Professional Moncks Corner Handyman Services

Moncks Corner is one of those little towns that perfectly characterize the charm of rural South Carolina. As a quiet community close to the lake, it's a safe, peaceful place to raise a family or just kick back and enjoy your retirement. But when you want access to city amenities such as shopping, dining and entertainment, it's all just a short drive away in Charleston. The residents of Moncks Corner have everything they need right at their fingertips, including expert handyman services.

If you're like most homeowners in Moncks Creek, you take pride in your residential property. You want it looking beautiful and function perfectly, but let's be honest—keeping your house and yard in fantastic shape is not always so easily accomplished. You may not have the tools, know-how, or even just the free time to take care of everything that needs doing, from nagging repairs to necessary improvement projects. But hiring and managing multiple contractors to take care of this, that and the other thing is almost as big of a hassle as just doing it yourself.

You need a convenient, one-call solution to reach an entire multi-skilled Moncks Corner handyman team who can get everything crossed off your to-do list quickly and efficiently—and that's exactly what you get when you call Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville. Our expert service professionals have decades of experience in repair and renovation trades. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we work hard to always deliver the highest standards of quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

As a locally owned and operated business in South Carolina, we are proud to serve the residents of Moncks Corner, and nearby communities such as Mount Pleasant, Goose Creek and Johns Island, with a wide range of high-quality services designed to make your home more appealing, comfortable and livable. Whether you need a few basic home repairs here and there or you've got a major renovation project in mind, Mr. Handyman is the smart choice to get it taken care of so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your beautifully-appointed house.

Our trusted Moncks Corner handyman services are not just for residences. If you are a business owner in Moncks Corner who is struggling to keep up with the repair and maintenance demands of your commercial property, you're not alone—and we can help! From corporate businesses to little restaurants and shops, our maintenance service technicians provide outstanding commercial services that will take the burden of repairs and business maintenance off your shoulders. Our team members are insured and have all applicable state-level licenses, so you can rest assured they have the training and expertise to get the job done right.

If you'd like to know more about our popular services in Moncks Corner or you have some questions about what needs to be done to get your residential or commercial property in great condition, contact us to get all your questions answered by our knowledgeable customer service staff. Or, keep reading to find out more about a few of our featured Moncks Corner handyman services.


Are you thinking of leaving your familiar home in Moncks Corner because it doesn't have the right accessibility features for you or a loved one with reduced mobility? Before you make the decision to leave a much-loved home when you would prefer to age in place, speak with our handyman team. We may be able to put some safety and mobility modifications in place that will make your home safe, comfortable, and welcoming for anyone who has mobility issues.

In a recent survey by AARP, 88% of respondents who were aged 55 and older said it was extremely important that they have access to safety and mobility enhancement services that will allow them to age in place in their own homes. Aging-in-place modifications our team can do in Moncks Corner include:

  • Wheelchair ramp installation
  • Widening doorways
  • Installing threshold ramps
  • Constructing or repairing handrails
  • Paved walkway installation outside
  • Relocating light switches & electrical sockets
  • Installing a chairlift for stairs
  • Upgrading light fixtures
  • Upgrading cabinet handles & drawer pulls
  • Installing easy-to-use, accessible plumbing fixtures
  • Lowering countertops, tables & desks
  • Relocating appliances such as the microwave
  • Grab bar installation
  • Raising toilet seats
  • Upgrading shower heads
  • Shower bench seat installation
  • Installing barrier-free shower bases & walk-in bathtubs
  • Replacing closet doors & lowering closet rods
  • Wall-mounting televisions & other things that can be controlled remotely

This list is not exhaustive, so if you have something else in mind just give us a call and let us know. We would be pleased with the opportunity to find solutions to the mobility challenges in your Moncks Corner home. We can also install accessibility modifications on commercial properties that are completely ADA compliant.


The kitchen is the heart of the home in many Moncks Corner households. It's where the cooking magic happens of course, but it's also a gathering place for the whole family. Whether you love whipping up elaborate eight-course meals for all your friends and family or you mainly use the kitchen to unpack takeout boxes, you need a beautiful, welcoming kitchen that is custom tailored to meet the unique needs of your household.

You may only need a few tweaks to go from a good kitchen to your dream kitchen, or you may need to have the room completely gutted and renovated from floor to ceiling. Either way, our experienced Moncks Corner handyman team can get the job done and transform your kitchen into your favorite room in the entire house. Interested in learning more about the planning process for a remodel project? Check out our tips for planning a kitchen remodel. Our kitchen remodeling services in Moncks Corner include:

  • Tile installation for floors and backsplashes
  • Cabinet installation
  • Creating custom kitchen islands
  • Installing appliances such as the stove, refrigerator or dishwasher
  • Upgrading or installing fixtures such as a faucet
  • Installing new countertops
  • Adding or relocating lighting fixtures, wall switches & electrical sockets
  • Adding a built-in dining area to create an eat-in kitchen
  • Creating additional storage options like a pantry cupboard for dry goods
  • Building in extra finishing touches such as a pull-out cutting board or pot rack

If your cabinet boxes are still in good condition and you like the way the cabinets are laid out, but you're ready for a different style, you can save time and money in the kitchen remodel by having your handyman replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, leaving the cabinet boxes in place with a fresh coat of paint and sealant.


Drywall is not the most thrilling or fascinating building material, so it makes sense that most people rarely think of it. If the drywall on your walls or ceiling has suffered damage, getting it repaired might not be very high up on your priority list. While holes, cracks, moisture stains, scuffs and other damage may not be attractive, it's just an unsightly cosmetic issue... right? Actually, drywall damage can cause some big problems for homeowners and business owners that affect the comfort, efficiency and safety of your property.

Damage to your walls and ceilings can increase your monthly utility bill by forcing your HVAC system to operate longer and more frequently. Cracks and holes in drywall open up air movement between the living space in your house and the interior of the walls, which gives your HVAC system a lot more air volume to cover when it is trying to heat or cool your building. That drives up the energy charges on your bill and forces you to pay more than necessary for utilities. The same type of damage decreases sound separation between rooms, so you can hear every footstep or whisper from the next room. In the event of a fire, holes and cracks in drywall make it easier for fire to spread from room to room before it can be put out.

Our drywall experts will take care of every part of the repair process, including:

  • Preparing the area to minimize mess
  • Removing damaged drywall
  • Applying a mesh patch to a small hole, or inserting a support piece for a large patch
  • Taping off the seams and corners of the repair area
  • Applying joint compound over the tape and screw holes
  • Sanding the dried joint compound to a smooth, even finish
  • Applying texture spray, if necessary
  • Painting and refinishing the wall so the repair is completely invisible
  • Rehanging curtains and framed photos for the finishing touches

Sometimes, you know precisely how your drywall got damaged because you saw it happen. From a careless furniture mover to indoor baseball practice, there are a lot of ways for impact damage to occur to your walls or ceiling. But for other types of damage, the source of trouble isn't always so apparent. Here are some key causes of drywall damage that we have repaired in Moncks Corner and nearby parts of the Charleston area:

  • Excess Moisture: A leaky roof or hidden plumbing leak can cause water damage problems such as stains, softening and crumbling. Drywall can also be damaged by moisture from condensing steam in a poorly ventilated bathroom.
  • Loose Tape or Popping Nails: Sometimes when drywall is being installed, a nail is not securely fastened into a wall stud or joist and it later pops out through the drywall, or the joint tape that is covering seams comes loose and causes the drywall compound over top to crumble off.
  • House Settling: All buildings shift and settle over time, and that movement can cause cracks in ceilings and walls. This can also happen if the foundation is weakened or the soil underneath it is eroded and the house begins to sink or heave upward.
  • Nail, Screw & Anchor Holes: This is probably the most common cause of damage, but also the most minor. It can be filled in pretty easily with a small dab of lightweight spackle that's sanded down once dry and touched up with paint.
  • Pet or Pest Damage: It's very common for drywall to be damaged by pets, but rodent and insect pests can also be a problem. They will create or expand drywall damage to get access to the inside of your walls, and can be very destructive.


Are you searching for ways to boost the curb appeal and property value of your Moncks Corner property? Whether you are thinking of selling your house in the near future or just want to keep it in excellent condition, our multi-skilled Moncks Corner handyman team can cross all the exterior repair and maintenance tasks off your honey-do list. Our exterior handyman services include:

  • Gutter cleaning & gutter repair
  • Gutter guard installation
  • Siding repair
  • Soffit & fascia board repair
  • Exterior trim repair & painting
  • Patio & walkway repair or installation
  • Fence installation & repair
  • Deck & porch repair & installation
  • Deck & porch painting, staining & refinishing
  • Pet door installation
  • Pressure washing
  • Outdoor stair & handrail installation
  • Installing basketball poles & other sports or play equipment
  • Installing holiday lighting & decorations
  • Window repair & replacement
  • Exterior door repair & installation
  • Window shutter & awning installation
  • Porch screening services & screen repair
  • Weatherproofing
  • Outdoor lighting fixture installation or repair

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