We all appreciate that fleeting warm nudge after we toss on a freshly clean and dried knit sweater from the clothes dryer and wrap ourselves in fresh bliss on a windy Charleston autumn afternoon. In the meantime, most Charleston homeowners often overlook the blessing of having the convenience of a dryer machine to quickly dry off our sopping wet clothes compared to outdoor clotheslines, which are sluggish in comparison to airing out your laundry. But some take advantage of this privilege as they fail to properly upkeep their dryer machine through routine maintenance, including an annual inspection and professional dryer vent cleaning. Charleston, SC homeowners who out rightly ignore preventative maintenance for their machine via a dryer, and vent cleaning will sooner or later encounter scathing dust bunnies which infiltrate their vents clogging them up chock full of debris. This becomes an eventual safety hazard as by forgoing a Charleston dryer vent cleaning, Charleston, SC residents will find a disastrous end outcome ranging from ruined clothing fibers, soaring utility bills, carbon monoxide fumes, and an accidental house fire. Not only are you risking costly and permanent damage to your humble abode by compromising its structural integrity but you’re putting yourself and your family member’s safety in jeopardy–all because you didn’t bother signing up for a dryer vent cleaning.

This can all be avoided if you ask a certified, licensed, and fully insured Charleston handyman from Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville for a dryer vent cleaning in which they can snuff out all dust and debris. Our experienced team members are well-equipped with the skillset, technique, and know-how to leave your vent spotless.

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Why Is A Dryer Vent Cleaning Essential?

Over time, if left undealt with your dryer machine’s exhaust system will become stuffed full of lint and can stop your machine from fully performing resulting in its malfunction. On average, a dryer machine lasts you between 8 to 12 years if you are keen on routine maintenance and vent cleaning. Lately, if you’ve noticed these telltale signs, you may need a Charleston dryer vent cleaning service:

  • Your nice and clean clothes are still damp or have inconsistent damp areas and wet splotches even after doing the machine’s normal dry cycle twice over
  • Your machine tends to overheat incredibly, so during the last few minutes of the drying cycle and you hear strange banging or thumping noises alongside this
  • Your machine has gone completely kaput and won’t turn on at all–these are all obvious signs your machine is busted and requires a dryer vent cleaning.

Charleston, SC property owners don’t need to jump to conclusions and haphazardly assume they require a brand new and expensive machine as most likely all they require is a professional dryer vent cleaning. But it’s best to be proactive about asking for a Charleston dryer vent cleaning service, as an overheated dryer can cause burnout and critical damage to its essential components, such as the belt, pulley assembly, and spindle bearings. Sooner than you think, you actually will require a dryer replacement or repair.

Our Capable Charleston Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

We are a locally owned and operated business that has served Charleston and nearby areas of Cottageville, Green Pond, and Ladson for many years and our impressive track record speaks for itself as we always advocate for exceptional products and services, quality workmanship, and superior customer satisfaction. We understand the disturbance not being able to use your clothes dryer can do to your busy daily routines, so we go the extra mile by offering transparent, upfront pricing backed by our one-year parts and labor guarantee. So if within that timeframe, your dryer machine disappears due to a clog, we will return and extinguish it for you with no problem. Although you can purchase a DIY kit from your local home hardware store, this is ill-advised as your makeshift attempt might damage the dryer ventilation system if you have no clue what you are exactly doing. And so, you’ll end up calling us anyways by default for a Charleston dryer vent cleaning–so save yourself the hassle and leave it to the professionals.

How We Conduct Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer machine’s mesh screen which is usually found inserted into the trap door at the bottommost side typically gets bombarded with shredded fabric fibers from your clothes due to your clothes being broken apart from heat and friction during the wash and dry cycles. These teeny tiny fibers accumulate enough to become what is known as lint. Whether your clothes are made of cotton, linen, wool, polyester, etc. contributes lint buildup to the screen and so it’s inevitable you must wipe it clean each time you dry a load of laundry. If you choose to outrightly ignore this chore the leftover lint will slowly trickle into the dryer's vent pipe or hose until it completely blocks out hot airflow. As humid airflow can no longer flow outwards the vent gets clogged up. This not only increases the possibility of the lint catching on fire but lowers your indoor energy efficiency and increases your gas and electricity consumption as seen by higher utility bills. Most Charleston clients do not have the time, tactic, or equipment to do a dryer vent cleaning, Charleston, SC can rest assured that our expert technicians can handle even the most difficult of dust balls. As an accredited service provider, we always ensure your safety above all else and rescue you from being blazed out from dirty vents.


Oftentimes we have to pull up our handyman sleeves and do the nitty-gritty dirty work by catching the dust bunny by its tail. In other words, after executing a thorough inspection of your dryer vent and hose, we may need to take extra precautions and prepare ourselves before we do the actual cleaning. Upon inspection, if your skilled technician encounters a nasty and larger-sized clog, they will attempt to loosen it up by using a special auger. They will insert this auger into the vent and pluck away at the hardened clog, which is blocking the airflow. The flexible cable will navigate inside the hose and loosen the debris so it can be pushed out easily during the next step of using a forced air process or air blower to completely remove the dust clog.


This is the standard procedure we use for a Charleston dryer vent cleaning service. This specialized tool is used to remove lint through a reversed vacuum as it forces the lint build up out through the vent pipe or hose and bursts it directly out of the machine to be disposed of. At the very least, we suggest cleaning out your dryer vent annually or two times per year if you have more people in your household. Your trained technician will proceed with the following steps for a Charleston dryer vent cleaning: initial inspection, unplugging the machine, disconnecting the duct, vacuuming the vent entrance, vacuuming inside of the vent, brushing away tricky spots using a power drill vacuum, tidying up the mess, doing a final inspection of the exterior vent, and lastly cleaning the vent cover.

Why We Are The Candid Choice For Dryer Vent Cleaning

Better late than never for a dryer vent cleaning! Charleston, SC homeowners mustn’t delay and rely on our trustworthy technicians at Mr. Handyman and save themselves the blood, sweat, and tears of a costly machine replacement because they were indifferent about giving their machine a good scrub. Alongside Charleston, dryer vent cleaning will offer a diverse palette of home improvement repair, installation, and maintenance services for your residential and commercial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dryer Vent Cleaning


  • Strange noises or vibrations (usually due to a failed drum seal which can potentially be caused by a clogged vent)
  • Inconsistent temperatures as the dryer runs but never quite heats up enough, which could be due to excessive lint or a faulty thermal fuse
  • No heat or humidity as the dryer turns on but doesn’t get the clothes to dry
  • Infrequent cycling as the dryer runs but shuts off rather quickly


Yes–using a lackluster vent cleaning kit or manually cleaning the vent by removing the vent’s hose or pipe is never recommended as it can cause critical damage to the vent and hose pipe which includes scratching, stretching, and tearing off of the vent. As a result, more lint will accumulate and plug the airflow leading to more nasty clogs and costly machine repairs later on. We advise you to stick to the forced air method or the vacuuming approach. Plus, a DIY makeshift attempt is not the best route as it can be messy doing a dryer vent cleaning, Charleston, SC clients must use drop clothes to keep all debris off of floors, but at the end of the day, they are better off hiring a professional cleaning company for a Charleston dryer vent cleaning.


  • It takes longer than usual to completely dry off your clothes as they always feel damp to the touch
  • You sniff a burning odor
  • Strange banging or thumping noises near the end of a dry cycle
  • Your clothes are too hot to the touch at the end of a dried-off laundry load
  • You notice flyaway debris cleaning in and around the hose and outside the flap or trap door
  • The lint trap door is jammed
  • The room in which the dryer machine is located is more humid and moist while the machine is running (Key tip: you can tell as there will be foggy mirrors or condensation droplets on your mirror from the excessive humidity)
  • You haven’t done any cleaning whatsoever of dust or debris in over a year


Dryer vent fires from lint buildup are more common than you’d, think with nearly under 3,000 homes catching fire and an estimated 100 injuries and 5 deaths in the USA every year, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage and loss. So be sure to clean that mesh screen every time you do a load of laundry!


It’s not all that expensive signing up for a dryer vent cleaning, Charleston, SC clients will save, especially in terms of dryer machine repairs and replacements. Typically a dryer vent cleaning service costs between $100 to $169 and, on average $132 for a one-hour cleaning job, this, of course, also depends on the extent of the dirtiness particularly if you’ve never had one done before.

Handyman’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Will Scour Those Dust Balls Lickety-Split

We will leave your dryer vents spick-and-span in no time at all! Apart from Charleston we also serve nearby areas of Johns Island, Hanahan, or Ladson, so feel free to schedule a Charleston dryer vent cleaning service; one of our friendly customer service representatives is on standby, ready to help you blast those dust bunnies away once and for all.

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