13 Tips for Finding a Trusted Dallas Drywall Repair Handyman

A handyman using a wide putty knife to spread joint compound over a hole in a wall during drywall repairs.
Do you need Dallas drywall repair services?

Maybe you accidentally put holes into your drywall while moving, or perhaps you've been in your home a long time and have noticed one of your walls has sustained significant water damage.

Whatever the case, it's important that you track down a reputable Dallas drywall repair handyman that you can trust will fix that drywall damage properly. They should be able to repair your damaged wallboard efficiently and effectively, while making it look like nothing ever even happened to it.

Fortunately, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a contractor in Dallas, TX that you trust. There are plenty of terrific options in the area—including your expert Dallas handyman at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. Our team has years of experience working in a wide range of trades, including drywall repair and ceiling repair. We know that most Dallas homeowners want to be thorough in their search for a trusted contractor, which is why we put together the following list of 13 tips to help you find the right person to fix your wall or ceiling damage.

1. Start with Research

If you've never had to hire a Dallas drywall repair handyman before, you might not have the slightest clue where to turn to find one. So, why not turn to the same place you go to when you're searching for anything else in life—Google!

Head over to Google and search for "drywall repair near me" or "drywall repair in Dallas, TX." A long list of results will populate featuring tons of specialists who would be more than happy to come out to your home and serve as your contractor.

Write down the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and websites of the highest rated companies. This preliminary research will provide an opportunity to look into each of them a little closer to see what they have to offer.

2. Turn to Family Members, Friends, and Neighbors for Help

You might not have a ton of experience when it comes to finding a Dallas drywall repair expert. But that doesn't mean that your family members, friends, neighbors, and more haven't had to hire contractors in the past.

When first conducting a search for a drywall repair handyman, you should reach out to any family members, friends, or neighbors who might be able to help. Ask them if they know the names of any companies that they would recommend—it never hurts to see what those around you have to say when you're on the hunt for business recommendations.

3. Read Reviews

Whether your family members, friends, and neighbors are able to assist you with your search for a contractor or not, it's important to also see what other people in your community have to say about local handyman companies. In this day and age, it's easy to read through online reviews for almost any type of business.

Take your master list featuring the names of different Dallas drywall repair handymen in your area and Google them one by one. When you do, you should see their websites pop up. But you should also see online reviews that have been left by previous customers over the years. Glance through as many of these reviews as possible to see what each company has to offer. Then, start to narrow down your list from there.

4. Check Out Their Websites

When you Google individual drywall repair contractors in Dallas, TX, you should do more than just scan through their online reviews. You should also take a good, long look at their websites.

You can learn so much about handyman services by spending time poking around on their websites, such as reading up on their history, seeing what sets them apart from other handyman companies, and even getting drywall repair tips—such as how to fix a hole in the wall—from their blog.

Don't pass up on the chance to scroll through a drywall company's website. It'll prove to be an invaluable tool when hiring a Dallas drywall repair expert.

5. See What Services Each Company Offers

One of the things that you're going to notice while jumping from one handyman's website to the next is that each company you're considering is going to offer slightly different services. Some companies offer service for every area of your home, from pressure washing to fixing damaged walls, while others focus on specific services like plaster repair.

In a perfect world, the company you choose should be able to help you with a wide range of repair services, so that you don’t have to do something like hire a separate painter for interior painting after your repairs are complete. Those essential services should include drywall installation, repair, and finishing.

But it should also include things like:

  • Crown molding installation and repair
  • Custom shelving and bookcase installation
  • Trim painting
  • Picture hanging

The more services that a drywall company can provide related to Sheetrock repair, the better. Even if you only need to have drywall repaired right now, you could very well need other home improvement services performed in the not-too-distant future.

6. Check for Proof of Licensing and Insurance

In addition to reading about a handyman service's history and seeing which services they have to offer with regards to Dallas drywall repair, there is one other very important thing you'll want to look for on a company's website. You want to make sure the company is both licensed and insured.

You shouldn't ever, under any circumstances, let a contractor into your home if they can't produce proof of a business license and business insurance. No matter how amazing their work is, they could put you and your home at risk by working in it without a license and/or insurance.

The best drywall repair companies in Dallas, Texas, are always happy to show you that they're licensed and insured. Be wary of working with any company that won't do this.

7. Interview Over the Phone

As you know by now, there are many interesting things you can discover about a Dallas drywall repair company through their website. It's a seemingly never-ending source of information for those thinking about working with a local repair company.

But at the end of the day, you won't know if a given handyman is really the right choice until you interview them. So, take a moment to arrange a call with each contractor that you like on the phone. During this call, ask a range of questions. These questions should include things like:

  • "Who will actually be working in my home if I hire your handyman service?"
  • "What approach will you take to providing me with the services I need?"
  • "About how long do you think it'll take you to complete the necessary repair?"
  • "What are some of the things that make your company better than the others that are out there?"

You should pay close attention to the answers that a Dallas drywall repair handyman provides. You want to make sure that their answers fall in line with what you're looking for. It's also important that they treat you with respect and make you feel comfortable while speaking with them over the phone.

8. Ask About Rates

While going through the process of interviewing a Dallas drywall repair expert, you should ask all the questions we just mentioned. But you should also slip one other question into the mix, preferably towards the end.

Be sure to ask the contractor to give you a quote for how much it'll cost to hire their services. The contractor should be able to let you know their rates based on what the particular job entails.

You can gather up a handful of quotes from different companies this way, so that you can compare them. This process is important for establishing which handyman companies you can trust. For instance, at Mr. Handyman of Dallas we always offer upfront, transparent, hourly pricing. That way, you never have to worry about hidden costs or fees.

9. Confirm They Offer a Guarantee

When you hire a Dallas drywall repair handyman, they should be prepared to get the job done right the first time. But they should also be ready to go above and beyond for their customers.

Outside of completing high quality work, a truly great drywall repair expert should also offer a guarantee for the work that they do. If you're not satisfied with the work that is completed for any reason, they should return and fix the problem right away.

10. Ask About Scheduling

Depending on what time of year it is, you might find that some contractors are all booked up for weeks, or sometimes even months, on end. The springtime, in particular, is usually a popular time of year for those in need of home improvement services.

Don't be afraid to ask a contractor from the beginning what their ability is like, and if they offer scheduled appointments. A contractor might check all the boxes you're looking for, but if they can't come to work on your drywall during a convenient time, you may need to look elsewhere for service.

11. Set Clear Expectations

Once you have successfully booked your contractor, they'll often have you fill out a form indicating what job you need them to do.You should be very specific when filling out this form and let your Dallas drywall repair handyman know exactly what it is that you need from them. This will ensure that they're on the same page as you when they head out to your Dallas, TX home.

12. Trust Your Instincts

As we alluded to earlier, there is certainly no shortage of drywall businesses throughout Dallas. There are many companies that can help people out when they're in need of drywall services. However, not all handyman services are worth your time and money.

With this in mind, you shouldn't hesitate to drop a Dallas drywall repair handyman and move on to the next one if they make you feel uncomfortable in any way, at any time. You have the right to choose which contractor you want working in your home and you should always trust your gut when hiring a handyman.

13. Take Your Time

If you don't remember anything else that we talked about today, please remember this: Choosing a drywall contractor to do work in your home is not a decision that you should take lightly.

The drywall that is hanging in your home contributes greatly to its appearance. If it doesn't look its best, it can affect the way the inside of your entire house looks. That's why it's so essential for you to follow the steps we've laid out here when searching for Dallas drywall repair companies. The last thing you want to do is simply hire the first drywall handyman you can find during a "drywall repair near me" search and trust them to fulfill your repair needs.

You'll feel more confident in your final decision when you do your homework on contractors. And, you'll enjoy a more pleasant experience overall when you like the contractor that you have hired.

Trying to Find a Drywall Contractor? Trust the Experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas!

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We would love to make life easier on you by offering the drywall repair services you need. We know that you'll be 100% satisfied with the work we do and with the customer service we provide. We're dedicated to providing outstanding workmanship and always put customer satisfaction first. Our team has helped countless homeowners throughout the Dallas area, including in Garland and Rowlett.

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