When you use the stairs inside or outside your house, do you avoid stepping on the creaky or sagging parts out of habit? Most people rarely think about using the stairs, they just go up and down automatically while their minds are preoccupied with other matters. That makes it particularly easy to ignore signs that your staircase is in desperate need of Charleston stair repair—but it's important to get those issues resolved before they pose a threat to the safety of your household by calling your local, qualified Charleston handyman for help.

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Count on the expert handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville for efficient, dependable Charleston stair repair services, along with dozens of another repair, improvement, installation, and maintenance services that will get your residential or commercial property in outstanding condition and keep it that way.

Our Reliable Charleston Stair Repair Services

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When it's time to consider stair repair, in Charleston, SC property owners often tend to think of a staircase as a single unit. However, there are a surprising number of components in a typical set of wooden stairs, from stair treads to balusters—and that means there are a lot of parts that can potentially suffer damage over time. Treads are the parts we step on, so they generally wear out fastest, but the stair stringer and other parts that are subjected to daily wear and tear also need the occasional Charleston stair repair from an experienced handyman.

If the stairs in question are concrete steps, they really only have one component and the necessary Charleston stair repair technique will involve patching or pouring new concrete. But most staircases are made of wood or a combination of wood and metal. For those types of structures, Charleston stair repair often involves replacement, but in most cases, only a single component needs to be replaced rather than the whole structure. Creaky stairs and other common damage issues can sometimes be solved without replacing a component, but replacement is often necessary to restore the overall structure to a safe, attractive, functional condition. Our experienced, multi-skilled handyman team can deal with Charleston stair repair and replacement tasks for stair components such as:

  • Treads
  • Stringers
  • Risers
  • Rails
  • Spindles or balusters
  • Landings
  • Newel posts

We can resolve a wide range of problems quickly and effectively to get your staircase back in excellent shape, including wood rot repair. We can also perform alterations to prepare for stairlift installation and take care of other tasks that make getting up and down the stairs easier for those with reduced mobility issues.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Stair Repair, Charleston SC

When it comes to stair repair, in Charleston, SC property owners can rely on the service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville for skilled craftsmanship and excellent customer service. We can also take care of numerous other repairs, maintenance, installation, and improvement projects, including deck repair, welding service, crown molding installation, bathroom remodeling, window replacement, and much more.

Frequently Asked Charleston Stair Repair Questions

What Are the Signs That Charleston Stair Repair is Necessary?

If they're aware of the warning signs that indicate their structure needs stair repair, Charleston, SC homeowners and business owners can call their local handyman for help before the damage spirals out of control and causes serious safety concerns. The warning signs that Charleston stair repair is needed include:

  • Treads make a creaking sound when stepped on
  • Loose, wobbly newel post
  • Railings move when touched
  • Patches of softened, rotting wood
  • Peeling, flaking paint, or wood stain
  • Crumbling or pitted concrete
  • Broken or cracked treads
  • Broken balusters or spindles
  • Scratching or chewing damage from pets
  • The attic stair mechanism is rusty or broken

Can Your Charleston Handyman Team Repair Folding Attic Stairs?

If you access your attic space via a set of folding stairs that are basically a glorified ladder you can pull down from the ceiling when needed, you know they're a big convenience—until they become rusty or otherwise damaged and it's next to impossible to get them to open and close smoothly. In some cases, the metal parts of the stair-ladder mechanism may just need your handyman to take care of basic lubrication and cleaning to get them back in usable shape. Your Charleston handyman can also replace weak or broken treads and other components to ensure everything is safe and working as intended.

Does My Staircase Meet Building Codes in Charleston, SC?

There are a set of building codes that dictate how a staircase must be constructed in South Carolina, but many older homes that were built before the codes were adopted aren't in compliance with those local building codes. It's not illegal to have a non-compliant staircase in your home, as long as it was constructed before the building codes were put in place, but you may want to change or replace it if it's uncomfortable or unsafe to use. Some of the basic conditions of current building codes in Charleston are:

  • The staircase must be at least 36 inches wide
  • There must be six feet, eight inches of vertical clearance from each tread
  • The maximum height for risers is seven and three-quarter inches high
  • Riser height can not vary by more than three-eighths of an inch
  • The minimum depth for treads is 10 inches, and the depth cannot vary by more than three-eighths of an inch

If your staircase is not compliant with some or all of those guidelines, as well as additional considerations outlined in South Carolina standards, some repairs may be possible—but in many cases, the entire structure will need replacement to be compliant.

If Your Property Needs Charleston Stair Repair, Rely On Mr. Handyman

Are you looking for a qualified handyman to take care of stair repair services in Charleston or a nearby part of South Carolina such as Mount Pleasant or North Charleston? Look no further than the dependable team of improvement experts at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville. Our friendly customer service representatives can be reached to schedule a service appointment or find out more about all the ways we can transform your residential or commercial property for the better.

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