Firestone is a family-friendly rural town in Weld County just 30 miles north of Denver, allowing many young professionals a decent commute time to nearby cities. Living in Firestone offers a rural vibe and access to lots of parks, which makes it easy for busy homeowners to wind down after a busy day. When you spend quality time with your family and friends, the last thing you want to do on a weekend is take care of home maintenance. We all put away at least one percent of our sunk costs every year to keep our homes in healthy condition, but it is not a favorite thing that residential and commercial property owners like to do.

Not only is home maintenance time-consuming, but there’s also the fear of discovering something else that needs repair. You might be cleaning your gutters and notice a leak due to cracks. Or, you’re resealing your door frames to fix the air leaks but realize the main problem is your main door. Detecting the underlying problems isn’t always easy unless you have a local Firestone handyman that you can trust to do a thorough inspection.

If you suspect something is wrong with your home’s insulation or windows, don’t let them be a shot in the dark. Instead, trust your Firestone handyman professionals at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie to get down to the root problem. Our expert team has been providing Firestone residents and surrounding communities with excellent handyman services that have gone above and beyond and exceeded customers’ expectations.

Residential Firestone Handyman Services

Even if you have just bought your own or have owned it for many years, it’s a very rewarding experience to have something of your own. However, maintaining a property is not a walk in the park. It requires advance planning and keeping a checklist of to-do’s, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs in the future. It’s easy for simple maintenance tasks to fall through the cracks until you notice warning signs that are no longer just wear and tear. When hiring a qualified handyman, Firestone CO homeowners won’t even experience wear and tear because our preventative maintenance services will ensure your materials remain in excellent working condition.


Although drywall panels are made of durable materials, they’re not bulletproof. In fact, they’re prone to little nuisances and accidents that include popped nails, punctures, and water damage. Still, drywall has revolutionized the way we create and install walls these days; it’s cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to install. While it’s easy to fix small holes with a patching job, you will need an experienced Firestone handyman and a team of drywall specialists to tackle a wall that has suffered water damage. Whether it was a plumbing accident or a roof leak, drywall replacement is inevitable. Repairing drywall involves handling with joint compound, wood strips, and mesh tapes, during which you need adequate protection, such as safety glasses, dusk masks, and other tools. Many homeowners in Firestone are put off by the idea of mudding, sanding, and taping.

Benefits of Hiring a Handyman, Firestone CO:

  • All-in-One Service: When hiring a professional handyman, Firestone CO property owners will benefit from a thorough inspection service as well as baseboard removal and ceiling repair if these need to be done. We’ll be more than happy to paint your wall while we’re there and clean up our mess like nothing ever happened!
  • Enhanced Safety: We don’t want you to put yourself in danger by tackling drywall repair on your own. You might not be equipped with the right tools and knowledge and could also risk hurting yourself. On the other hand, your local Firestone handyman is fully insured and has all the right tools needed to get the job done fast and efficiently.


Does it feel drafty inside your home? Most Firestone homeowners might check their interior trims like door and window frames. Next, they might blame their heating and cooling system for being inefficient. Though all these are possibilities, your Firestone handyman recommends checking your attic insulation. Do you remember when it was last installed, or what type you have? Whether you have fiberglass, cellulose, or spray foam insulation, their efficiency is measured by their level of R-value, which is also known as thermal resistance. Thermal resistance measures the resistance level of heat transfer, and thus, it determines a material’s capacity for heat flow resistance. A good piece of insulation has a high R-value and restricts heat flow, which means that heated air provided by your furnace won’t escape too fast, and in the summer, you have sufficient fresh air provided by your attic ventilation.

Signs You Need New Attic Insulation:

  • Poor indoor air quality: Besides changing or cleaning your HVAC air filter, low-performing attic insulation can also be the culprit. Your experienced Firestone handyman recommends checking your attic for potential moisture damage or blocked vents.
  • Chilly: Cold drafts and fluctuating temperatures are also warning signs of outdated insulation in your attic. Its purpose is to provide you with consistent temperatures to enhance your comfort and back your HVAC system.
  • Increased Energy Bill: Nothing is worse than experiencing a spike in your energy bills if your monthly habits have not changed. It could be that your HVAC is overworking due to insufficient insulation in the attic.

Pro Tip: To further back your HVAC and attic insulation, we recommend one of our most common handyman services, which is ceiling fan installations. During the summer, setting the ceiling fans counterclockwise will bring cool air down and lower your overall temperature by six degrees Fahrenheit. This way, you’re backing your AC by keeping its operation to a minimum. On the other hand, set your fan’s rotation clockwise and low to bring down the warm air that has escaped to the ceiling too fast.


A section of siding above the overhang of a home’s entryway before and after Mr. Handyman has provided service for siding repair in Firestone, CO.

We could combine your house siding’s health with your interior walls in terms of foundation cracks. These cracks occur during extreme temperature fluctuations and natural home settling. Both may show minor to major cracks that are easy to fix for your experienced handyman. Firestone CO homeowners can count on our team to inspect it in greater detail, and if we suspect something more serious, such as a compromised foundation, we’ll suggest that you consult a foundation specialist to examine your home settling process.

Typical Siding Materials Include:

  • Natural wood: Cedar is the preferred choice for building most structures because they are sustainable and renewable.
  • Engineered wood: This is typically fused with some chemical adhesives for resilience.
  • Vinyl: Cost-effective siding option that’s vulnerable to extreme temperatures.
  • Fiber cement: Made of water, wood fiber, and cement, fiber cement is a popular choice for cost-effectiveness and resilience.

Signs You Need Siding Repair

Wood siding is fairly common throughout the state of Colorado. For example, cedar doesn’t require chemical treatments, although sealing is recommended if you want the nice yellow-brown hue to last. Although cedar is rot and warp-resistant, it won’t stay perfectly intact unless you inspect it annually, sand it, and reseal it when needed. The same applies to engineered wood. Problems with your cladding could easily affect your home’s sheathing, which is primarily made of plywood.

Cracks and holes in vinyl and fiber cement will allow water to seep through and trigger interior water damage that could compromise your foundation and also eat its way through your drywall.

Why not schedule an annual inspection service with your experienced handyman? Firestone CO won’t ever have to worry about damaged siding again.


A damaged gutter could cause numerous problems. As your most important exterior drainage system, your rain gutters are designed to redirect stormwater toward the designated downspout outlets, which then securely dispose of that water far away from your home’s foundation.

Clogged gutters lead to a series of issues that include roof and siding damage, moisture damage in the attic, and blocked soffits. If grimy debris and standing water are left in the system, you will likely experience ice dams during the winter months and then deal with the aftermath in the spring. That’s when many Firestone homeowners notice leaky gutters, cracks, and holes. Water has likely spilled over the roof and damaged the fascia boards. Our gutter repair services come with fascia trim repairs. Since many fascia boards are made of wood materials, wood rot is a common issue. By keeping up with routine maintenance, such as annual gutter cleaning, you will save yourself a wide variety of exterior repairs.


Our wide variety of trusted handyman services exceeds what other contractors have to offer. From small repair projects to larger projects like remodels, we have high standards for customer service and satisfaction and pride ourselves on being your one-call-for-all solution.

Firestone Handyman For Home Remodels


A bathroom remodel is a big deal, given that there is a lot to consider. Those wondering about a tub-to-shower transformation have to think about the future in case they plan a family. Or if you’re reaching your golden age, you may want to consider increasing your shower space and removing the bathtub. From research to planning to budget, as your experienced Firestone handyman, we believe that bathroom remodeling is one of the toughest remodeling projects for homeowners to plan and come to terms with.

Our expert team has done and seen it all, so we want to help you facilitate the process as much as possible with:

  • Making your vision come to life
  • Choosing the right materials, from plumbing fixtures to the perfect tile system
  • Budget calculation
  • Eliminating minor plumbing issues
  • Installing new ventilation systems
  • Updating vanity mirrors
  • Installing new base cabinets

Once we have established a plan that you are fully happy with, your local Firestone handyman team can get to work! Feel free to contact our team with any questions that you may have.

Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

Customers visiting your bathroom tend to have high expectations of cleanliness, spaciousness, and aesthetics. A clean, functional bathroom mirrors the efficiency of your business and how you treat your customers. Services we offer commercial business owners include:

  • Automatic door installation (hands-free)
  • Touch-free soap dispensers
  • Antibacterial door knobs
  • Bathroom fan installation
  • Smoke detector installation
  • Dimmers, timers, motion detectors
  • Light fixture installation


Every homeowner loves a spacious den underground. There’s nothing like a comfortably furnished basement area for you to relax with friends or video games. Or perhaps you have kids that need a larger play area. If you have a spacious basement that needs refurbishing, our basement remodeling experts have the skills to transform your space into something great!

Though there are precautions that include installing carbon monoxide detectors, sealing windows, and ensuring your utility room is safe.

Plan your room layout in advance and decide which room serves what purpose. This way, it’ll be easier for your Firestone handyman to visualize what you want. Typical basement remodeling jobs include:

  • Floor installation: We recommend moisture-resistant types like laminate, tile, or vinyl.
  • Drywall replacement: It’s crucial to check existing walls for moisture damage. The safest way is to have your Firestone handyman replace them while they’re already working on new flooring.
  • Enhance ventilation
  • Upgrade and add more lighting
  • Door installation
  • And much more!

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For professional handyman services, you can’t go wrong with Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie. No home service repair or installation, whether interior or exterior, is too big or too small for our experienced Firestone handyman company.

We want everyone in the Boulder area to be able to access a reliable handyman service. Our expert Firestone handyman proudly serves surrounding communities like Erie, Frederick, Westminster, and beyond.

If you’re ready to book an appointment or have further questions about our Firestone handyman services, feel free to give our friendly customer service representatives a call today to find out what we can do to enhance your living space.

A raised deck in the backyard of a home while it is in the process of being built with Mr. Handyman’s services for deck installation in Firestone, CO.