Fantastic Frisco Awning Replacement

Just like you wouldn’t neglect to include a cold glass of iced tea and a good book when lounging on your deck, nor should you neglect to replace the awning above you when it has holes, tears, or extreme sun damage. Your awning is there to protect you from the elements, but when it’s damaged, you should get a Frisco awning replacement right away so you can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.

There’s no better choice for the job than your local Frisco handyman. With ample experience, we provide quick, quality repairs and replacements, as well as completely new installations for property owners seeking shade. Mr. Handyman of Frisco is the premier choice for all awning work, but we also provide an extensive range of exterior home improvement services to get your house in tip-top condition.

Don’t let a ripped, stained, or broken awning stop you from enjoying your outdoor space, call our qualified team today to book a service appointment.

About Our Frisco Awning Replacement Services

Frisco homeowners spend lots of time on their decks and patios, which means they most likely have an existing awning. Awnings last up to ten years if taken care of properly, but after that point, they’ll need to be replaced either due to damaged fabric or totally broken arms or motors. In addition to our replacement services, we also offer repairs for smaller issues. Read on to discover more.

Frisco Awning Replacement

Our Frisco awning replacement service involves removing the old unit before installing a new one, but it can also be replacing a few of the major parts, such as the fabric or arms. There are many different types of awnings found around the city, including:

  • Wall mounted awnings
  • Free standing awnings
  • Retractable awnings
  • Gazebo awnings
  • Custom awnings
  • Metal awnings
  • Commercial awnings

The most common type we work with is retractable, and in this particular type of awning, we see issues such as sluggish or non-responsive motors, rusty arms or arms that are difficult to move, ripped fabric, and sun damaged fabric. Most of these problems require a replacement of one or more parts to get your awning operational again.

During your initial service; we’ll inspect your awning to isolate the issue. If a special part is required, we may need to order it before we can perform your replacement.

Frisco Awning Repair

Repair services are usually the quickest as in them, we’ll likely be able to repair small problems on the spot without ordering special parts. In some cases, a replacement motor or fabric will need to be acquired. Rips in the fabric will often mean the entire piece needs to be replaced, but smaller issues, such as slow-to-open arms, just need a little attention to operating smoothly again. Our experts know exactly what needs to be done to get your awning working perfectly. Some of the most common problems your Frisco handyman will repair include:

  • Rips, holes and stains: Sun takes a toll on your awning and can thin the fabric. This leads to easier rips and holes but also means it’s not providing the same type of protection for your and your guests.
  • Retractable arms: With frequent cranking, arms experience a lot of wear and tear. They may need to be oiled or have a piece replaced with the manufacturer's quality products.
  • Motor issues: If the motor on your awning isn’t working anymore, it may need to be serviced. We’ll look into the reason behind what’s causing the issue, but we may need to replace the whole unit.

For commercial properties, Frisco awning repair is an important part of maintenance operations and can be booked alongside any trim installation project on public property or private property with owner consent.

Frisco Awning Installation

Are you new to the whole awning game? Living in Frisco means you’ll want to install one as soon as possible. When you call Mr. Handyman of Frisco, we’ll help you pick out an awning that’s ideal for your space. We can install patio awnings, deck awnings, retractable awnings, and more, so just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll show you your many options.

Deck or patio awning installation involves several different visits from our qualified team. After you choose your preferred type of awning, we’ll need to measure the area and prep it for installation.

The First-Rate Choice For Frisco Awning Installation & Repair

When it comes to awning installation or replacement, Frisco residents don’t want to leave the service in the hands of inexperienced awning installation companies. Locals treasure their awnings over their decks, pools, patios, and other outdoor seating areas, and the last thing they need is to experience constant problems. Improperly installed awnings may also look awkward in the space they entertain guests. But don’t stress out, the solution is easy. Just give the experienced team at Mr. Handyman of Frisco a call for your awning replacement, repair, or installation. We’ll make sure you get the correct design for your space and know all of your options before choosing.

With a comprehensive selection of interior and exterior service offerings, our team can also help you with gutter cleaning, deck repair, and fence installation to completely improve the outside look of your home. No matter what you call us for, we’ll provide the same exceptional level of service. We perform a background check on every member of our team, which has an average of ten years of experience. This means they’re well-equipped to properly diagnose and tackle common problems around the home. Reach out to us today to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions About Frisco Awning Replacement & Repair

Why Might I Need a Frisco Awning Repair?

You’ll need a Frisco awning repair if, after a period of time, you notice yours is broken. When sitting under a ripped awning, you won’t exactly feel protected from the sun. If you can’t wind your retractable awning out, then you won’t be able to use it at all. These problems, and many more, are caused by a number of factors. The weather is one of them. Wind, sun, and rain can damage your awning, but birds, accidents, and misuse can too. If you get your awning services regularly, you should be able to avoid costly repairs.

Should I Repair or Replace My Awning?

Knowing when to replace rather than repair your awning can be difficult. Some issues, such as rips, can occur at different calibers, and one may be fixed with a few simple stitches, while the other may require a total replacement of the fabric. Knowing when to seek Frisco awning replacement comes down to hiring a professional for advice. Consider Mr. Handyman your local source of expert knowledge. Our team will inspect your awning and will know quickly whether you’re better off repairing or replacing it. Larger or multiple issues often mean you should replace the entire unit—especially if it’s nearing the ten-year mark. This can help you feel more comfortable outside and even improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Why Should I Get a Frisco Awning Repair?

There are many reasons why you should get a Frisco awning replacement or repair. The main one is because your existing unit isn’t functioning the way it should anymore. Casting aside small issues now can lead to larger ones in the future, and while you may think you’re saving money by putting off the service, you’ll likely spend more in the future or need a complete replacement. Plus, having a fully functional awning brings benefits such as:

  • Sun protection for your family and guests
  • Sun protection for your indoor furniture
  • Great source of shade on sunny days
  • Provides shelter from the rain
  • Helps to lower your home’s energy bills
  • Makes home more energy efficient
  • Boosts curb appeal and looks beautiful

Is Frisco Awning Installation Expensive?

Frisco awning installation varies in cost depending on the type of unit you’d like installed. The complexity of the project also determines the average cost. The awning you choose to install and when you install it determines most of what you’ll pay for the service. Because of that, if you’re interested in seeing a ballpark figure for your service, you should set up a consultation. Other costs added to your final bill include the actual cost of installation and the price of additional materials, both of which we can’t calculate until the job is finished. If you’re ready to get the process started, call our knowledgeable customer service team to set up an appointment.

Don’t Sweat It—Beat The Heat and Call Us For Frisco Awning Replacement!

Choosing a quality company for your Frisco awning replacement might be one of the best moves you make this year. Helping you get the most from your outdoor living space, it provides protection from UV rays, shelter from rain, and elevates the look of your home or commercial properties. Whether your awning is over your front porch or back pool, let your local handyman fix it. Our team is skilled in all types of awning repair and installations and provides respectful, courteous service locals love.

Mr. Handyman of Frisco has helped many homes in the Frisco area with their awning replacements, including Prosper and Celina. Call our friendly customer service team today to learn more about the many services we offer in addition to Frisco awning replacement, installation, and repair. Whether your improvement project needs our porch repair services or exterior wall painting, we can help!

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