A handyman using a flat trowel to level out an area of new tiles installed on a backsplash during an appointment for tile repair in Frisco, TX.A handyman using a flat trowel to level out an area of new tiles installed on a backsplash during an appointment for tile repair in Frisco, TX.

There's no denying that tile has some great features—it's beautiful, versatile, long-lasting and durable, which is why it's such a popular material for walls and floors in both residential and commercial buildings alike. But as durable as tile is, it's not completely impervious to damage and will eventually need Frisco tile repair services to recover from the effects of wear and tear over time, or sudden damage.

If your surfaces are in rough shape, count on your local, qualified Frisco handyman to get them looking good as new again. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Frisco have decades of experience between them, so they know exactly how to replace individual pieces or repair surface issues to restore the appearance and function of your home.

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How Our Team Handles Frisco Tile Repair Services

A service professional from Mr. Handyman spreading tile sealer over a tiled shower floor after completing tile repairs.

There are a lot of places throughout a house or commercial building where tile would be an ideal finishing material, and whether your Frisco tile repair issue is on your entryway floor, your kitchen backsplash or another part of your building altogether, you can rely on the experts at Mr. Handyman to get it fixed up efficiently and effectively.

The approach we choose will, naturally, depend on the nature of your issue. When it comes to smaller surface problems like chips or hairline cracks, the best strategy is to fill and conceal damage to restore that piece to an even, unblemished surface. But if a spot of damage is more serious, like deep cracks or even missing chunks, the right Frisco tile repair option is likely going to be to replace your damaged piece altogether.

Here's how we take care of common issues with porcelain and ceramic tile:

Surface Damage

Minor issues on the surface of a piece, such as chips or tight hairline cracks, may not seem like such a huge deal—but they do have a negative impact on the appearance of your home. We can fix that by filling that crack or dent with thinset mortar and blending it into the surface texture of your piece. Once it's dry, we'll paint over it so it perfectly matches the color of the piece and is barely noticeable.

Grout Problems

You can't have tile without grout, but since grout is a cement-based product, it is semi-porous and doesn't have the same levels of durability or longevity that actual pieces of tile have. That means grout will eventually suffer from issues like cracking and crumbling that require it to be replaced, even though your tiles themselves still look just fine. When it comes to tile repair in Frisco, TX, the professionals at Mr. Handyman can resolve this issue without needing to move tiles. We'll remove your damaged grout with a carbide-tipped scoring tool, then simply apply new grout, smooth it, and give it time to fully cure.

Loose or Broken Tiles

If you have a tile that has come loose from its mortar, our Frisco tile repair professionals can simply remove the remnants of your old mortar and re-lay that individual piece back in its spot, then re-grout it. If your piece has deep cracks or is smashed apart, it will need to be replaced with a new piece. That involves the same steps as with a loose tile, but with a matching replacement. One problem with that strategy is that it's often surprisingly difficult to get a perfect match, and if it's not a perfect match, it'll stick out in all the wrong ways. In the event that a matching replacement piece isn't available, the best course of action is to replace the whole installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Repair

How did this damage occur in the first place?

If you saw it happen, you already know exactly what caused your issue. That's generally the case when it comes to impact damage resulting from a heavy item being dropped on a tile floor, or smashing into a delicate wall tile. But much of the time, it's not so clear what could have led to damage.

Homeowners often ask us what we think caused the problem, and sometimes it's a mystery even to our experienced handyman team. However, some common causes of damage our Frisco tile repair experts have encountered are:

  • Building or soil movement
  • Heaving or sinking foundation
  • Incorrectly-installed floor joists
  • Rotting or sagging floor joists
  • Lack of care such as routine cleaning

Is tile repair possible for a cracked piece?

If it's a tiny hairline crack on the surface, then yes. But if we're talking about larger cracks, the best option is to replace the entire piece. It is technically possible to attempt tile repair. Frisco, TX homeowners should be aware, though, that even if it is possible to completely conceal the damage, that will still be a weak point and the damage is likely to worsen over time. It makes more sense to just replace it upfront and save yourself the hassle.

Can Frisco tile repair be completed in one day?

That depends on a couple factors, but particularly the type of repair process. If we only need to use a tiny little smear of tile repair putty to fill in a chip, it will dry rapidly and we can likely get the whole process complete in one visit. But if the grout needs to be replaced or a new piece needs to be laid in mortar, it's going to be a multi-day project to give the grout all the time it needs to dry and cure before we do the finishing steps.

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