From the right countertop and cabinet layout to the classic subway tile backsplash, a lot goes into a kitchen remodeling project to get you the beautiful dream kitchen you've always wanted. The kitchen is the heart of a home, so it must be appealing, comfortable and perfectly suited to the unique needs of your household. If your current kitchen is falling a bit short of those lofty ideals, it's time to start thinking about kitchen remodeling in McKinney, TX.

A kitchen remodel can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge at first, especially if you're not sure where to turn to find a qualified McKinney handyman who is capable of getting the entire project finished correctly, on time, and to the highest standards of quality workmanship. There's an easy, one-call solution at your fingertips—just reach out to the experienced team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County. We're proud to serve the people of McKinney and nearby areas, such as Allen, Anna and Celina, with expert handyman services and genuine customer service.

Our Experienced McKinney Kitchen Remodel Services

You may be a gourmet home cook who enjoys nothing more than spending the day whipping up innovative culinary delights one after the other, or you may stick to a few tried-and-true dishes that your whole family loves. However, you choose to use your kitchen; you need it to be a welcoming space that is also highly functional and meets the needs of your household. That may feel out of reach right now if your kitchen is old, outdated and just not suited to your current tastes, but it's entirely possible with the help of a trustworthy McKinney handyman team.

Remodeling a kitchen is a complex project that involves a wide range of different contractor specializations, such as tile work, carpentry, cabinetry and more. Hiring and managing separate contractors to get all the work done on time and in the right order is a daunting prospect, but you don't have to deal with that stress. You can simply call Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County to reach a team of multi-skilled handyman professionals who can take care of the entire process for your McKinney kitchen remodel from start to finish.

Leave it all to our reliable handyman team—we'll take care of every step and coordinate each task to make sure it is completed on time and in the correct order to ensure optimal results in the end. That includes pulling permits, removing old surface materials, tile installation and much more. Here are some of the many services we offer for kitchen remodeling in McKinney, TX:

  • Drywall repair or installation
  • Window repair
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Interior trim and wall painting
  • Backsplash and floor tile installation
  • Trim installation or repair, including crown molding and cabinet top molding
  • Cabinet installation
  • Cabinet refacing
  • Kitchen island construction
  • Countertop installation
  • Accessibility modifications such as lowered countertops
  • Installing final touches like pot racks and towel hooks

Call Mr. Handyman for a Beautiful Kitchen Remodel, McKinney Homeowners

Are you searching high and low for a reliable handyman near me to deliver kitchen remodeling in McKinney, TX? Look no further than the experienced service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County. We have completed many kitchen remodel projects in McKinney and nearby areas, so we know exactly what needs to happen to get your remodel taken care of on schedule every step of the way, with outstanding results that meet or exceed your expectations.

Of course, we do much more than just kitchen remodeling! Local homeowners and business owners alike can rely on us for a wide range of handyman services, including bathroom remodeling, deck repair, fence repair, gutter cleaning and plenty more. We care about a wonderful customer experience when we provide our excellent services. Whether you need repair or kitchen remodeling experts, our service professionals will guide you through any complex process with ease.

FAQs: Kitchen Remodel, McKinney and Area

Do I Need a Permit for Kitchen Remodeling in McKinney, TX?

Like anywhere else, McKinney and Texas have sets of building codes and regulations that you must follow during a construction or remodeling service. That said, you are not likely to need a permit for a kitchen remodel. McKinney does not require a permit for surface work such as cabinet installation, wallpaper installation, tiling, countertops and so on, but a permit is necessary for any structural changes such as removing a load-bearing wall or adding on to a building. That being said, homeowners don't need to concern themselves about permits when our kitchen remodelers are on the job. Our handyman professionals have decades of combined experience working in this part of Texas, so we are very familiar with the permit requirements in this area and experienced with obtaining them. We'll take care of all the permit paperwork and make sure we've got them pulled before we begin work so you can focus on your McKinney kitchen remodel plans.

How Do I Plan a Budget for a Kitchen Remodel in McKinney?

It makes sense that one of the biggest steps you have to take care of when planning a McKinney kitchen remodel is to figure out a budget for the remodel project so you know how much you want to spend and can plan accordingly to get your ideal kitchen remodel without putting undue strain on your household finances. If you've never budgeted for a kitchen remodeling project, this step may feel daunting at first. 

Here are a few tips that can make the budget planning go a bit smoother: 

  • Plan for Surprise Costs: It's not that unusual for a kitchen remodel, or any other type of home remodel, to go over budget because unexpected expenses arise. For example, your handyman could discover water damage along the bottom of all your drywall panels that necessitates their replacement. By including a little extra in your budget—around 20 to 30% more than you expect to spend, you can cope with surprise costs and prevent your entire budget from going off the rails.  
  • Check for Deals: Want to keep your budget as streamlined as possible? When you need to cut costs, the first place you should look for possible deals is when shopping for materials such as countertops or tile. It can really pay off to take a little time to search around in stores or online because you never know what you might find discounted, on clearance, or just for a really good price.
  • Consider Less Expensive Alternative Options: If you don't find the deal you were hoping for on the beautiful marble countertops you wanted or some other type of luxury materials, don't let yourself get too discouraged. There are usually less costly options that have a similar function and appearance to what you originally wanted. Options such as quartz or granite, for example, don't offer the same luxury as marble, but they're still attractive while also being easy to maintain and long-lasting.

How Can I Add More Storage Space to My Kitchen?

A huge amount of kitchen space is taken up by kitchen cabinets and other storage facilities, which makes a lot of sense. From pots, pans, and utensils to kitchen gadgets and, of course, all that food, there is so much that has to be kept in the kitchen, so it is available at your fingertips while you're cooking. Your kitchen design may prevent you from being able to add additional storage space during your kitchen remodeling project, but it's important to at least avoid reducing the amount of storage you have available in that room. 

Here are a few ideas for ways to add storage and streamline its use:

  • It may make sense to add a pantry to keep all your dry goods in one place. A walk-in pantry is nice, but it's not necessary to go that far if you don't have the space—it could be as simple as a refrigerator-sized cabinet, ideally located near or right beside the fridge.
  • Hang a pot rack above the kitchen island or stovetop for pots and pans.
  • No room for a kitchen island? Consider utilizing a portable island rolling cart or portable island that can be moved out of the way when it's not being used, and you need the space for other purposes.
  • If you have a corner cabinet that is difficult to access, having your handyman install cabinet turntables can make all the difference toward transforming it into a conveniently usable storage space.
  • Use large drawers or lower cabinets for smaller appliances that you don't use on a daily basis and want to keep off the countertop, like a blender or crockpot. 

Should My Cabinets Be Replaced or Just Refaced?

Suppose you like the layout and configuration of your current cabinetry, but the style is outdated, and doors and drawer fronts look beat up after years of wear and tear damage. In that case, it may not be necessary to do a complete replacement. Cabinet refacing, also called cabinet redooring, can transform an entire room, giving it a modern, fresh appearance. Refacing is possible as long as the cabinet boxes are still sturdy and in decently good condition. It involves replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts only, leaving the original cabinet boxes in place. If you're looking for an entirely new style that gives your whole kitchen a fresh appearance, refacing is a great option.

Refinishing is an alternative option that involves sanding down cabinet doors and drawer fronts to remove scratches and dirt and applying fresh coats of wood stain or paint. While this doesn't really change the style of the cabinets, it can have a surprisingly outsized impact on refreshing the appearance of the room. Even relatively small changes, like just swapping out the cabinet hardware, can actually make a big visual difference for the overall room.

Can a McKinney Kitchen Remodel Improve Property Value?

If you consider putting your house up for sale on the McKinney real estate market within the next few years, you've probably spent plenty of time thinking about ways to improve your selling price and impress prospective home buyers so you can get the sale done and avoid a long, drawn-out period of time on the market. If that's the case, a kitchen remodeling project should be at the top of your priority list. Most prospective buyers are interested in the condition of the kitchen first and foremost, so it really has the potential to make or break a deal.

That makes a lot of sense because kitchens are the rooms with the most built-in components. If buyers stroll in and see a modern, attractive kitchen that has been remodeled recently, your property will score a lot of points on their personal scale of the houses they've seen, because it gives them the peace of mind that comes with knowing the house is move-in ready and they won't have to handle a renovation shortly after they move into their new home.  

When the main goal of kitchen remodeling is to ready the property for sale and get a good return on investment, real estate professionals will generally advise you to stick with neutral design features and colors that will allow potential home buyers to imagine themselves living there, regardless of what their own personal style is like. If you're not sure how to go about that, neutral tile and clean, streamlined cabinet designs are good places to start. Avoid unusual design elements and dark or bright colors. If that feels too bland for your tastes, remember you can spice it up with brightly-colored accessories and textiles. 

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