10 Questions To Ask Dallas Deck Contractors

So you've decided to build a beautiful deck and are excited about getting the project underway but realized that searching for a quality deck contractor seems daunting. Hiring the right Dallas deck contractor is as important as the work itself, and knowing what questions to ask will help you make an informed decision when selecting a deck contractor. Don't worry, though. Mr. Handyman of Dallas has listed all the right questions to ask your contractors to help you find the perfect Dallas deck contractor for your next project so that your experience is positive!

1. Can I See Your License And Insurance?

One of the most important things to check for when hiring a Dallas deck contractor is their licensing and insurance. Ask for proof of their proper license and insurance coverage before hiring them. Their license should be up-to-date and include their name and construction business address. Texas doesn't have licensing at the state level, but check your local municipality and county to find out about licensing regulations in your area because some require contractors to have licenses.

The deck company should have liability insurance that covers any potential damage or injury related to their work on your project and on your property. This protects you and your home and gives you peace of mind, knowing that not only are they qualified for the job but that you won't be responsible if anything unexpected happens during the process.

2. What Makes Your Business Stand Out From the Others?

Knowing your Dallas deck contractor proves that you are looking for the best deck contractor and have expectations for the job you have planned. Find out how long the business has been around, the number of completed projects they've done, and their experience building decks.

Hiring a deck contractor from an established and reputable business provides you with added protection and years of experience working with different kinds of deck materials. Often, those companies guarantee things like workmanship, background checks, and insured employees.

Another important factor to ask about is their customer reviews. Happy customers like sharing what they think about contractors, and it's the best way to get an honest look into a company's customer service. Read the bad reviews and understand why the customer was upset and if that would affect your project or decision. Don't be shy to ask these questions because you are the one hiring them.

3. Who Will Be Working And Do You Subcontract?

When hiring any general contractor, you invite strangers into your home. Therefore, make sure you feel comfortable with who is accessing your property. Ask the Dallas deck contractor you hire who they work with. Are they staffed or subcontract their work to other contractors or companies? Ensure the company's insurance covers everyone working on the project and that they are all experienced service professionals in building decks.

You should know the general work methodology and construction process, whether a complete remodeling job or a project from scratch. Some jobs can be intrusive or noisier than others and may interrupt your home life. Weather, sweltering Texas summers, can affect the time of day a crew works on an outdoor deck, which may be earlier than you expect. Make sure you know all the details of the plan of your next project so there are no surprises.

Some companies hire subcontractors if specialty work needs to be done, like custom railings or a certain type of material. Hiring subcontractors doesn't mean the business isn't experienced; it just means they want to give you the most reliable job for your needs.

4. What Is Included In My Contract?

The contract is an agreement between you and the Dallas deck contractor you hire, so it must include everything about the job, the business, and all expectations of the construction project. Things to check for in a contract include specific job details, materials, labor and material costs, payment schedules, deadlines, warranties, and timelines.

Ensure the contract outlines realistic timelines for the completion of the project and clearly states what is expected from both parties, the contractor and yourself, to ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Warranties are essential in any construction project because something could go wrong at any moment. Ensure your contract includes a warranty that covers both your deck contractor's and subcontractor's construction capabilities and that anything installed also comes with warranties, especially electrical devices.

Contracts are comprehensive and provide clients with peace of mind. If you read through a contract and it doesn't make you feel taken care of, ask yourself why and what's missing before signing anything. Your Dallas deck contractor should take their time explaining the whole contract to you in detail. If there are aspects of the contract you don't understand, you can always ask a pro.

5. Do I Need A Permit, And Do You Take Care Of That?

The contractor you work with should know what permits or building codes are needed and what other requirements must be handled before the job starts. If any changes or modifications happen throughout the project, understand who is responsible for checking with the local authorities and permits on whether the permit needs to be updated or modified. Usually, the homeowner takes care of this, especially when managing permits, but some contractors do offer this service. It never hurts to ask! Make sure this agreement is also written in your contract, so there can be no disputes or misunderstandings.

6. Do You Build Railings Or Offer Other Carpentry Services?

Ask your deck contractor about designing your dream deck and customized estimates for quality materials. Do they build custom railings, a covered porch, or a wood fence? Do they make it themselves or subcontract the work? What are their limitations for a certain type of material, such as natural wood decks versus composite decking materials? Do they offer skilled carpentry services? Look over their previous projects and ensure they have experience with the types of projects and beautiful decking material you want. Make sure your Dallas deck contractor can add whatever beautiful finishing touches you want to your deck!

7. How Long Will This Project Take?

Knowing a timeline for a project, from start to finish, helps you prepare for any disruptions that may happen around your home and any permits you need to acquire during that time. Your Dallas deck contractor should be able to give you an estimate on the timeline for the completion of the project. This can help you plan your life around the project and ensure the timeframe won't bust your wallet.

8. How Does Payment Work?

Make sure your contract states the cost estimate of the whole project. We mentioned how important it is to know the payment details and timeline, but knowing how you will need to pay is also essential. This includes asking about what types of payment the deck contractor accepts, if they require deposits, how much, and exactly when payments are due throughout the project timeline. Some larger deck businesses offer financing options or monthly installment payment plans. Remember to understand the project's construction cost, your contract's payment details, and what those costs cover. The important thing to remember is that you want your payments to be secure, convenient, and hassle-free.

9. Who Do You Recommend For Other Jobs?

As a homeowner, there is always work to be done and project lists to finish. If you are happy with your Dallas deck contractor's job, ask about contractors they recommend for other projects on your to-do list. Most contractors will have a list of reliable professionals to help complete your vision for your outdoor living space. This may include landscapers, electricians, and other contractors. Handymen always want to recommend others in the trade, which is one of the best ways to find trustworthy companies.

10. What Happens If Something Goes Wrong?

Mistakes happen. Headaches shouldn't. Though we want every project to run smoothly, even the best deck contractors have hiccups in a project. This question will help you understand the decking project and realize that most jobs have unpredictable elements. A company can be optimistic, but it should also be realistic.

It's essential to know how a business handles any unexpected situation. Ask for a specific example of when something went wrong on a job and how they handled it. An experienced deck contractor will also have a process for resolving client disputes. Asking these questions and hearing the deck contractor's answer will speak volumes about the contractor's preparedness and ability to overcome challenges during deck construction. Knowing this will give you clarity and put you at ease.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions to Your Dallas Deck Contractor!

Asking the right questions to your Dallas deck contractor can create a great working relationship and an overall pleasant experience for a job. Don't hold back! Contact Mr. Handyman of Dallas today for an affordable option, and we can answer all your questions as professional deck builders. We're ready to help you custom deck design your dream outdoor space, whether you’re in Dallas or a surrounding area, including Garland, Carrollton, or Farmers Branch.