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Whether it's there for decoration, security, safety or organizational purposes—or all of the above—your fence is a key part of your property that can do a lot to enhance the curb appeal of your house, while also keeping pets and kids safely contained and discouraging casual trespassers. But the structure is also out there by itself, probably without much shelter, so it takes a lot of wear and tear damage over time, eventually making it necessary to call your local Frisco handyman to deliver experienced Frisco fence repair services.

If you've seen some indications that your fence is no longer in good shape and needs professional help to get back to its former solid, sturdy, attractive condition, rely on the home improvement, installation, maintenance and repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Frisco. Our skilled handyman professionals have the carpentry and masonry skills necessary to get your fence fixed up so it can serve your property for many more years to come.

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Our Trusted Frisco Fence Repair Services

Repair and improvement work such as Frisco fence repair can seem deceptively simple. After all, a fence is a simple structure—how complicated can it be to fix? Sometimes it's really not that complex, but there are some types of damage that do require a bit more experience and knowledge to work with. And if appearance matters, this task is best left to the professionals. If you need a fence picket replaced, for example, we won't just nail a 2x4 in it's place and call it a day—we'll make sure the new picket is the correct material, size, shape and color to match all the others so the repair is completely invisible when we're done. For fence repair, Frisco homeowners can rely on us to handle tasks such as:

  • Replacing missing pickets, slats or rails
  • Latch and gate repair
  • Wood rot repair
  • Removing rust and other types of corrosion from metal fences

Along with Frisco fence repair tasks listed above, one of the most common issues we're called to deal with is broken, leaning or rot-weakened fence posts. Posts are typically installed by pouring concrete into a hole and setting a post in it so it's reinforced by an underground concrete footing and can support the weight of your structure. But as durable as concrete is, it doesn't last forever and can crumble apart to the point where its post no longer has adequate support. It's also possible that a post with a noticeable lean has broken off underground or is crumbling apart due to wood rot.

Regardless of what's causing the issue with one or more of your posts, the right Frisco fence repair solution is typically to remove your old post entirely and replace it. We'll accomplish that by taking out your post and remnants of its old footing, then using a post hole digger to make sure its hole is deep enough. We'll then pour in concrete, set your post in place and give it time to cure and harden. Once that concrete is completely cured, we can attach other parts, such as rails or the gate, to your new post.

Let Mr. Handyman Take Care of Fence Repair, Frisco Property Owners

Are you looking for a reliable, professional craftsman to deliver experienced Frisco fence repair services for your commercial or residential property? Your search is over! Count on the skilled professionals at Mr. Handyman of Frisco for professional fence repairs and much more, including fence installation, drywall repair, tile installation, stair repair, and much more.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we know that 100% satisfaction is about more than just providing top-quality workmanship—though that's definitely a big piece of the puzzle. Communication skills and genuine customer service are key as well, which is why our friendly, trustworthy technicians always take the time to consult with you, explain their recommendations clearly, and answer any questions you may have to ensure you are more than happy with the results of their work.

Frequently Asked Frisco Fence Repair Questions

Is fence repair faster and more cost-effective than replacement?

This is a good question to ask your Frisco handyman, because many people assume that not only will the repair cost be lower than replacement costs, but also that repair will be a lot quicker—and quite often, the opposite is true. Frisco fence repair services are the best option for homeowners when their current fence has one particular part or section that has suffered damage and the rest is in pretty good shape, or when there's a few smaller problems here and there. But if damage is widespread across a large percentage of your overall structure or there's certain types of issues that can't be fixed by repairing or replacing one of your fence sections, a total replacement is likely going to be the faster, more cost-effective choice.

As a general rule of thumb, if more than about 25% of the total structure has suffered damage, replacement is likely going to be the best course of action. But of course there are exceptions to every rule, and that's why your Frisco handyman will thoroughly inspect and evaluate the project in-person before they come up with an experienced recommendation on the right strategy for your Frisco fence repair.

Do I need a permit for Frisco fence repair?

Fence permits are not typically required for Frisco fence repair. As long as less than 50% of the total structure is being replaced, there's no need to get a permit. If more than that is being replaced or you suspect your existing fence is not compliant with local residential fencing guidelines, it's important to note that Frisco's city ordinances do list restrictions for fences that dictate acceptable heights, locations and materials. For example, boundary structures in Frisco's residential zoning districts cannot be constructed with barbed wire, razor wire, concertina wire, corrugated steel and some other types of materials.

Whether or not your particular project requires a permit, you can always rely on our team of qualified fencing professionals to meet or exceed municipal and state regulations in everything we do. We want to make sure the results of our work are always 100% in compliance so it doesn't cause you trouble down the road, and we also value a safe workplace. If you have a structure that is currently non-compliant with Frisco's fence regulations or the regulations put in place by your homeowners association, we can correct the problem with Frisco fence repair or replacement.

Is it okay for the bottom rail of my fence to touch the ground?

In most cases, this is a warning sign of a deteriorating structure. The posts are the only part of the entire structure that should actually be touching soil—fence rails, pickets, slats, gates and other components of the structure should be at least a few inches away from the ground, supported by the posts. If parts other than the posts are touching the ground, they'll be far more susceptible to rot, rust and other damage caused by moisture in the soil.

Unless it was poorly constructed, your fence probably started out with plenty of ground clearance. But as time wears on, factors such as rain, soil movement, plant growth and landscaping cause soil to build up under the structure until the gap is clogged up with dirt. If that's what has happened with your structure, the solution is simple: sweep the excess soil out from underneath on a regular basis, and trim back weeds, bushes or other plants that are filling up the space underneath and brushing their moisture-laden leaves against the bottom of the structure. But if there's no gap left to speak of and the whole thing really is sitting directly on solid ground, it's likely at a fairly advanced stage of deterioration and may have broken or rotten posts that can't hold its weight any longer. In that scenario, replacement is probably the only option.

How can I stop my wood fence from rotting?

Any wood that is outdoors and exposed to rain and humidity is going to be vulnerable to wood rot, because it only occurs in timber with an elevated moisture content. Therefore, the best way to prevent wood rot is to lock out moisture with paint or wood stain followed by a few coats of sealant. Since the sealant will eventually wear away, it's important to re-seal the entire structure every few years, or call your local Frisco handyman to take care of it for you.

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When your boundary structure is in desperate need of fence repair in Frisco and other parts of North Texas such as Sanger, Aubrey, or Prosper, the team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Frisco is ready, willing, and able to help. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment or to speak with our friendly customer service staff and find out more about the reliable handyman services we offer in Frisco and surrounding areas.

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