The Benefits of Dog Door Installation in Frisco, TX

Small dog door installed for residential home

Are you tired of getting up every time Spot needs to go outside? Many pet owners in Frisco will do anything for their animals. You always want to make sure that your dog, cat, or other furry friend is completely taken care of, but that doesn't mean you have to put yourself at an inconvenience.

Everyone in your household will enjoy the easy access that a dog door provides for moving indoors and outdoors at all times. Many Frisco homeowners enjoy that added convenience, but increased ease of access isn't the only major benefit that pet door installation provides.

There are several simple solutions available for everyone — and their dogs. A service technician from Mr. Handyman of Frisco can assist you with every installation step. Even if you just need basic information about your options, your local handyman service professionals are here to help!

Adding an exterior entrance for your dog or cat is a simple improvement project that will increase comfort and quality of life — for you and Cupcake! Our comprehensive information about the benefits and styles of different dog door options is enough to get started. If you're already committed to a dog door installation project, then you'll still benefit from the information we provide here about the installation process.

Why Install a Dog Door in Frisco, TX?

Is constantly letting Tex inside and outside really enough trouble that a dog door installation project is worth the investment? The short answer is, yes! There are more benefits than just the added convenience of not constantly getting up every time Fido needs to get through — although that's certainly the main reward.

Benefits for You:

  • Obviously, you'll never have to worry about opening & closing entries to let your animal buddies in & out
  • You'll have fewer scratches on your interior surfaces — which means that you'll also be at a reduced risk of torn screens
  • If Pluto's bark is bigger than his bite, you'll also worry less about loud barking
  • If those passageways also lead toward a secure exterior area, you won't have to worry about coming home for daily, afternoon walks — but that will always be an option
  • Security animals will more easily hear and scare away intruders
  • And, your need for expensive kennel services will drop

Benefits for Your Pet:

  • Easy outdoor access for regular exercise — & other needs
  • Access to an emergency exit during dangerous situations
  • Easy access indoors during inclement weather
  • And, reduced boredom that leads to associated problematic behaviors

What are Your Installation Options in Frisco, TX?

Not only can you install a dog door in multiple different types of walls or entryways, but you can also install multiple types of models. There are options for increased security, larger sizes for bigger animals, and even additions for sliding glass entryways!


These are the standard options that most people think of when they hear the words “dog door.” There are many choices for size and style but not all models work with all entry types. Confirm you have an effective choice before you make any final installation decisions.


You can also add pet passages directly to your walls — both inside and outside. Some pet owners choose to add small tunnels and special holes throughout their homes to give their pets greater access for areas they frequent.

Exterior pet entrances are also effective for leading directly to specific outdoor areas through your walls. The added convenience of wall-mounted options is excellent for outdoor access, but many homeowners in Frisco that need to remove those features have difficulty finding a matching siding material. It's best to consider wall-mounted exterior pet entry installation only if you're certain you won't need to remove it later. It is possible to put pet doors in brick walls. Many homeowners also add ramps for small or older dogs to make the transition easier on them when going through a wall-mounted doggie door.

Sash Window-Mounted

If you have ground-level windows that your dogs and cats can access, you can even add an entryway there. Window options are also great for anyone with incompatible entryways for pet entry installation. If you have sash windows, there are solutions available for your home!

Glass Patio Entryway Inserts

Did you know there are dog entries specifically designed to fit into the rails of your sliding, glass patio door? These easy installation options might cost more — because they come with a solid pane of glass to look through after installation is complete — but they also provide easy access with minimal disruption to your sliding entries, so both you and Princess can enjoy Frisco's outdoors any time!

Mesh Screen Solutions

One of the easiest ways to prevent torn mesh screens in Frisco is by providing an easy exit and entrance for your dogs. With that simple solution, you'll prevent any accidental damage from Duke pressing on the screen when he asks to be let back inside. Now you'll only have to worry about those screens when you're checking your home for the effects of storm damage.

High-Efficiency Options

Some people in Frisco worry about the effects of opening up their home to the outdoors with a specific entryway for their dog or cat. Will that new opening reduce your home's heating and cooling efficiency — and thereby increase your energy bills?

Poor HVAC efficiency and higher energy bills are certainly one of many siding repair warning signs in Frisco, but you don't have to worry about those issues as much with pet doors — especially if you choose a high-efficiency model! Many options include specially designed, protective pockets to prevent any warm or cold air from escaping.

These options will also help reduce the chances of moisture entering wooden surfaces and creating wood rot. Many even include protection against splashing and other outdoor debris, so you'll worry less about Pumpkin bringing something inside that ought to stay outdoors. The only additional cost you'll ever have to worry about is the cost of installation.

High-Tech Electronic Options

With installation service for an electric pet door, you can completely automate the entire process of letting your dog, cat, or other scruffy buddies in and out. Many homeowners in Frisco still have to open and close latches on their pet doors, or insert and remove security covers, but electronic dog doors can be easily synced with a weather-proof, collar chip. They automatically open when Duke or Daisy approach and you can program them to close at night.

Do You Need Pet Door Installation Services in Frisco, TX?

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