Shower Remodeling in Frisco

It’s a plain fact that you enjoy a steamy shower so much more with a functional shower door, handy storage nook, and beautiful tile walls. If your current bathroom shower is looking more like a disaster zone, it’s time to consider shower remodeling in Frisco.

Thinking about swapping out your cracked tile for brand new modern slate? How about installing a storage area for your shampoos and soaps? There are many possibilities when it comes to remodeling your shower. Some are for aesthetic purposes only, others are ideal for functionality, and some merge the two. When you’re in need of a refresh for your old shower space, look no further than your local Frisco handyman.

At Mr. Handyman of Frisco, we offer high-quality shower remodeling services to transform your stale old shower into a refreshing oasis. Our expert bathroom contractors will help you with everything from planning to the final steps. Ready to get started? Call our friendly customer service team today to learn more, or keep reading for a walkthrough of our most popular services.

About Our Frisco Shower Remodeling Services

Stepping into a shower with a broken door, peeling caulking, and tarnished fixtures isn’t a relaxing experience. At Mr. Handyman of Frisco, we can help make it one with a few simple swaps. Read on to discover more about the many different ways our professional team can take your shower, from tired to revitalizing.

Tile installation

When was the last time you switched out the tile in your master bathroom shower? If it’s looking dull or is an outdated color, this one change can give your shower an entirely new look. From porcelain and ceramic to glass and natural stone, whatever style you’re going for, we can help make it happen. During the tile installation process, we’ll need to remove the old tile from the wall, prepare the backing, add mortar, and set the tile before caulking in between the pieces and sealing it. If it's just tile repairs you need, we can help with those too.

Shower door installation

Do you have a self-contained shower cubicle with a door that’s hanging off its hinges? Maybe it’s a little dingier than you would like or has begun to tarnish. Even if you would prefer to upgrade an outdated door for something a little classier, this easy change will give your bathroom a serious lift. Choose from sliding glass doors, easy-open hinged doors, or keep things private with frosted glass or rain glass. Need to replace your entire shower? We can help with shower installation too.

Shower heads and faucets

Shower heads and faucets are the finishing touches to any sink, tub, or shower. Not all of them are built for beauty, and some of them aren’t the most practical. If your existing shower head or faucet isn’t fitting your fancy, changing it for something that is more your style will elevate the aesthetic of your shower or make using it easier. Whether you have mobility issues or simply want to change the look when remodeling your shower, now is the perfect time to do it.

Storage niches

A storage niche can either be hung or recessed into your existing shower wall. If you’re tired of clunky products cluttering up your shower, opting for a storage niche can help you stay organized and frustration-free. Storage niches can be small to fit just your soap or large enough to fit the many different shampoos and conditioners your family uses. When you first meet with our capable team for an initial consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and begin to bring your ideas to life.


You may be surprised to find that a simple re-caulking of the edges around the tile in your shower is enough to freshen it up. Caulking stains over time and can be difficult to clean. It can also peel and crack, giving your bathroom a less than desirable appearance. To re-caulk, we’ll first need to remove the old material before applying the new caulking with precision.

These are just a few of the many possibilities we can employ during your shower remodeling in Frisco. Interested in a complete bathroom remodel or a bathtub to shower conversion? We can help with a range of bathroom remodeling services! Give our valued customer care team a call today to learn more.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Shower Remodeling in Frisco

Shower remodeling in Frisco can have many components. From carefully handling heavy glass shower doors to carving a recess for your storage niche, while the shower is just one small space, the jobs performed during a remodel take skill and precision. That’s where the expert team at Mr. Handyman of Frisco really shows their worth. With an average of ten years of experience, we can quickly take care of multiple home improvement projects on the same day so that you can get back to your regular routines. Known for our fast service, our bathroom remodelers work diligently on every task we perform without compromising quality. Want to learn more about why we’re locals’ top choice for shower remodeling in Frisco?

Professional, expert service

From our customer care team to our dedicated handymen, every encounter you have with our crew will always be professional. We’re mindful of your home, time, and needs and will always be respectful. Arriving on time and in uniform for your scheduled appointment, you’ll never have to wait around for your bathroom remodeling team to show up. We know your time is precious, and get to work right away.

Locally owned and operated

As a locally owned and operated company, we’re committed to building up our community. As homeowners ourselves, we deeply care about Frisco homes and know the ins and outs of the neighborhoods, weather, soil conditions, building materials, and more. This knowledge gives us an upper hand when it comes to services such as fence installation, exterior painting, and literally every other service we provide. When hiring us, you can expect the friendliness of a local crew with the professionalism and guarantees of a national franchise.

Neighborly Done Right Promise

There’s no better feeling than having confidence—especially when it comes to the team you hire to take care of your shower remodeling in Frisco. You want a company that’s going to provide excellent service; however, it’s always good to know that in case something goes wrong, that company will do everything in its power to make it right. That’s exactly what you’ll get when hiring us.

To find out more about why the people of Frisco love us, check out our outstanding customer reviews!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shower Remodeling in Frisco

Why Should I Get Shower Remodeling in Frisco?

Choosing to remodel your shower comes with many advantages. You may think that it’s all about looks, but really, updating your home in any way can make it more appealing in these additional ways:

  • Increase property value: Any steps you take to renovate your home will increase its value. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms that potential buyers suss out before putting in a bid, and having a gorgeous, functional shower is a major draw.
  • Increase functionality: How many times have you fought with your shampoo bottle? You may have even tripped on your outdated shower door a few times too. Instead of living with these inconveniences, change them. It will make your bathing experience more pleasant, and you may even avoid injury.
  • Increase accessibility: Have you considered aging-in-place services yet? If not, when considering a shower remodel in Frisco, it’s the perfect time to think about the steps you can take to make your home friendlier for your future life. Think about converting baths to showers or installing more functional wall cabinets, knobs, and lighting.

What Are Some Easy Ways To Update My Shower?

It doesn’t take much to change the look of your bathroom with a small-scale Frisco bathroom remodeling project. A few small touches are all that is required to take your old shower from dull to exciting. If you’re thinking about shower remodeling in Frisco on a budget or don’t have time for a full remodeling project, consider making these small changes. They can bring you amazing results:

  • Update the fixtures: From matte black to gold and back to traditional stainless steel, there is a wide range of products you can choose from for your shower. In addition to color options, there are also many style options. Choose one that reflects your bathroom’s aesthetic, or opt for a specific style that’s easier to grab.
  • Install a grab bar: Most bathroom designs aren't always practical. If anyone in your family has mobility issues or if you’re thinking about aging in place, installing a grab bar is a smart move that will improve the safety of your shower.
  • Replace the caulking: A small job but one that should be done with a steady hand. Replacing caulking is one of the easiest ways to freshen up the look of your shower.
  • Install cost-effective tile: Not all tile is expensive, but even using high-quality materials won't cost you a fortune during your bath remodel. Since showers are typically smaller areas, even with pricer tile, this one project will give you the most bang for your buck if you’re hoping for a completely new look in your shower.

Need Help With Your Bathroom Renovation Project? Call Mr. Handyman for Shower Remodeling in Frisco!

Whether you’ve just begun to think about shower remodeling in Frisco or you have been planning for months, there has never been a better time to get the project in motion. Let the dedicated remodeling contractors at Mr. Handyman of Frisco help create your dream bathroom—no matter what stage in the process you’re at. We can assist with planning out changes or can be ready to get to work as soon as you schedule your appointment.

Want to learn more about showering remodeling in Frisco and discover what’s possible for your bathroom renovation? Whether you’re in Corinth, Prosper, or The Colony, call our valued team today or fill out the online form!

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