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Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Aging in Place is the ability to comfortably and safely live in one’s home. We do this by either adding or changing amenities within your home to make your home safer and easier to maneuver around. As we age, we tend to become less mobile or agile. In some cases, we start losing our hearing, eyesight or depth perception. In each of these incidents these challenges can make functioning in our homes safely more difficult.

person at front of room with people in chairs

Aging in Place Adaptations

Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia – Arlington to Haymarket breaks Aging in Place into four categories in which we focus. These categories are Stability, Accessibility, Visibility, and Safety.


Stability describes improvements that focus on having conveniences in place that concentrate on ensuring balance. Some of the most common items that assist with improving balance or stability are grab bars, handrails, shower seats, and comfort height toilets. Adding a second hand rail on a staircase can make a difference for someone who is experiencing weakness on one side of their body.

Tile shower with seat

Staircase with carpet and handrails


Accessibility describes improvements that focus on providing improved ability to access items around the home including cabinets, drawers, doors, tubs, and steps. Adding drawer pulls or door levers in place of knobs can improve the ability to open doors. Installing pull out shelving can improve the accessibility of items located in the back of the cabinets. Installing a handheld shower faucet is another way of making things easier to reach. Ramps and stair lifts can be added to avoid having to climb stairs. Sometimes simply reversing the swing of an existing door can improve accessibility into a room.

Wood cabinets

white exterior door with black handle


Visibility describes improvements made that focus on improving the ability to see. These items can include adding task lighting in kitchens, bathrooms and stairways. An easy way to assist someone that may be having a challenge with depth perception is to change the color of the risers on the stairs. Also, by changing the color of the toilet seat can allow easier detection. Contrasting colors between floors and walls is another way to improve visibility for someone who may be experiencing diminished depth perception.

Wood and white staircase

Stone counter top seating area with lights


Safety describes improvements within the home that focus on ensuring the general safety of a homeowner or their guests. This can include removing throw rugs to avoid a tripping hazard or installing nonskid flooring on the garage floor, walkways or decks. Other safety improvements can include adding security lighting or motion sensing lights. Raising electrical outlets up or lowering light switches can potentially prevent falls. Replacing existing smoke alarms with ones that include strobe lighting and installing anti-scalding valves to faucets are additional features that can protect an occupant.

black white and blue garage floor

smoke alarm

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    - Mike S.

  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
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  • 5 out of 5 Star Rating
    “"The Best"”

    - Joe Saitta

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