It doesn't matter if they're on the outside or inside of your house—doors are incredibly important for the security, comfort, energy efficiency, and privacy of your home and household. Because they are moving parts that are used frequently, it stands to reason that some components of your entryways will eventually suffer sudden damage or slow deterioration and need door repair. Northern Virginia homeowners and commercial property owners can trust their local Northern Virginia handyman for reliable workmanship and the best possible customer service. The team of repair, maintenance, improvement, and installation professionals at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket is ready and willing to help restore your property to its ideal condition.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

A red and white door on the exterior of homes that have received professional services for door repair in Northern Virginia.

Our Trusted Northern Virginia Door Repair Service

Doors come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and are used for a variety of different purposes. One thing that you get with most doors is that they eventually need door repair or a replacement door. When it comes to door repair, Northern Virginia professionals on our team are often called to handle tasks such as adjusting the door, repairing damaged trim, threshold repair, lock repair, or jamb repair.

Door Repair In Northern Virginia

Door repair is necessary for a variety of reasons, and in most cases, an entryway does not need to be replaced. Everything from a jamb or threshold to interior and exterior trim can be repaired. Here are some pictures of a project we completed for clients in Woodbridge, VA in which the jamb and storm entry were damaged, and neither entry could close properly.

We restored the jamb and fixed an opening mechanism on their storm entry door in a single appointment, saving our client's valuable time and money.

In the photos below, it's clear that this interior entry in an Arlington, VA home has fallen out of alignment, making it impossible to close fully and preventing the household from getting the privacy and sound separation they needed. Our door repair expert technicians made a few simple adjustments to the hinges, and now it opens and closes perfectly.

The trim around an exterior door, specifically near the bottom, is often the first to rot. In these cases, all the trim is replaceable, or simply the section of wood that has rotted can be removed and replaced. Here is an example of a rot-related door repair on a house in Nokesville, VA where the lower part of the jamb was softened by wood rot. Our handyman service team removed the damaged timber and replaced it with a rot-resistant composite material, then re-hung the slab on its hinges.

Wood rot is capable of spreading to new parts of your house, so it's important to stop it in its tracks with the right door repair. Northern Virginia clients called our experienced technicians to fix a rot-infested jamb at their home in Alexandria, VA, as shown below.

The photos below show an early warning sign of wood rot that many people wouldn't recognize as such. That paint hasn't been scuffed away by an impact but rather is loosening and starting to peel off because the wood underneath is absorbing water and swelling, putting pressure on the paint from underneath. We removed peeling paint and applied epoxy wood filler, then sanded and repainted to make their door repair completely invisible and prevent the rot from causing more serious damage.

The bottom of a rotted door frame before and after it has been repaired by Mr. Handyman.

For our commercial clients, door repair typically includes replacing entryway closers. Here is an example of door repair that involved replacing a closer for a client in Arlington, VA.

The images below illustrate how we assisted a client who needed classroom entries modified to include security windows in Manassas, VA.

In this case, it wasn't necessary for the client to deal with the cost of purchasing brand-new units for all their classrooms because we were able to install security windows in their existing slabs and save them some money.

Door Replacement

Door replacement is necessary when an entry is damaged beyond what can reasonably be solved with door repair or when the client is looking to upgrade their existing entryway. Here is the work our Northern Virginia handyman team completed to replace a basement entryway in Manassas, VA.

A basement doorway before, during and after a new door slab has been installed by Mr. Handyman.

If the new entry is not the same size as the existing one, modifications will be performed to its opening to adjust to the size of a new entry slab. Openings can be increased or decreased depending on the requirements or client preferences

Of course, commercial clients also need door repair and replacement services for their business properties. In the photos below, this client's back entryway was blocked up with a sheet of plywood which, needless to say, isn't adequately secure against intruders or able to prevent heat transfer. We replaced it with a new entryway that made the building more secure and was a lot more convenient for our client's employees.

Our dependable Northern Virginia handyman team is also capable of replacing your shed doors like we did for this client. In this case, the client wanted to paint the door herself once we finished, so we took care of the replacement work and left it ready for her to take over. Painting is an important step because it gives wood some protection from moisture incursion.

A wooden shed before, during and after installation has been completed for a new shed door.

The lock is another part of entryways that can be replaced. Locks are normally replaced when a home is purchased and ownership changes, the lock is damaged beyond repair, or the client wants to upgrade the lock to a newer or more secure style.

Door Installation

It’s possible to install doors in a variety of places. For instance, you can install shower doors to replace a shower rod and shower curtain. Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket is a certified installer for DreamLine Shower Doors. Here are some shower doors our team installed for our clients in the Northern Virginia area.

A tiled shower before and after a new glass shower enclosure and shower door have been installed by Mr. Handyman.

There are styles available to fit any size or shape of shower enclosure, so there's no need to have the unpleasant experience of getting tangled up in a dirty sheet of plastic or accidentally flooding the bathroom because the curtain wasn't positioned correctly.

A tiled half-shower before and after a curved glass shower enclosure and glass shower door have been installed by Mr. Handyman.

Storm doors are another type of installation you may need for your residential or commercial property. Storm entries are typically installed on the outside of an existing entry and allow the homeowner to open the main entry to allow fresh air into their home while keeping pets and small children safely contained indoors. Although it may appear that there is not enough room on the existing door jamb to add a storm entry, our professional technicians could extend its jamb to accommodate the additional installation. Here is an example of a storm door installation our team completed for a client in Lorton, VA.

Finally, we need door installations to create a room and separate it from another area. In the picture below, one of our commercial customers in Manassas, VA asked us to create a packing room which included creating a new room and installing a door.

As you can see in the video footage below, we created an opening for the new entryway and installed the entire package, and then put the baseboard trim back in place on both sides.

Count On Mr. Handyman for Experienced Door Repair, Northern Virginia

When signs start popping up that indicate it's time for door repair, Northern Virginia residents can trust the team of repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket to deliver professional service and outstanding results. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, which is why we always arrive on time for a service appointment, in uniform and in a marked vehicle, so you know who you're dealing with.

We value open, honest communication from the first point of contact to the last because we want to make sure you have all the information necessary to make the right decisions for your property and household. Get in touch with us today by calling 703-621-4817 and our knowledgeable customer service staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have or get you booked for an appointment time that's convenient to your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Repair

How Did My Interior Door Get Damaged By Moisture?

It's no secret why exterior entryways are vulnerable to water damage—they're constantly being battered by rain, strong winds, snowmelt and even humidity, so it's understandable that they need routine maintenance to avoid problems like wood rot and rust. But if you have an interior entryway that has suffered water damage, it may be more of a mystery where that moisture is actually coming from.

It could be that moisture is coming from a hidden plumbing leak or a damaged roof, and both of those are serious problems that need to be corrected as soon as possible before they do even more damage. But if the entryway in question leads to a bathroom or possibly a kitchen or laundry room that is not properly ventilated, the culprit is likely humidity that is not being vented out of your room. Steam from a hot shower, for example, will condense on all surfaces in your room and then soak into wood components such as your entryway, causing sneaky water damage and moisture-related problems such as wood rot.

How Do You Handle Door Repair For A Sliding Door That's Difficult To Move?

Your sliding patio door should be easy to open and close with nothing more than a gentle push. If it's a big challenge to move it more than a few inches at a time, there's definitely a problem that calls for door repair. Northern Virginia homes typically feature sliding entries that use a roller and track design. That means there are little rollers or wheels on the bottom of the heavy glass and sash that are meant to roll along tracks attached to your floor. If the rollers or tracks have suffered damage, it could be incredibly difficult to move them open and shut as intended, which compromises the comfort and convenience of your home.

While this may sound like a clear sign you need door repair, Northern Virginia professionals sometimes find that the track is full of dirt and grime or chunks of debris like trash or stray hairs are preventing rollers from working properly because they are wrapped around the wheels and locking them in place. If it looks like dirt and debris may be causing the issue, the solution is to give the rollers and track a good cleaning with warm water, detergent and a scrub brush. Once everything has had a chance to dry out, sweep or vacuum up any remaining bits and pieces. That may be all it takes to get your entryway working properly again, but if it doesn't seem to make any difference, it's time for door repair.

Can Northern Virginia Door Repair Actually Lower Energy Costs?

If you've got an entryway that has deteriorated and is allowing air drafts to get in, door repair can bring you more energy savings by increasing the energy efficiency of your home. Thermal energy naturally moves to a colder area from a warmer zone. That means in winter, when your furnace is on, warm air gets outside and when it's hot and your air conditioner is on, solar heat gets inside your house. Any gap or break in your building exterior, such as windows, vents and doors, are weak points for heat transfer and air leaks, and the issue worsens as the condition of your entryway deteriorates.

Heat transfer alters the temperature in a building, which causes your HVAC system to run for longer periods of time to compensate for those changes. Because heating and cooling systems need to use quite a bit of fuel to keep a building at the temperature on the thermostat, that additional running time can actually noticeably increase the energy costs on your monthly utility bills. The good news is you’ll be able to prevent heat transfer and save a significant amount of money by calling your skilled technicians for Northern Virginia door repair.

When You Need Door Repair, Northern Virginia Handyman Experts Are Here to Help

Northern Virginia handyman repairing door of homeowner.

If you live in our service areas, including Fairfax Station, Warrenton, Alexandria, or another nearby part of Northern VA, look no further than our highly-skilled team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket for expert handyman services such as door repair.

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