Stucco doubles as a unique design element and structural support system for your home. It’s a popular choice in the beautiful city of Frisco where Southwest, contemporary, and even Mediterranean-style homes are all the rage. With such a focus on design, when homeowners see cracks and chips in the walls and ceiling of their home, Frisco stucco repair is needed fast.

Stucco is found on the walls and ceilings of the interior and exterior of homes and buildings, loved for its breathable nature that also acts as a shield against water damage and rot. A material that’s this beneficial is obviously found across the state, but Texans know it comes with its drawbacks too. The main one? With Frisco’s hot, hot weather, cracks are common—the exact opposite look savvy property owners are after.

Have you noticed flaws in your stucco? Call your Frisco handyman. We’re the local stucco repair company you can trust to restore your home to its former glory. Mr. Handyman of Frisco also offers a comprehensive range of additional home improvement services for a total makeover of your residence.

About Our Frisco Stucco Repair Service

If you leave a chip or crack in your stucco, it will get worse. The worse news is that damaged stucco compromises the integrity of your home by allowing water to seep behind it. This not only leads to potential water damage but can also cause the humidity to rise inside your home. This could result in lowered energy efficiency and reduced indoor air quality. Yikes. Who knew a tiny crack could be so detrimental to your energy bills each month?

Thankfully, there’s good news. Calling Mr. Handyman of Frisco will see that your stucco is repaired quickly and properly to safeguard your home throughout the year. Whether you have traditional stucco, synthetic stucco, or one-coat stucco, we can repair it. Some types of stucco are more resilient than others, but all deal with similar issues. During your Frisco stucco repair process, you can expect the following from our team of stucco installation experts:

  1. Break off the loose stucco. The first step to repairing stucco is to break off any hanging, loose, or dirty stucco pieces. This will reveal the under layers of asphalt paper and mesh, which we will also assess the condition of. If they are in good shape, we can go ahead with the next step in the process.
  2. Chip away the edges. Similar to repairing drywall, when we break off a large piece of stucco, often the edges are uneven. We need them to be more uniform so that it is easier to fill the desired area with new stucco. Chipping away the edges also gives us a chance to cut away any mesh that is exposed underneath to create a flawless finish.
  3. Cover the exposed lath. Before we fill the hole with new durable stucco, we’ll cover it with builder’s paper. This helps provide protection to your home by preventing wind from penetrating it. Builder’s paper can also help prevent moisture damage.
  4. Add mesh. Mesh provides a place for the stucco to grip onto. Without it, the stucco may peel off in large sections. Once we place a sheet of mesh over the builder’s paper, we’ll cut it with metal snips to fit it correctly before using nails to secure it.
  5. Mix the stucco. Stucco is a fast-drying material when wet. When we bring it to your home, it will be in dry form. We’ll then mix it with water to create the desired texture. It acts a lot like cement when wet, but it dries much faster.
  6. Sling the stucco. As the verb suggests, we quite literally sling the stucco onto the wire mesh. This stucco application process helps fill the gaps between the mesh thanks to the force produced during the slinging. After we sling, we’ll smooth it down with a trowel.
  7. Scratch the drying stucco. When the stucco begins to dry and no longer looks wet, we’ll scratch it with multiple lines to prepare it for the next coat. Similar to any kind of clay work, materials bind more effectively when they have something to grab onto.
  8. Additional coats. We will apply a total of three coats of stucco to the area. Each time we apply a coat, we will smooth it over, scoring all layers except the very last.

Mr. Handyman Is Your Top Choice for Stucco Repair in Frisco, TX!

A Frisco stucco repair service is a labor-intensive process that requires time and skill. The same goes for the extensive replacement process. Skip the lengthy DIY projects and home improvement store lines and get a professional to take care of it for you. Performing repairs yourself may only lead to more headaches, and because it’s a several-step process, it may be weeks before you find the time to complete it! By calling Mr. Handyman of Frisco, you’re choosing a reliable service provider with plenty of experience in stucco repair. What’s more, we will thoroughly inspect the stucco around your home to ensure you do not have excessive moisture lurking behind it.

Looking for ‘stucco repair near me’? We’re a locally owned and operated company with a variety of great services. Add on a few of our handy services to your stucco repair, such as trim installation and mailbox repair, and get them all complete in one go. Our qualified team will always be respectful of your home, time, and family, and because we back our work with a Done Right Promise, you never have to worry about a poorly performed job. We want to give you peace of mind throughout the year, and that’s something choosing a professional can bring. With an average of ten years of experience among our background-checked and drug-tested stucco contractors, whatever job you call us for, you know it will be done right.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frisco Stucco Repair

It’s common for Frisco homeowners to have questions about home repairs, and if you need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced customer service team. To get quick answers about stucco repair now, check out these frequently asked questions.

What is Stucco?

When talking about Frisco stucco repair, it’s important to understand exactly what it is. As a North Texas local, you have certainly seen a fair share of the construction element both inside and outside your home. It has a textured, rigid look that provides support and structure to ceilings and walls. Stucco is made from sand, cement, lime, and water and has a similar texture to cement. The breathable material often chips and cracks, so it’s in constant need of repair. It has its advantages, too, such as being an affordable, flexible building material that goes on wet and dries quickly. Stucco is applied in three coats over the asphalt-infused paper and metal mesh. You can choose an array of colors of stucco for your home to give it your preferred look. Mr. Handyman offers a variety of stucco services for all kinds of stucco.

What is the Most Common Issue With Stucco?

There’s a good chance that if you’re inquiring about Frisco stucco repair, you have a big crack in yours. Cracking is the most common issue homeowners face when it comes to the material. Because it’s made from cement and sand, the material is prone to cracking under the Texan sun. With cracks come additional dangers such as water damage, and instead of just patching up the crack over troubling moisture content, call us in for a professional inspection to ensure no other issues are lingering behind the material.

Should I Repair or Replace My Stucco?

Knowing whether you repair or replace your stucco depends on the amount and type of damage it has sustained. Numerous chips and cracks mean that it probably makes more sense to replace the entirety of your stucco because even if we do perform the necessary repairs, the rest of the material will likely continue to crack. With that said, if there are only one or two areas that need repair, it will be much more affordable to simply address those sections instead of removing all the stucco on your building before redoing it. Want to prevent frequent replacements? Careful attention to detail must be paid. Schedule regular maintenance with our professional team.

How Often Should Stucco Be Redone?

Stucco needs to be redone every five to ten years. The actual amount of time yours should be redone depends on where it is located in or outside your home. The climate in Frisco is dry and hot, which means that locals will experience more cracking than somewhere that is cool. Knowing when to get replacement stucco is important, so be sure to book an inspection with a qualified handyman as part of your stucco service plan. We can recommend ways to elongate the life of your stucco and offer exterior painting services to help protect it from the elements.

Freshen Up Your Home With Frisco Stucco Repair, and Call Mr. Handyman Today!

If you have stucco inside or outside your home, it likely has a crack in it. That’s the nature of this breathable material. And while it’s an excellent choice for local homes, it can be a pain to properly repair. That’s where we come in. Mr. Handyman of Frisco offers quality stucco repair services to fill cracks and replace chips.

We’re currently repairing stucco in and around Frisco, as well as the surrounding areas of Celina and Prosper. With our wide range of home improvement services alongside stucco repair in Frisco, TX, you can also free up your schedules by calling us for gutter cleaning, fence repair, and drywall installation!

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