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Exterior trim isn't just about decoration or keeping up appearances. It helps protect your entire house or commercial property from moisture intrusion and causing severe water damage. It's a common issue homeowners face when water gets into the house and what an expensive pain water damage can be, and having rotten trim is one of them. Frisco exterior trim repairs must be a priority for every homeowner and business owner.

The goal of repairing exterior trim is not only for it to look good, but it must also function well to protect your property. Your Frisco Handyman at Mr. Handyman of Frisco can help keep your home looking beautiful and practical! Contact us today when searching for exterior trim repair near me! Call to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians.

Frisco Exterior Trim Repair: What is it & Why it's Needed

Exterior trim repairs can fix any material installed outside a home or building. The trim outside your house includes everything that frames your windows or doors, including window sills and other parts that embellish or make your place look good. Each house style has different types of exterior trim; some have more elaborate or embellished decorations, while others stick with simple yet elegant frames. Trimming can also include trim boards, fascia boards, soffits, or any place exposed to moisture and where joints are covered with different materials, especially around corners. Fascia covers the part of your roof overhang, usually where your gutters are attached, and soffits are ventilated boards under your roof eaves. Regardless of the kind of exterior trim, it protects your house from all seasons and weather while also giving your home excellent curb appeal.

Frisco exterior trim repair can happen on any of the following types:

  • Window frames and sills
  • Door frames and jambs
  • Fascia boards
  • Soffits
  • Window shutters
  • Rake boards
  • Corbels
  • Drip caps
  • Frieze boards

Why You Need Frisco Exterior Repairs

Your property takes a beating from the weather in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and house trim repairs are often one of those household to-do list items that get forgotten. The most common issue with damaged trim is water damage, but there are other reasons why you need to repair exterior trim:

Sunlight: prolonged exposure to the sun and drastic weather changes can wear down your trim, especially in those hot Texas summers. Check the trim outside your home on the side of the property that gets the most sunlight more often.

Pests: insects, birds, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying critters can damage your frames, especially wood trim. Watch out for these pests and call a team of professionals if you notice unusual activity outside your property.

Water: Like with sunlight, too much water or moisture buildup can soak into your trim and cause wood rot or a decayed frame. It can also cause metal trim to corrode or rust. Texas is known for hot and humid summers, so water buildup is a common occurrence, so keeping a close eye on your outdoor wood trim repairs is vital.

Installation: If improperly installed, trim will not seal or protect your property as it should, so service professionals should always be consulted to check any Frisco exterior trim repairs and installations.

Not only can Frisco exterior trim repairs protect your home in the long run, but they can also be more cost-effective! Home trim repairs save homeowners money by decreasing utility bills and increasing the resale value of their house. Utility bills increase when your house becomes drafty, and if your trim gets damaged, it could be letting in outside air that makes your HVAC system work harder and more often. Trim seals all those entry points so your utility bills stay low. The resale value of your house is essential, even if you aren't looking to sell because it affects your property value overall. Outdoor trim is noticed almost immediately by anyone walking or driving by your house and can give a person a positive or negative view of your house.

Frisco exterior trim repairs are also cheaper than replacement or whole installation. Delaying any needed repairs or keeping regular maintenance for your property's upkeep could cost you dearly. By keeping up with repairs, you avoid the costly replacement fees and the bigger headaches of replacing and repainting all trim around your property.

Warning Signs

While inspecting your property, call service professionals if you notice any of the following warning signs that you need Frisco exterior trim repair:

Rotted Wood or Rotten Trim: Wood rot is one of the more common issues of outdoor wood trim repair, primarily if certain types of wood are used or improperly installed. Solid wood can decay and rot from prolonged exposure to moisture and water because it soaks it in, making it susceptible to softening or fungi. An outdoor wood trim repair usually consists of repairing or replacing a piece of wood from the trim so the wood rot doesn't spread throughout the exterior. Epoxy filler can also help seal and fix minor rotten spots to prevent further spread.

Paint Issues: If you notice peeling paint or wood stains or putting coats of paint on your trim more often, there may be a more significant problem. This points to water damage and trapped moisture underneath, expanding and contracting with varying climates.

Moisture Inside: If you wind a buildup of water inside your home, like on your window sills or frames, this could point to severe problems of water getting inside through your trim. Your windows should be sealed to keep moisture out, but if you notice it is pooling inside, then it can cause damage to your interior trim and also cause mold to grow.

Clogged Gutters: Your gutters can also damage your exterior trim if they frequently get clogged and overflow, pouring large amounts of water onto parts of your home that are more susceptible to moisture damage.

Bad Siding: Sometimes, lousy siding, damaged siding, or poor installation can indicate that you need house trim repairs. If your siding is suffering, it's likely your trim is as well.

Addressing your Frisco exterior trim repair needs as soon as possible is vital to maintain your home's integrity and avoid high-cost estimates from service professionals in the future. This is especially important when dealing with wood rot or pest infestations because those two things can cause serious damage to your interior and exterior windows. Call on a team of professionals, like Mr. Handyman, to ensure your property is safe and protected with up-to-date trim.

Mr. Handyman Delivers on All Frisco Exterior Trim Repairs and More!

My. Handyman of Frisco gets the job done right every time! Our Done Right Promise® is that a job is only done when done right - that's a promise. We offer flexible schedules to suit your busy lifestyle rather than ours, upfront, flat-rate pricing so there are no surprise costs at the end of a service, and 24/7 emergency services to help when needed. We are the best because we hire the best. Our experienced and certified experts have years of experience and are insured to give you peace of mind. From finish carpentry to bathroom remodeling projects to painting projects, our expert handyman services are provided by top-rated local pros, backed by customer reviews and excellent service.

FAQs About Frisco Exterior Trim Repair

When Do I Need a Replacement?

We recommend getting a complete trim replacement rather than repair when the current trim repairs are too extensive or exceed the repair cost estimates. Other factors that may influence this decision are the age of the trim, the deterioration, if any warranties are active, and the difficulty of the exterior trim repairs. Consult with your Frisco handyman to help you determine which option your property needs.

What is Exterior Trim Made of?

A wide range of exterior trim materials is available on the market, including wood, aluminum, fiber cement, PVC or vinyl, and composite trim. Each material has benefits and maintenance needs; knowing the materials and which would best suit your property is important. This choice determines how each Frisco exterior trim repair is handled and determines the cost, aesthetics, and durability of the outside of your property.

What Color Should Exterior Trim Be?

Your house trim can be either darker or lighter than the color of your siding. You can paint trim any color you desire. You can go boldly and choose drastically different colored trim for your siding, or you can go more classic. We recommend going either a few shades lighter or darker than your siding. You can also look at a color wheel, some interior design color schemes, or other exterior painting projects that match the outside of your home and choose a color that fits that color palette. Sometimes selecting the color palette for the exterior of your house is a stressful paint job because it's the first thing anyone sees of your home. Hire professional exterior painters for exterior painting services and interior painting pros to help you decide on colors and make your job easier.

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