Property Maintenance Services in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant is South Carolina’s fourth-largest city with a population of over 86,000. Its dense suburban feel attracts many young professionals and families within Charleston County. Besides easy access to waterfront neighborhoods that provide residents with plenty of outdoor activities, Mount Pleasant offers a high quality of life with high-ranking school systems and nearby local amenities like professional Mount Pleasant handyman services.

Over 70 percent of Mount Pleasant residents own their homes. Many of those busy full-time professionals are unlikely to have the time to take care of home maintenance. Many people also have a hard time finding someone they can trust to work on their house, but it’s important to know exactly who to call when you need help with repairs, maintenance or other jobs that can be completed by a Mount Pleasant handyman.

This is where your team at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville comes in. You can count on us when you need a Mount Pleasant handyman for prompt home repair, maintenance or improvement services that will save you time and hassle. Our goal is to deliver enhanced safety and comfort to the space you live or work in. We prove our expertise and reliability through high-quality workmanship and excellent customer care, because building a strong professional relationship with our clients is of high priority. Our team has passed a full criminal background check and drug screen, and we always provide a safe, worry-free experience. Rest assured that your uniformed handyman from our team will arrive on time, ready to perform a wide range of quality services that will exceed your expectations! Whether you’re working or busy planning a well-deserved vacation, you can rely on our handyman team to get the job done.

Are you a residential or commercial property owner in Mount Pleasant who can’t make time for maintenance projects? If so, you are certainly not alone. We understand that responsibilities can take up a lot of time, and the last thing you need are additional tasks to further exhaust you. But unfortunately, any neglected maintenance will haunt you in the form of lasting warning signs. Has your family been complaining about cold drafts in the house? All that could be linked to deteriorating attic insulation or damaged window trim. Or did you recently adopt a pet but still haven’t installed that pet door? A professional Mount Pleasant handyman can help with that.

If you’re overwhelmed, you can rely on our Mount Pleasant handyman services to relieve the stress. We know that it’s easy for maintenance jobs to build up over time and get out of control. For that reason, we offer many maintenance services to help facilitate routine repairs and reduce stress.

We are proud to be Mount Pleasant's most versatile team. As your convenient, one-call solution, we provide a long list of services that not many other handyman companies offer. We are certified and licensed to do small electric, plumbing and gas-related projects, making us your one-stop shop for all your home improvements and repair needs. We always thrive to offer exquisite workmanship to enhance your safety and quality of life:

Window Frame Repair

Whether your frames and sills have gone through general wear and tear or show signs of rotting wood, your Mount Pleasant handyman has the tools and expertise to fix it all in a day. We inspect and fix window sills, including the spaces between your frame and wall. Other services include oiling hardware and caulking to secure trim from air leaks.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Having a ceiling fan will help you use your HVAC system more responsibly, because it will help control your indoor temperature by circulating cool air in the summer and keeping warm air low in the winter. We install and repair ceiling fans to help you reduce heating and cooling costs.

Dimmers, Motion Detectors

We can also set you up with dimmers, timers and motion detectors to add greater hands-free convenience for residential and commercial properties. These devices increase comfort, improve energy efficiency and enhance safety by reducing the spread of germs.

Light Fixtures

Did you just complete a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project and need the lighting system to correspond with your new environment? Our state-licensed Mount Pleasant handyman service providers will safely handle electrical wiring and install new light fixtures exactly where you want them.


Mount Pleasant business owners need reliable handyman services to keep their commercial spaces in shape and safe for employees. We help you ensure that your commercial property, is comfortable and safe for all workers and visitors, whether you own a corporate office space, a restaurant, or another type of business space.

We know that you already have a never-ending checklist to keep your business up and running. The last thing you need is glaring damage on your building like cracked window frames that scare away customers. There are also effective ways to add improvements that will make your space safer and more inviting for both employees and guests. Do you need sturdy shelves and storing racks to get items off the ground? Do you need a new automatic door for convenient access? Hiring a commercial Mount Pleasant handyman is an easy way to get those jobs done quickly and correctly. Some commonly requested commercial work includes:

  • Furniture assembly (i.e., cabinet installation)
  • Automatic door installation
  • Doorknob and lock replacement
  • Motion detector installation
  • Smoke detector installation
  • Hands-free soap dispenser installation
  • Window and door repairs
  • Basic plumbing and electrical services

Mount Pleasant Handyman Repair Services

We are proud to provide excellent handiwork for residential or commercial properties, where there are always areas that show signs of aging or damage over time. It’s not always easy to determine the severity of damage, such as cracked or bubbling walls, but if you notice anything out of the ordinary, you can rely on our team when you need repairs services from your local handyman. Mount Pleasant SC property homeowners can rely on us for inspections, repairs and replacements for any damage throughout their property. We even offer preventative services to help maintain the critical parts of your home or business before they need repairs or replacement.

If you deal with minor damages soon enough, you will face fewer problems in the future. A squeaky swing door is a nuisance, and a damaged subfloor is a safety hazard. Your local Mount Pleasant handyman could make all that stop right away before any damages worsen with professional services like these:


Everyone needs a strong door to protect them from severe weather conditions, intruders and pests, as well as provide privacy and support your HVAC system. Different types serve different purposes, which makes it important to choose the right one for your Charleston home. Some popular types we regularly install and replace include:

  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood

Doors might have a long lifespan, but trim, frames and even slabs are prone to cracks or gaps that could trigger air leaks, warping, and other types of damage. If your door has suffered from wear and tear and the finish looks worn, you should inspect it for wood rot or other signs of damage. If you do find serious warning signs, our team can complete the repairs you need.

Installations require precision and thinking outside the box. That’s why it’s best to rely on a professional Mount Pleasant handyman who will strictly follow manufacturers' instructions and always inspect all the materials provided to confirm that they’re high-quality. For door installations, it’s often necessary to replace low-quality screws and hinges with durable stainless steel, and use extra screws that may not be provided.

If you need help with installation, you can rely on our team for skilled service from a local handyman. Mount Pleasant SC property owners can sit back and enjoy a hassle-free installation process, where we use high-quality material that ensure safety and longevity. In addition, we will apply caulk as needed to secure your door frame and finish other trim areas. Ask us anything about how doors support energy efficiency and any pros and cons that you want to know. We offer door repairs, replacements and installation services to meet your needs.

Automatic Door Closer — Baby Proofing

Did you recently have a baby and want to ensure you have all the relevant baby proofing devices in place? Our handyman team We can help reduce falling risks and limit access to places that are a safety hazard by installing automatic door closers. Children are curious by nature, even before they take their first steps. Installing an automatic door closer on your basement door and other potentially unsafe areas will keep your children safe. We can also help with covering electrical outlets, installing safety gates and furniture straps, and other baby proofing projects.

Pet Door Installation

If your pet sitter canceled at the last minute, having a pet door could give you peace of mind whenever you need to work till late. Whether you have a screened-in porch or a solid wood door, our dedicated technicians can help you with the desired pet door. The most basic style is a flexible pet flap, but thanks to new technology, there are now automatic flaps that work with an ultrasonic pet collar. If you need a pet door installed, feel free to contact your Mount Pleasant handyman to inspect your existing back door and backyard fence, so that we can create a safer and more convenient environment for your pet.


Insidious signs of damaged floors can be quickly alarming, from uncommon squeaks to tears to raised surface areas. Whether you have cracks on your tiles or irreparable gashes on your hardwood floors, there are usually underlying issues that lead to floor repair or replacement, such as a decaying subfloor. Carpets, hardwood and other types of flooring materials have a wide range of lifespans, from 10 years to over 100. Choosing the right flooring system can be a challenge, especially when there are different types for different purposes:

How do you deal with a paradox of choice? Even if you know what you want, you might not be an aficionado in that area. We recommend calculating your budget first and writing down what you want from a new floor installation. Do you wish to install something durable, safe and cost-effective? Family homes typically prioritize durability for high-traffic areas where kids run and jump or spill their drinks. If you live alone, you might just want something high-quality and affordable.

The main factor to keep in mind is the room or area. For example, your bathroom would benefit more from tile flooring, whereas your bedroom or home office would be more flexible for other floor types. Each type has its own unique characteristics and can handle more traffic or impacts than others.

Our professional floor installers have done multiple floors for homeowners in Mount Pleasant and nearby communities. The types of flooring we can help with include:

  • Solid wood
  • Engineered wood
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Natural stone
  • Tile
  • Carpet

Choosing the right flooring type matters! Do you have high-traffic areas? Does someone in the family walk like an elephant or do you have kids that jump up and down? Feel free to gather all your questions for your local handyman. Mount Pleasant SC property owners will be surprised about the pros and cons of the different floor types.


Drywall became popular in the mid-20th century due to its durability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Unlike outdated plaster, installing drywall requires less labor, saving homeowners time and money. The fire- and sound-resistant components also make drywall attractive as a wall material. The average drywall thickness is 1/2 inch, and while durable, they are not waterproof. It’s common to use cement boards or greenboard behind tile installations because they offer waterproofing elements, such as a waxed surface. However, they still won’t withstand severe water damage, making replacement inevitable if water damage does occur.

Small holes in walls can be fixed with patching services, whereas larger holes (bigger than six inches in diameter) require drywall replacement panels. If you’re not a fan of dealing with compound (it can be messy business!) or are unsure how to carefully tape seams with mesh tape, ask your local handyman. Mount Pleasant SC residents deserve some downtime. You can relax with your family while we get the job done. We bring many years of experience patching holes in drywall and replacing drywall panels. Don’t worry, we always clean up after ourselves too, leaving no trace of a mess.

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