A defensive barricade for your home, a siding’s sole purpose is to serve as a protective mechanism as it shields the exterior of your house by providing a solid encasing. In doing so, your home is ironclad against extreme weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, blistering blizzards, and bombarding hailstorms. By forgoing siding, your home would be left barren and exposed as it becomes susceptible to costly and permanent water and moisture damage. Eventually, the aftermath from the damage will result in weakening your property's foundation and overall putting into jeopardy the structural integrity of your home. Although exterior siding can outlast for decades, preserving its condition depends on how keen you are about participating in the proper upkeep, including routine maintenance, by signing up for an annual professional inspection from an accredited handyman. For some homeowner's siding repairs, Boulder, CO residents must note it is not optional but mandatory.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

If you had the unfortunate experience of being pelted by a disastrous thunderstorm with golf-ball size hail in the thick of summer, it likely fractured entire portions of your home’s siding. Suppose your insurance provider happened to compensate you for the damages fully. In that case, you should give it your honest try to hire the absolute best for siding repair. Boulder, CO homeowners are advised not to leave unsightly cracks and holes unaddressed and be proactive by asking a qualified, licensed, and fully insured Boulder handyman from Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie for a professional siding repair. Boulder, CO technicians are here to tweak loose nuts and bolts to perform a total overhaul, as siding repair is our area of expertise.

Our expert and experienced team members are well-equipped with the skills and tactics to handle any siding repair, replacement, or maintenance, no matter the feat. It can be overwhelming down your options for finding a suitable siding contractor for house repairs, but we best advise you to do your due diligence and hire a contractor who has the appropriate credential, background experience, and a proven track record for siding repair. Boulder, CO residents should note that, unlike shoddy contractors, we never upsell for a siding repair service and instead always listen to our clientele’s viewpoints to offer long-lasting and effective solutions. Based on our transparent, upfront pricing and one-year parts and labor guarantee, you have nothing to worry about! If your siding happens to fall apart within that time frame, we will return and make the proper adjustments. That's how confident we are about our superior products and services, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our Established Process for Siding Repair | Boulder, CO


Suppose there is extensive and widespread damage to your siding due to precipitation and weather aftermath, including big fractures or gaping holes. In that case, our expert handyman has to exert more muscle by completely getting rid of the damaged section and installing a brand-new panel. At times, it’s more cost-effective to remove the damaged areas and replace them with new panels instead of caulking up cracks or holes. Sometimes replacing your siding over repairing siding can also remedy other underlying problems like moisture damage and wood rot, which can result in leakages if not fixed.


Regardless of whether your home has a previous owner or is newly built, the cladding system would contain small gaps between the siding's panels, which were sealed with caulk. Your house’s cladding is the covering attached to the exterior of a house that acts as a waterproof barrier, usually made of timber, metal, or fiber cement. The caulk only lasts for a handful of years before it begins to decay and needs to be replaced. A Boulder handyman can recaulk any small hairline cracks, fractures, and holes. Plus, any siding panels that have slid off and are sagging from your house can also be remounted.


Other times you may not be dealing with actual physical damage but something more aesthetic in appearance from faded color from direct sunlight exposure, or you may have damp patches on your wallboards due to water streaks on your home’s exterior due to excessive moisture damage. Aside from being unappealing to look at siding repair, Boulder, CO clients will discover it is needed to give their siding a refurbished look. Our trained handyman can perform a touch-up service by adding a fresh layer of paint or stain to preserve the siding’s material and to prevent wood rot or discolored rust. While we’re at it, we will do a quick power washing surface to scrub off any sludge stuck to the outside of your house, leaving your siding clean and clean.


Vinyl: Plain and simple, vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for Boulder homeowners, and it makes sense, given its affordability and versatility. Vinyl is a quality exterior material that is easy to install and is low maintenance. The only downside is that it doesn't bode well under heavy amounts of pressure and is easily dented; its color can fade, and repairing siding can be difficult and require the replacement of entire panels. Plus, it doesn’t reduce your eco-footprint as it doesn’t biodegrade in the landfill once tossed away.

Metal: metal siding is uncommon for residential properties but is usual for commercial ones as it’s a durable and robust material to shield exterior walls from damage. However, batten metal siding is becoming more common for modern Boulder homeowners as it offers a contemporary exterior design with its wider and flatter panels. Metal siding is made of either steel or aluminum. Both can withstand fluctuating temperatures being fire-resistant materials, can repel insects, and are mostly hands-off and low maintenance. The panels are recyclable, so it’s a great option if you’re into living an eco-friendly lifestyle. But be aware that it does require some upkeep, especially for cleaning off dirt and debris. If you outright ignore this, you can expect discolored rust to crop up and result in corrosion. Sooner or later, you’ll need a siding repair. Boulder, CO residents can ask for pressure or power washing service at least once per year to avoid this outcome.

Wood: Although wood siding is fairly uncommon these days, given the amount of maintenance required. Nonetheless, it still retains a rustic and natural appeal, allowing for a pleasant house exterior. For a siding repair in Boulder, CO homeowners can expect us to make adjustments to either cedar or redwood. Wood is inexpensive, easy to repair, and can be painted in a diverse palette of colors. Plus, it boosts your eco-conscious lifestyle. But don’t be fooled by its cheaper upfront installation cost, as wood does require more frequent maintenance and repairs. Plus it offers no insulation given that it’s more susceptible to water and moisture damage and so requires regular coats of paint and weather-stripping at least every few years.

Fiber Cement: This is yet another durable and low-maintenance material known for its amazing strength and sturdiness. Similar to metal, it can easily withstand fluctuating temperatures and is fire-resistant, doesn’t warp or rot, can expel pests and insects, and isn’t vulnerable to mold and mildew growth. The only thing to keep in mind is that it's not the best option for energy efficiency as it's not a good insulator, nor is it an environmentally-friendly product. It also doesn’t bode well in moisture-prone environments, so frequently repairing siding through a siding repair, Boulder, CO property owners should know, may just be the norm.

Why We Are The Best Choice For Siding Repair In Boulder, CO

A damaged house siding is not only unsightly and unnerving for any passerby to witness, but it will readily plummet both your home’s curb appeal and property value. Apart from this, don’t be surprised to see skyrocketing utility expenses due to a lack of house insulation that a durable siding repair would otherwise provide. If you are receiving a paycheck from your insurance provider for repairing siding, you rather opt for the cream of the crop for professional siding repair. Boulder, CO clients can expect our trustworthy team members to show up prompt and uniformed and can even accommodate your flexible and busy schedule, including weekends. Unlike shoddy contractors who leave behind a mess, our well-behaved handyman always cleans up after themselves, disposing of the rubble at the proper facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Repair | Boulder, CO


Regardless of whether your home bore the wrath of a nasty storm that wreaked havoc on your siding or if you are hoping to fix the unsightly water streaks that run across your home's exterior surface because of a broken gutter, a siding repair, Boulder, CO homeowners must understand, is inevitable. Depending on the extent of the damage, you can attempt a DIY makeshift job, but leaving it to the pros is best advised as you’ll have to waste your blood, sweat, and tears in purchasing expensive equipment you may only use once. Boulder homeowners must not be complacent about repairing siding as not only will your house look like an eyesore from miles away as its curb appeal plummets, but damaged siding also affects your home’s energy efficiency, resulting in ineffective heat transfer and soaring monthly utility bills. Plus, you are leaving your house vulnerable to flooding from your attic to the basement. After a siding repair, Boulder, CO property owners can even keep our contractor for hire for maintenance of their siding, for example, by asking them to clean off the debris with a pressure washing service.


  • Moisture and water damage from harsh local weather conditions, including rainfall, snow, and hail
  • The physical impact of sports equipment or lugging around heavy furniture
  • A termite, pest, and rodent invasion
  • Damaged gutter troughs or downspout outlet
  • A shoddy contractor who does a bad installation job
  • Failure to do maintenance through staining, painting, or pressure washing
  • Incorrect material type
  • No weather stripping


  • Peeling or warping
  • dents
  • Hairline cracks or fractures
  • Buckling or blistered surfaces
  • Discoloration or fading
  • Water stains or streaks
  • Small to gaping holes
  • Mold, mildew, and fungus growth
  • Wood rot
  • Rust and corrosion


It depends on the siding’s material and your effort and motivation toward routine maintenance. For example, vinyl or plastic siding can last for many decades, having one of the longest lifespans; fiber cement will last about 50 years. Wood can last up to 40 years, and metal aluminum clocks in at 30 years.

Mr. Handyman Will Guard Your Home With Expert Siding Repair in Boulder, CO

Repairing siding must be first and foremost, especially if you’ve experienced a local natural disaster of sorts, as you are only hurting yourself with a lack of insulation and higher utility expenses, on top of risking being flooded out! Apart from Boulder, we also serve nearby areas of Frederick, Hygiene, and Lafayette. Our expert and experienced team members are at your behest and will restore your siding to shipshape condition.

Our friendly customer service representatives will restore your home’s exterior to shipshape condition, so be sure to contact us. For those of you who are curious about our other residential and commercial improvement projects, from tile installation to trim repair or soffit repair, be sure to ask about how we can upgrade your humble abode.

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