Whether it's in front or out back, a porch is an American classic that brings to mind images of porch swings and chatting with neighbors. Having a shady place to sit outdoors and enjoy a fresh breeze is a big amenity, so it's no wonder so many Frisco homes feature covered outdoor living spaces—but it becomes less of an asset and more of a liability when your structure falls into disrepair and needs Frisco porch repair services.

If your structure is currently damaged and poses a safety hazard or is detracting from your home's curb appeal, your local, qualified Frisco handyman can help. The team of repair professionals at Mr. Handyman of Frisco has expertly taken care of dozens of porch repair issues in Frisco and nearby parts of North Dallas, so we know exactly how to take care of a wide range of problems in order to restore your porch to attractive, safe, sturdy condition.

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About Our Expert Frisco Porch Repair Services

From minor issues to major problems that require immediate porch repair, Frisco homeowners can count on our team of repair, installation, maintenance and improvement experts to eliminate signs of damage with the correct Frisco porch repair method. We have decades of combined experience in repair trades, including carpentry and masonry, and the results of our work always meet or exceed the highest industry standards. The best way to handle porch repair naturally varies according to the material and the nature of the damage, so the first step will be a thorough inspection and diagnosis. Once we know more about the issue at hand, we'll consult with you to explain our findings and recommendations for how to proceed. Some of the Frisco porch repair strategies that are most commonly required are:

  • Pressure washing to remove dirt, plant growth, peeling paint and harmful bacteria
  • Column repair or replacement
  • Cleaning, sanding and refinishing surfaces
  • Replacing or repairing creaky or weak steps
  • Replacing missing or broken spindles or balusters

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Do you need Frisco porch repair? The reliable repair and improvement experts at Mr. Handyman of Frisco are here to help. But we don't just handle porch repair! We also offer a wide variety of popular services such as gate installation, door repair, patio repair, deck repair, trim installation, fence repair, fence installation, and plenty more, all with the best quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

Frequently Asked Frisco Porch Repair Questions

Is there a difference between porches and decks?

These two words often get confused with each other because the structures really very similar. They're both outdoor platforms used to add additional outdoor living space and are typically connected to a building such as a house. That being said, there are some differences that separate them into two distinct types of structures. Decks are usually located in the backyard or at the side of a house, with a door leading from the kitchen or dining room for easy al fresco dining access. They can be either free-standing or attached to a building and they may be only a short step or two away from the ground or could be a multi-level construction to serve multiple stories of a home. Decks are open on at least three sides and not covered by a roof.

Porches are often located at the front entrance, but they can be on the side or back of a building as well and they are usually either flat on the ground or raised to match the level of the front door. One of the biggest differences is that proches are sheltered by a roof or awning. They may be open on the sides with columns to support the roof, or they can be enclosed with mesh screens or panes of glass. Regardless of whether your house needs deck or porch repair, or both, you can count on our handyman experts to get your outdoor spaces back to appealing, fully functional condition.

What are the signs I need Frisco porch repair services?

When it comes to a large structure that needs porch repair, Frisco homeowners are sometimes unsure of what types of damage need attention from a professional. Here are some of the key signs that indicate it's time to call your local handyman for Frisco porch repair services:

  • Softened, rotting patches on a wooden porch
  • Loose, rickety porch railing
  • Screens with rips or holes
  • Broken or warped screen frames
  • Sagging steps
  • Spalling or crumbling concrete
  • Built-up grime and dirt
  • Moss or algae growth
  • Infestations of destructive insects such as termites
  • Damaged or missing spindles
  • Water pooling around footings
  • Soil erosion around posts

Can you repair rusty or torn porch screens?

There are definitely some huge benefits to have a screened-in porch, and the biggest advantage is that you can sit outside and enjoy the weather without being chased around the yard by a big, buzzing cloud of nature's most obnoxious creatures, mosquitoes. But if your screen panels have suffered damage from rust or impacts and are riddled with holes or rips, they are basically useless to stop mosquitoes from getting in and snacking on you and your guests.

If the frames that hold the mesh screen panels in place are still in good shape, this is a fairly simple porch repair for our professionals. We'll just remove the damaged mesh from the frame and insert a new panel, then put the frame back in place. If the frames themselves are in bad shape, however, replacing them altogether is likely the best course of action to ensure mosquitoes are locked out and fresh air can come in.

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