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Pottsboro is one of the friendly little rural towns that so perfectly characterizes the charm and appeal of North Texas. It's a quiet, calm kind of place where neighbors wave hello to each other under a big blue sky. Pottsboro residents enjoy access to nearby Lake Texoma, as well as the amenities in Sherman and Denison—not to mention expert Pottsboro handyman services. But most would agree that Pottsboro's biggest asset is the people who call it home. They tend to take a lot of pride in their town and their individual properties, and like to keep them in excellent condition.

The problem is, maintaining a residential or commercial property in Pottsboro is not always an easy task—especially if you don't have the tools and expertise of a professional handyman, or even simply the free time to handle nagging repairs, neglected maintenance tasks, and desperately-needed improvements. But hiring multiple independent contractors in a bid to get everything on your to-do list taken care of is almost as much of a hassle as doing it yourself. There’s a better solution for that growing to-do list: professional Pottsboro handyman services.

It's much better to have a convenient, one-call solution to reach a skilled Pottsboro handyman team that can get every task crossed off your list quickly and efficiently. That is exactly what you get when you call Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County. Our service professionals have decades of experience in repair and improvement work for both residential and commercial buildings. We are proud to serve the homeowners of Pottsboro with top-quality workmanship and dedicated attention to service.

As a locally owned and operated handyman business, we strive to always deliver the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer service to the people of Pottsboro and neighboring towns such as Sherman, Denison, and Howe. Whether you need a few minor repairs, a major remodeling project or anything in between, you can count on the best from our experienced Pottsboro handyman service professionals. All our employees are carefully screened by a criminal background check program. They also have all applicable state-level licenses and are trusted members of our team, so we're confident you'll be satisfied with their courteous, professional service.

Our expert handyman services aren't just for residences. If you are a business owner in Pottsboro with a commercial property that could use some repairs or upkeep, speak with our knowledgeable customer service staff about what we can do to get your business property back in excellent shape with long-lasting repair and maintenance solutions. From corporate businesses and manufacturing plants to small, independent shops and restaurants, our comprehensive commercial Pottsboro handyman services cover it all.

Are you interested in knowing more about our Pottsboro handyman services, or do you have questions about a home improvement or repair project that has been on your mind? We can help! Give us a call to get all your questions answered quickly and easily, or keep reading to find more info on a few of our popular services.


First impressions are important, and your front door is the first point of contact for anyone visiting your home. It should look good and enhance your curb appeal, but it also needs to be secure and durable to protect your home against everything from harsh weather to wildlife damage. If your exterior doors are in rough shape, it's time to consider fixing or replacing them with help from a Pottsboro handyman.

A deteriorated door can cause quite a bit of energy loss by letting warm or cool air from your HVAC system escape outdoors, which means your HVAC has to run longer and cost you more on your energy bill. It also can't adequately protect your home, and moisture or insect damage can rapidly spread to other parts of your house.

Here are some of the signs that indicate your exterior doors need to be repaired or replaced:

  • Squeaky hinges
  • Loose, wobbly hinges
  • Holes or rips in your screen door or storm door
  • Rotten wood on the door jamb, threshold or door itself
  • Cold drafts coming in around the door frame or under the door
  • Visible light around the edges of the door
  • Insect damage that looks like a maze of channels or holes in the door
  • Door feels lighter than it used to
  • Difficult opening or closing your door
  • Lock is difficult to operate or misaligned with the door jamb
  • Door features a window that is foggy because of condensation trapped between the panes
  • Damage from vandalism or forced entry

If you notice any of these problems on your property, your local Pottsboro handyman can restore your home to a safe, secure, appealing condition. Our expert door repair or replacement services include:

  • Storm damage repair
  • Threshold repair
  • Fixing external water leaks
  • Wood rot repair
  • Exterior door installation and replacement
  • Screen door repair
  • Fixing broken locks


You spend a lot of time surrounded by drywall, but rarely think of it. That's to be expected—after all, it's not the most exciting building material and was pretty much designed to fade into the background. But when your wall or ceiling suffers damage such as an ugly hole, cracks or moisture issues, suddenly everyone is noticing the problem area.

Drywall damage is not just a problem because of the unappealing appearance, though. It can actually make your home less comfortable and livable, not to mention cost you an arm and a leg on your energy bills. That’s why it’s important to call a handyman as soon as you see any damage. Want to know more? Check out our pro tips for repairing drywall.

But how did your drywall get damaged in the first place? Sometimes you know exactly what happened because you saw it happen with your own eyes—or the guilty party 'fessed up after the fact. But other times, it's not as obvious where the problem originated. Here are some of the potential causes of drywall damage that our drywall repairmen see frequently:

  • Nail and screw holes
  • Holes caused by door knobs
  • Water damage from a leaking roof or hidden plumbing leak
  • Scratching or chewing damage from pets
  • Holes that are either created or expanded by rodents or insects
  • Moisture inside the wall that seeped in through deteriorated window or door frames
  • Exposure to excess moisture from condensation in a poorly ventilated bathroom
  • A building settling over time and causing cracks, popping screws or loose joint tape

Whatever is happening with your walls or ceiling, our handyman professionals will get it fixed up. Our expert drywall services involve taking care of every step of the process, including:

  • Prepping the area and putting down sheeting to contain the mess
  • Removing the damaged portion of drywall
  • Applying a patch or support piece
  • Installing a new piece of Sheetrock
  • Taping the corners and joints
  • Applying drywall compound over the seams
  • Sanding dried compound to a smooth, even finish
  • Touching up the repair with paint so it's completely invisible
  • Cleaning up after ourselves

We can even rehang your framed photos and curtains for the final touches, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy your new, undamaged wall or ceiling.


Are you planning on aging in place in your familiar Pottsboro home, or welcoming a loved one with a disability into your home? If you're worried that your current house can't accommodate someone with reduced mobility, don't consider moving just yet—chances are our Pottsboro handyman service professionals can take care of some aging-in-place modifications that will make your home safer and more comfortable to move around in.

According to a recent AARP survey of respondents aged 55 or older, 88% consider it extremely important to have access to services that will allow them to age in place in their homes. Some of the accessibility modifications our Pottsboro handyman team can make to your house are:

  • Widening doorways
  • Installing wheelchair ramps and threshold ramps
  • Grab bar, guardrail, and handrail installation
  • Increasing visibility in critical areas such as staircases
  • Lowering countertops, desks, and tables
  • Installing barrier-free shower bases and shower benches
  • Upgrading door handles, cabinet handles, and drawer pulls
  • Upgrading flooring to a smooth surface that reduces the risk of tripping


Have you ever had to hang laundry out on a clothesline to dry? If you have, you probably fully appreciate your automatic clothes dryer for the time-saving convenience it is. But few homeowners realize that their dryer can't continue to operate safely and efficiently without routine dryer vent cleaning from a knowledgeable handyman.

Your dryer is supposed to use its vent hose or pipe to get rid of excess heat and moisture from your drying clothes, while lint and other debris such as dryer sheets get caught up in the lint trap. But over time, the lint builds up inside the dryer vent, coating the interior walls and partially—or completely—blocking airflow out of the machine. That makes it a lot more difficult for the clothes to get dry, so the dryer has to operate longer and use a lot more energy. The increase in energy use is reflected on your monthly utility bill and you end up paying more than necessary for electricity or gas.

But there's another problem that is far more serious than losing money on energy costs. The overworked dryer can produce an electrical spark that sets the highly flammable lint on fire, sending flames racing through the walls of your home. This sadly happens more frequently than many people suspect. In fact, about 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported every year in the U.S., resulting in five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. Many of those fires could have been prevented with professional services from an experienced handyman. You can also reduce the risk of house fires by always cleaning out your lint trap after every load of laundry.

Not sure if your dryer is due (or long overdue) for vent cleaning? Here are some warning signs to be aware of:

  • You need to run the dryer more than once for a single load of laundry
  • It takes more than about 30 to 45 minutes to dry clothes
  • Fabric has a musty smell or is very hot when it comes out of the dryer
  • You notice visible lint collected around the dryer vent opening outside
  • It's been more than a year since it was last cleaned

Some households only use their dryer once per week, while others have it running multiple times per day, so it's difficult to say exactly how long you can go between cleanings. However, the basic rule of thumb for a single-family house is once per year. Multi-family buildings with shared laundry facilities or large families that produce a lot of laundry may need service as often as every six months.


Have you ever noticed that as soon as you cross one thing off your to-do list, two more pop up to take its place? Most homeowners have a running list in their head of general repairs and maintenance tasks that need to be taken care of around the house. Our multi-skilled Pottsboro handyman team can go through your list and get everything crossed off efficiently and correctly.

OurPottsboro handyman services include:

  • Power washing
  • Wood rot repair
  • Interior and exterior trim repair, installation, and refinishing
  • Caulking
  • Weatherproofing
  • Gutter cleaning and gutter repair
  • Furniture assembly
  • Ceiling repair
  • TV wall mounting
  • Fence installation and repair
  • Soffit and fascia board repair
  • Shelving installation
  • Handrail and stair installation
  • Baby proofing measures

This list is far from exhaustive, so if you have something else in mind, let us know! We have the experience and expertise to take care of your entire property, from the front porch to the backyard deck.

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