The exterior of a house is made up of many parts. From fascia and soffits to gutters and roofing, each one has a specific purpose individually. Together, they make up a protective system to safeguard your home from water damage, higher than necessary utility bills, and pest infestation. As you can imagine, if just one of these elements is damaged, it can compromise the rest, so if you need fascia repair, don’t wait to call a skilled Frisco handyman.

Mr. Handyman of Frisco performs quick and quality repairs for the exterior of your home. During your fascia board repair, our team will inspect the entirety of your home’s exterior to ensure all damage is addressed. This includes all interconnecting parts. That’s the level of service you’ll get when calling our qualified team. We aim to fortify your home and get it into the condition you’ve always wanted it to be. Read on to discover more about our fascia repair services, or call our friendly customer care team to book.

About Our Frisco Fascia Repair Services

Before we dive into our fascia repair services, let’s take a minute to talk about the support element. Serving a functional role as the support system for your roof shingles, fascia trim also holds your gutters in place, acts as a design element, and stops pests from making your home their home. What exactly can go wrong with your fascia? While the feature is usually just a single straight plank, it can become damaged from exposure to moisture, extreme weather, pests, and wood rot (if made from wood).

A few chips or cracks in your fascia mean that your gutters may not be secured in place, and your roof shingles are no longer structurally sound. Wood rot could spread from one area to another, taking over your wooden siding, deck, and window panes if you’re not careful. In addition, the air circulation could be compromised inside your home. One quick call to your local Frisco handyman can stop these disasters from happening, but you need to act at first sight of damage. We’re big believers in the fact that preventative maintenance can nix the need for costly repairs in the future, and even if you’re not entirely sure if your fascia is damaged, we recommend calling for a professional inspection.

During your Frisco fascia repair service, we won’t keep the inspection limited to the condition of your fascia board. Because this support feature directly affects your gutters, roof, and sometimes siding, we need to ensure that your damaged board has not affected these elements.

Types Of Fascia We Repair

In Frisco, many homes have wooden fascia boards, but we also see composite, PVC, vinyl, and more. The type of material you have chosen for your home comes with its own list of advantages and quite possibly drawbacks, some of which will require more frequent fascia repair than others. Some materials are also easier to fix, while others require complete replacements. See the list below for more information on the types of fascia our expert team can repair:

  • Wood: Your wooden fascia board may be made from spruce, pine, or fir, but sometimes it’s made from cedar. Regardless of the type of wood, these boards don’t take on much moisture and, when sealed, should not take on any. With that said, proper sealing is required for total protection, and if you have gone too long between sealant appointments, your wood is susceptible to rot and pests. During your fascia repair appointment, we may need to remove any rot before filling it, sealing, and painting the pieces of wood. Other forms of wooden board repair include filling cracks and holes or replacing entire planks completely.
  • PVC: Unlike wood, PVC will never rot. It’s made from a type of plastic that makes it waterproof and resistant to rot and pests. You’ll have many color options to choose from when installing your PVC fascia, which brings us to its main disadvantage: color fading. Color fading is also a sign that your PVC board has sustained UV damage which will eventually weaken it or cause it to crack. It can be more difficult to repair small sections of PVC, so a plank replacement is often needed. Some cracks can be filled with putty to avoid more costly replacements.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is also made from plastic and is designed to hold up well against temperature fluctuations. That makes it a great choice for Frisco homes. Color fading, UV damage, cracks, and dents are common for this type of material which is repaired the same way PVC is.
  • Aluminum: You won’t see aluminum fascia as much in Frisco, but it is an option. If you happen to have this high-quality material, you won’t have to worry about pest infestation, rot, or cracks. The main issue aluminum fascia encounters are dents. Whether from a rogue tree branch or winter storm, any object hurled at a moderately strong force will cause this material to dent and warp, possibly damaging your gutters in the process. A replacement is usually necessary.
  • Fiber Cement: One of the easiest to maintain materials for fascia, fiber cement won’t rot or warp. It can, however, crack with temperature highs and lows. Cracks can be patched easily before being sealed and painted to protect the material from additional damage.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Frisco Fascia Repair?

When it comes to fascia repair, you don’t want an inexperienced handyman performing the job. Why? Because detecting fascia board damage is one of the most important parts of a proper repair. Resolving all obvious signs of damage is great, but what about those that are more difficult to spot? What if your gutters are also damaged, and a few roof shingles have slipped? Wouldn’t you want a company that can take care of a wide range of home repair services and not just one?

That’s a lot of questions, we know, but because we’ve been in the home improvement industry for over 25 years, we also know that questions like these are necessary. We’ve encountered numerous poor repairs made by improper installation and DIY fixes, and that’s precisely why we recommend getting professional fascia repair from our qualified team.

With an average of 10 years of experience, our certified and licensed contractors know their way around a comprehensive list of improvement projects to get your home in excellent condition. We even back our quality workmanship with a Done Right Promise to give all homeowners peace of mind. Call us to schedule your Frisco fascia repair or ask about deck repair, porch repair, soffit repair, or trim installation.

Frisco Fascia Repair FAQs

You’ve just witnessed firsthand how many questions can occur on the topic of fascia repair, and undoubtedly, you have a few of your own. That’s why we’ve put together these answers to frequently asked questions to help you better understand the basics of what we offer. Have a question not answered here? Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team at any time.

What Are The Most Common Signs I Need Frisco Fascia Repair?

Sometimes the need for fascia repair can creep up on you. One day your home is protected from water, wind, and pests, and the next, it’s a refuge where pests take shelter! Be on the lookout for these other common signs you need fascia repair:

  • Moisture damage
  • Rotted wood fascia boards
  • Cracks
  • Animal damage
  • Warping or bowing
  • Holes

If you see any of these signs, call a professional fascia repair specialist right away. Mr. Handyman of Frisco is ready to take your call.

Should I Get Fascia Repair or Replacement?

Whether you get a fascia board repair or replacement depends on the condition of the material. A professional repair will fix small issues in damaged fascia boards, such as isolated areas of wood rot, cracks, chips, and dents. Fascia replacement will be necessary if your fascia board has widespread rot or numerous cracks, chips, and dents. There is no set age at which fascia should be replaced, but a professional will need to evaluate the condition of the boards to determine whether they should be swapped with new ones.

What is the Difference Between Soffit & Fascia?

It’s common to mistake fascia as soffit and vice versa. The truth is that even though these two features are similar, they have different purposes. Fascia lines the perimeter of your roof. It supports your roof shingles and secures your gutters. The soffit is found on the underside of your fascia and protects the roof rafters from wet and windy weather and provides attic ventilation. Your home’s exterior wouldn’t be complete without either.

What is a Drip Edge?

A drip edge is a type of plaster or metal flashing that protects your fascia board from water intrusion. It’s installed over the board on the roof edge, designed for stormwater to drip straight into the rain gutters.

Frisco Fascia Repair Near Me: Quality Service Is Just One Call Away!

Choosing a locally owned and operated team means getting a company that cares for the community—this includes you and your home. With interest in building Frisco up and keeping it beautiful, we know that fascia repair is just one of the many ways we can help homeowners like you take pride in where they live.

Mr. Handyman of Frisco is the qualified repairman you can trust for quality workmanship, professional contractors, and efficient service. Call us to book your Frisco fascia repair today or ask about our many other home improvement services, such as wood rot repair, fence installation, or finish carpentry!

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