If you’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel and have just finished your countertop installation, the next natural step is backsplash installation. Though highly decorative features of these rooms, the primary purpose of a backsplash is protection. Without it, your walls would be subject to moisture damage and be difficult to clean.

Our Walpole handyman team has a wealth of experience behind us, allowing us to successfully tackle any backsplash installation in Walpole, MA that our customers throw at us. Keep reading to learn more about all that our Walpole backsplash installation involves, as well as our answers to our most commonly asked questions. Or, give us a call today to talk to one of our knowledgeable office team members directly!

Our Walpole Backsplash Installation Service, Step-By-Step

There are a couple of reasons why so many residents hire our expert team for backsplash installation in Walpole, MA. The first reason is that we’ve established a reputation for providing quality home services at affordable prices and with outstanding customer service. The second is because backsplash installations are difficult, plain, and simple!

When you hire us for backsplash installation in Walpole, MA, we’ll leave the fun part of the job—shopping for backsplash tiles—to you, while we take on the grunt work. Over the years, we’ve done many different types of backsplash installations for our customers, including materials such as:

Natural stone
And more!

When shopping for tile, we recommend purchasing about 10 percent more than you need. Having spares on hand will allow for any miscalculations and come in handy if you need to repair your backsplash down the line.

Once your tiles arrive, we’ll set up a service appointment with you to get them installed. On the day of your backsplash installation in Walpole, MA, one or more of our handyman experts will show up at your door with a smile and in the red Mr. Handyman uniform. Before beginning, they’ll briefly reiterate what they’re there to do and how long they expect the service to take. They’ll also ask if you have any questions or concerns before they get started. We want to make sure we’re on the same page as our customers at all times.

With the go-ahead given, your handyman team will get straight to work. If you’ve never had a kitchen backsplash installation in Walpole, MA before and have completely bare kitchen walls, they’ll start arranging and laying tile immediately. If you’re like most of our customers, you already have a kitchen backsplash and will need this removed first.

Backsplash Removal

To remove existing kitchen backsplashes, your handyman may use a few different tools, the most common of which are chisels, hammers, and pry bars. They may also use some power tools to speed up the process, depending on how much tile there is to remove.

Your handyman will be as careful as possible to avoid damaging your drywall and kitchen cabinets, but if your last backsplash installation was long ago, it may be impossible to remove your old tiles without making holes in the drywall. In this case, your handyman will conduct a drywall repair before beginning your new backsplash installation.

In the image below, our client needed a full-scale kitchen remodel done for their older home, including not just drywall ceiling repair but also plaster repair. One of the finishing touches for this remodel was a backsplash installation. Our handyman experts laid tile in a complex herringbone pattern, with a beautiful end result.

Backsplash Installation

Once we have a smooth wall, we can begin your backsplash installation. This is where hiring a professional for backsplash installation in Walpole, MA really makes a difference, as this process can be frustrating for many homeowners. Your service professional will begin by laying out your tiles against your wall, starting from the center and moving outwards and upwards. Ideally, the layout should be completely symmetrical—you don’t want your last vertical column of tile to be cut in half on the right side and uncut on the left side. The layout process is also important for ensuring that no tiles have to be cut too narrow, as this won’t look right and will draw the eye immediately. Your handyman is an old hat at this and will get your backsplash planned out quickly and accurately.

With the tile laid out, your handyman will get started on the installation. Though some backsplashes can be installed using a peel-and-stick adhesive, most of our customers call us in for traditional thinset mortar backsplash installations. This challenging process requires following these steps:

Mix and apply thinset mortar. Some mortars come pre-mixed, but most require mixing on-site. Your handyman will mix it and ensure that they apply it within its short curing window.
Apply backsplash. Following the pre-arranged plan, your handyman will press each tile against the wall, using tile spacers to ensure an even application. Any tiles that need to be cut will have been cut already, as for best results, tile must be applied to mortar before it cures too much.
Apply grout. Once the thinset has cured—usually after 24 hours—your handyman will return to your property to apply grout. Using a grout float, they’ll fill in all of the joints between tiles. They’ll also use a clean sponge to smooth out the grout lines. Excess grout on your tiles will be removed with a damp sponge.
Clean-up and optional extras. With the grout applied, your handyman will clean up the job site and provide you with aftercare instructions. If you’d like us to apply a grout sealer, we’ll come back a few weeks later (once the grout has fully cured) to apply this.

Why We’re A Leading Choice For Backsplash Installation In Walpole, MA

These days, searching for ‘backsplash installation near me’ brings up more results than anyone a person can vet. To find the right handyman for your backsplash installation in Walpole, MA, you need to consider these factors:

Service professional experience
Attention to customer service
Workmanship warranties and service guarantees
Company or contractor reputation

Though we may be biased, at Mr. Handyman of Central-Eastern Norfolk County and S. Shore, we strongly believe we not only meet but exceed customer standards on each of these four factors.

Our highly-rated local pros have 10+ years of experience in the handyman and carpentry industry behind them and are passionate about providing exceptional customer service. Because our service professionals take great pride in the work they do, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the results. On the off chance that you’re not, we make sure your investment is protected by offering a one-year workmanship warranty.

Want to see for yourself why Walpole customers just like you consistently rate our services as five stars? Give us a call and we’ll arrange a no-obligation on-site estimate for your Walpole backsplash installation.

Walpole Backsplash Installation FAQs

How Long Does a Backsplash Installation Take?

Each of our Walpole backsplash installations varies in length of time from start to finish. The size of your tiles, the square footage of the area being covered and the adhesives chosen will all influence your project timeline. Traditionally, thinset mortar requires 24 hours to cure, while grout takes about 72 hours. If you have drywall damage that needs repairing beforehand, we’ll also have to wait approximately 24 hours for your drywall repair to dry.

During your backsplash installation consultation, we’ll discuss projected timelines so you have an approximate idea of how long your installation will take.

What is the Most Affordable Type of Backsplash?

When it comes to a backsplash installation in Walpole MA, material costs vary considerably. In general, you can expect to spend less on vinyl, linoleum, and ceramic, but you can get fairly affordable travertine and porcelain as well. You can also get mosaic tiles that come in pre-laid sheets, which makes the installation process much quicker. You’ll also save on labor costs, as it takes much less time to

Are Tile Backsplashes Still in Style?

Absolutely! Tile is a timeless and beautiful addition to almost any part of your Walpole home, whether used as a backsplash or as flooring. Some particular styles of tile go in and out of fashion, so if you’re planning to sell your Walpole home and are worried about appealing to prospective buyers, choose a more neutral option. On the other hand, if you’re planning to stay in your home long term, choose whatever material speaks to you!

Can I Do a Backsplash Installation on Textured Walls?

If you’re using a peel-and-stick product, it may be challenging to get the backsplash to adhere to a heavily textured wall. Traditional mortar and grout installations can easily be done on textured walls without any issues. Depending on how textured the wall is, your handyman may use a sanding sponge to smooth the surface and provide extra grip for the thinset.

If you have any doubts, simply reach out to us and we’ll provide you with our expert advice.

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Since 2005, our experts at Mr. Handyman of Central-Eastern Norfolk County & S. Shore have successfully completed countless backsplash installations in Walpole, MA for commercial and residential customers alike. When you choose us for your Walpole home service needs, you can rely on outstanding customer service and incomparable quality of workmanship.

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