerable to wood rot. That's because wood rot is a form of decay that affects timber with a moisture content of 20% or higher. Wood rot causes frames to soften and crumble apart, which lets in even more moisture that can cause serious issues such as mold and mildew. They also let in air drafts that raise your utility bill by forcing your HVAC system to work harder in compensation. Your handyman may be able to replace the affected wood and seal inside the frame without removing the glass.

Insufficient Sound Separation

Do you find you're being disturbed by noise from outside even though everything is closed tight? This could be another problem with degraded frames or broken seals around the edge of the pane. Properly installed and maintained units aren't going to shut out every sound from the outdoors, but they should be able to decently muffle all but the loudest noises. If that's not happening, acoustic caulk can go a long way towards keeping the noise outside where it belongs. And, if you live in a particularly noisy, high-traffic area, insulated glass and sound-canceling curtains can be surprisingly helpful to keep it quiet indoors.

Insects are Intruding

If one little insect finds its way into your home, it's only a matter of time until they bring dozens of their friends along with them. If you're seeing increased insect activity in your home and you're not sure where they are coming from, it's likely either a hole or rip in a window screen is to blame, or they've found a path in through a damaged frame. Your handyman can check all your frames carefully for signs of an insect superhighway and carry out any necessary frame or screen repairs.

Difficult to Open and Close

When you have to struggle and tug and push at your frames to get them open and closed, it's a big hassle and you may not even want to bother — until it's so hot and stuffy in the house you can't stand it anymore. Luckily, this is usually a fairly easy problem for your handyman to take care of. If you have a sliding unit, the sash may have come off its tracks. Hinges and latches can become rusty and corroded, making them difficult to operate. Or, sometimes older frames have been painted and repainted so many times that the paint has built up and is preventing movement. Our repair experts can get them gliding smoothly open and shut again, so you can easily enjoy a fresh breeze.

Signs You Need Window Replacement Service:

Now that you've heard of some situations that probably don't need replacement, let's go over a few cases in which window replacement is usually required to protect your home and keep it energy efficient.

Extensive Damage

If there's only one or two minor problems, getting your handyman to do some basic repair work is the answer to restoring your home to excellent condition. But if you have complex repair needs or extensive damage, window replacement service will likely be more cost-effective than repairs. Replacement units will also last longer and provide increased energy efficiency too.

Increasing Utility Bill

No one wants to pay more than necessary on their energy bills, but that's what happens when your frames are in bad shape and causing your property to lose energy efficiency. If your frames or panes are degraded or several decades old, installing new, energy efficient windows will have a huge impact on your energy savings. Since your heating and cooling costs are likely among your biggest monthly expenses, it's worthwhile to look for ways to lower the amount you spend on operating your HVAC system. Installing solar screens can also help quite a bit to prevent energy loss.

Foggy Glass

Does your double pane glass appear foggy because there is condensation trapped between the panes? This may seem like a simple problem, but it is an indication that the entire unit needs to be replaced. There are window repairs services for this problem, but it's a temporary fix that will have to be repeated periodically until the unit is eventually replaced, so it makes more sense to just get window replacement service and not waste money on repeated repairs.

Boost Curb Appeal and Property Value

This isn't exactly a problem, but it's still a good reason to get window replacement service. If you're thinking of selling your home in the near future and want to increase your property value, or if you're not going anywhere and just want to increase your home's curb appeal, then consider a new installation.

Windows have a big impact on the aesthetic of your house, and there's a wide selection of quality products available to choose from. Because they come in such a wide variety of styles, this is an opportunity to really make your mark on your house and tailor it to suit your personality. If you have excellent views that are underutilized, consider adding a bay window or picture windows to take advantage of the visual qualities of your neighborhood.

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