A fence is the dominion of your home’s property line. It's the first line of defense against sketchy intruders or nosy furry critters. It allows for intimate privacy as you go about your day by boosting the safety and security of your family members, including any young children and pets who can easily wander off and injure themselves without a watchful eye, keeping a lookout. Besides this, it’s aesthetically pleasing, boosts your home’s curb appeal, and increases the property’s resale value. Despite a rustic wood fence or a robust chain link fence, any and every fence serves the same purpose of added protection. Oftentimes, Denton residents are not aware that their home’s enclosure is suffering from wear and weather damage and proper upkeep, like a Denton fence repair and maintenance service.

Suppose you've noticed your fence deteriorating from cracks, small holes, discoloration, crumbling wood, sagging or loose spots, and missing boards. In that case, it's about time for a fence repair in Denton, TX. The longer you wait, the sooner the damage will spread to look at but also to retain its structural integrity. If it looks like it’s splitting splinters and about to fissure, you can depend on your certified, licensed, and fully insured Denton handyman from Mr. Handyman Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton for fence repair. Denton, TX residents should be best advised to be proactive as compromising on your property’s only physical barrier is not doing yourself any favors. Our experienced team members are well-equipped with the grit, ingenuity, and know-how for any outdoor repairs, offering only quality craftsmanship and ultimate customer satisfaction.

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What to Expect from Our Denton Fence Repair Services

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time home buyer buying a pre-owned property or a newly built one, you have to educate yourself on the basics of home maintenance. It seems that many Denton homeowners aren’t aware of how often it is required to stain their fence to keep it in good condition. No matter if it is a wood fence, metal, or plastic, it’s not everlasting and will lose its shiny new appeal if not taken care of properly. Responsible Denton homeowners always hire a professional handyman early on as they know this is a worthwhile investment that will pay for itself. Our Denton fence repair professionals offer routine cleaning and staining to help protect against the elements and prevent wood rot. Applying a single layer of stain will work wonders for at least a year or two; it keeps the wood material from becoming arid, drying out, and fading away. Wood is organic matter which contains natural oils that need to be preserved. Plus, the staining acts as a shield and protects your fence pickets by creating a barrier from scathing precipitation like rain, snow, and hail and also protects from the sun. Although wood is a moisture-absorbing material, if it has an extra coat of paint, it will help to fight against moisture damage and reduce your risks of wood rot. So long as property owners repaint and re-stain their fence every one or two years, they will reduce the likelihood of needing fence repair in Denton, TX.

We Handle These Common Types of Fence Repair in Denton, TX

Wood Rot Repair: Most is the most popular and affordable option for a residential fence, but despite it being a charming presence on your property, it can rapidly crumble if it’s not sheltered from the wrath of the great outdoors, including fluctuating temperature levels. As a result, the wood material can get infected, which is indicated by cracking timber or blackish fungus, which is contagious and spreads to other parts of the fence. As a natural and organic product, wood cannot exactly be restored to its original condition, but our service professionals do their best to remove the damaged parts and repair them with a wood filler substance or replace them with pressure-retreated wood. Treated wood is extra resilient as it has preservatives that fight off decay and pest invasions. If you notice random holes or faded discoloration, it’s best to get Denton fence repair services. 

Gate Repair: If a fence’s gate hinges are loose or stuck, it may be because the latch needs to be realigned or has broken. If your gate no longer swings as it used to, you need a Denton gate repair. An expert handyman can apply lubricant to a creaking gate or fix a broken post if the fence is completely stuck. 

Post Repair: These are not randomly stuck into the ground but strategically placed at certain distances apart, so they can uphold your fence. They sit on top of a concrete base which is buried deep beneath the ground and allows for stability. At times the post itself is fine but has slipped off of its concrete base and needs to be repositioned to ensure it remains sturdy. 

Picket Repair: At the upper part of the fence, these are attached to horizontal backing rails with nails that hold them in place. The backer rails that thread together the post can get damaged if exposed to too much pressure, resulting in warps and defects such as jagged pieces. Because pickets make up the main body of your fence system, you should ensure they remain durable. 

Common Types of Fences We Fix:

Property owners have a wide range of fence materials to choose from. Here are the common types we repair:

  • Wood. Wood is reasonably priced if you opt for either pressure-treated wood or cedar. It is beautiful and sturdy and a great way to enhance your yard's privacy and aesthetics. However, if not well-maintained, it may become vulnerable to weather conditions, pests, and other forces of nature. It is prone to rotting, peeling, and wearing down overtime, in which case wood fence repair in Denton becomes necessary.
  • Vinyl. Vinyl fences are a great option if you don’t want to worry about wood rot. Vinyl is a plastic-based material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is low-maintenance compared to wood. However, they can be more expensive, and extreme weather can cause warping or buckling. Ideally, they’re not exposed to the hot afternoon sun. 
  • Wrought iron. Wrought iron fences are beautiful, sturdy, and extremely long-lasting. However, they are more expensive to install because they are made from metal. They also lack privacy, but if you are looking for a fence to showcase your beautiful yard and garden while still offering some safety and security, then this is the material for you. 
  • Aluminum. Aluminum is similar to wrought iron, except it is less expensive because it’s lightweight. This is a good low-maintenance choice. 
  • Chain link. Chain link fences are quick and easy to install, and offer durability and security all in one. The downside is that they are not quite as visually appealing as some of the other choices.

Why Mr. Handyman Is The Excellent Choice For Denton Fence Repair

Our Neighborly Promise: Mr. Handyman, a proud Neighborly company, is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to its customers. Our service professionals adhere to simple yet powerful principles to ensure that every job is done right. We understand the stress that comes with caring for a home, which is why we take great pride in our work and strive to meet the highest standards. Our company protects you and your home with our Neighborly Done Right Promise, guaranteeing to make things right if they are not done to the customer's satisfaction. At Mr. Handyman, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Denton Fence Repair

How do I know if my fence needs repairing?

If something is broken, replace it. Warped or severely splintered wood, cracked vinyl, and iron that is either rusted through or bent beyond your ability to repair are examples of fences that need replacements. Get those repairs done before it becomes a full replacement job that costs you a lot more.

Can a fence panel be repaired?

Sometimes minor damage can be repaired if you brace the fence with new struts or replace old broken ones. This can depend on the type of panel you have and how weak it is to start with. You might find the damage was caused because the panel is going rotten, in which case a replacement is the best solution

How do you stop wood rot from spreading? 

Wood rot is contiguous, but it is stoppable. Once you eradicate the source of moisture, the rot will stop spreading–follow this up with a fungicide such as borax to help prevent wet and dry rot.

Is it worth staining an old fence? 

Regardless of whether your wooden fence is brand new or a handful of years old, it's still salvageable with a polish of stain. Especially applying wood stain to slat improves and extends the lifespan of your hard-working outdoor structure.

Can you repair a broken fence post?

Yes, you can repair a broken fence post by digging down straight along the backside of the broken post. Dig down two feet underground and drop a concrete repair spur in the hole. This will bolster the post the proper your fence up to the ideal position you hope to achieve. 

How much will fencing cost?

The price of your fencing repairs or installation will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The overall length and height, as the pricing is done per linear foot
  • The type of fencing material
  • The slope (steep properties require grading)
  • The style and design (simple fences are cheaper to install)
  • What you need repaired (fixing one fence board is cheaper than fixing multiple, for example)

Ward Off Intruders With Denton Fence Repair Service From Mr. Handyman!

A well-maintained fence is essential for maintaining privacy and security at home. Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton understands the importance of a securely established fence system and offers reliable Denton fence repair services. Whether you live in Denton or nearby areas such as Argyle, Lantana, or Justin, their team can provide quick and efficient handyman repairs to ensure your peace of mind. With their professional service, homeowners can ward off intruders and enjoy their sweet privacy without worrying about peeping toms. The benefits of a Denton fence repair are numerous, and Mr. Handyman's customer service team is eager to provide more information and assistance.

Don't let a damaged fence compromise your security and privacy. Reach out to Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton today and take the first step towards a well-repaired and secure fence system. Trust our expert team and their top-notch craftsmanship to enhance your outdoor living space.

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