We all experience relaxing bliss after pulling a warm, crisp, and soft blanket out of the dryer and enveloping ourselves on a cold Boulder winter’s day. Meanwhile, we don’t quite count our privileges of having a dryer machine paired up conveniently with our washing machine to match so we can always have fresh, dry clothes. But without proper upkeep, that constantly running machine can become a safety hazard if it doesn't receive a routine dryer vent cleaning. Boulder, CO homeowners are complacent about the disastrous consequences of ignoring a thorough dryer vent cleaning, ranging from housefires, skyrocketing utility bills, carbon monoxide poisoning, and damaged clothing fibers.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.
A close-up of a dirt vent cover at a home in need of dryer vent cleaning in Boulder, CO

But no worries! Your family and property are safe and secure in the presence of your local Boulder handyman, who will ensure your dryer vent cleaning is done lickety-split. Our expert team of technicians at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie have the ingenuity and know-how alongside years of industry experience to leave your dryer ventilation system residue-free and assure you that your house won’t be set ablaze.

How Our Skilled Technicians Carry Out Dryer Vent Cleaning In Boulder, CO

Leftover lint that you scrape off your lint screen trap comes from your clothing’s shredded fibers during the wash cycle. Sometimes, lint accumulates, and despite your best effort to wipe the screen clean after each use, lint build-up trickles into the machine’s exhaust duct. It slowly treks the inside of the vent pipe or hose until it blocks hot and humid airflow from flowing effortlessly out of the dryer vent towards the outside. This increases the likelihood of lint igniting on fire plus other troublesome outcomes like reduced indoor air quality and higher gas or electricity expenses on your monthly utility bill.

Most do not have the time, technique, or proper equipment to do routine maintenance like dryer vent cleaning. Boulder, CO residents can rest assured our skilled handyman team is here to battle even the mightiest of dust bunnies in your dryer vent. We always provide a first-rate and exhaustive service that will allow you to be completely satisfied and carefree so that your home won’t be engulfed by flames resulting from filthy ducts.


In certain circumstances, lint build-up isn’t too serious and your handyman can get your dryer vents spick and span using a forced air tool. It operates like a reverse vacuum and blows lint and residue through the vent and out through the hose, leaving your ducts free of dust. Our team of skilled technicians takes the proper precautions to conduct a dryer vent cleaning while following these steps:

  1. Unplug the dryer: We physically maneuver your dryer so that we can access the back end and then proceed to disconnect your dryer. If there is any flyaway lint or debris near the back we remove it manually.
  2. Disconnect the duct: After inspecting the dryer duct we loosen the hose clamp and disconnect the duct. We also slightly loosen the clamp that connects the hose to the exhaust vent. If you have a gas-powered unit we suggest turning off the gas supply valve.
  3. Vacuum the vent entrance: We use the vacuum cleaner to first suction off any debris around the vent and opening
  4. Vacuum the vent: We attach a soft, flexible tube to the vacuum cleaner and proceed to navigate the duct clean by dabbling inside the hose
  5. Brush away difficult spots: We attach a professional dryer vent cleaning brush to the power drill vacuum so we can dive deeper into the vent to clear out any tough debris. And by default, leftover lint remains will start tumbling out.
  6. Tidy up: After we’re done cleaning the inside of the hose we will clean up the mess and leave the space neat and tidy.
  7. Inspect the Exterior Vent: We will inspect the exterior vent and double-check for rust, loose parts, or damage
  8. Clean Exterior Vent: We will then proceed to whisk away any clogged debris using a thin wire brush. But if it looks quite stuffy we would most likely remove the vent cover and use the power drill and brush to clean it accurately.
  9. Clean Vent Cover: If there’s a thick layer of dust it’s best to wipe it away using some dish soap and warm water. Allow it to dry and reattach appropriately.

Confide In Mr. Handyman For Sweeping Dryer Vent Cleaning

We’re guessing it’s time for a belated dryer vent cleaning. Boulder, CO residents can take no sweat and have the peace of mind of knowing expert technicians at Mr. Handyman have the skillset, tools, and expertise to do a suitable job. Among other services apart from dryer vent cleaning, we offer a wide range of maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation services that will revamp your residential property.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dryer Vent Cleaning In Boulder, CO


Just like a generic dental cleaning, we recommend twice a year for optimal indoor air quality but at the very least annually. Clean dryer vents are more than just about saving some bucks on your energy and utility expenses; it can be a matter of life, injury, and death due to unexpected house fires or poor air quality spreading to other areas of your home. Boulder, CO homeowners are advised to add this to their chores list for annual maintenance.


This will likely result in a nasty clog in your dryer’s exhaust system due to excessive lint and result in your dryer malfunctioning. Certain red flags include damp clothes, as your dryer will take longer to dry clothes. You may also experience an inflated electric bill, safety risks for catching fires, toxic smoke inhalation, and more.


If an excess amount of lint causes your dyer’s vent to become disconnected, the hot steam from your dyer will be released inside your home, which can result in moisture damage over time. We’re all about do-it-yourself hacks and using a store-bought dryer vent cleaning kit, but make sure you disassemble and assemble the dryer vent hose properly before and after the cleaning process. It’s also important to ensure you do not accidentally damage your dryer’s exhaust line if you have a gas-powered dryer, as a damaged exhaust line may cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home.

Blow Those Dust Bunnies Away With Mr. Handyman’s Services For Dryer Vent Cleaning in Boulder, CO!

Don’t make yourself and the safety of your loved ones an option but rather a priority. Plus it’s not sustainable to use an inefficient dryer that can destroy the fiber quality of your stylish clothes. Mr. Handyman can meet all your needs for dryer vent cleaning in Boulder, CO, or nearby areas like Dacono, Firestone, and Lafayette. To snuff out any debris, reach out to us.

We are one of the best-in-class Boulder companies for dependable repair, installation, and maintenance services, including everything from dryer vent cleaning to caulking service and drywall repair. We look forward to your consultation or service appointment and eagerly await your response!

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