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MR. HANDYMAN OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA - ARLINGTON TO HAYMARKET specializes in repairing, maintaIning and enhancing residential and commercial properties. one of the routine services we provide is DOOR repair and DOOR REPLACEMENT.

Doors can come in all shapes, sizes, and materials and are used for a variety of different requirements. One thing that is similar with most doors is that they eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Door repair includes adjusting the door, repairing damaged trim, repairing the threshold, repairing the lock, or repairing the door jamb.

Door Repair

The service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket repair doors for a variety of reasons. Door repair includes adjusting the door, repairing damaged trim, repairing the threshold, repairing the lock, or repairing the door jamb. In most cased the door does not need to be replaced. Everything from the door jamb to the threshold to the door trim can be repaired. Here are some pictures of projects we have completed for our clients in Woodbridge and Arlington, VA.

white door collagewhite doorThe trim around the exterior of a door, specifically near the bottom is often the first to rot. In these cases, all the trim can be replaced or simply the section of wood that has rotted can be removed and replaced. Here are some examples of these types of projects that we completed for clients in Nokesville, Woodbridge, Springfield, and Alexandria, VA.

maroon doorwhite door collagegarage doorwhite door framewood rotFor our commercial clients, door repairs typically include replacing the door closers. Here is an example of replacing a door closer for a client in Arlington, VA.

door closer installationHere is an example of a client that requested our team to modify their existing doors to install security windows in their classroom doors in Manassas, VA.

white door with window

Door Replacement

Door replacement occurs when the door is damaged beyond repair or when the client is looking to upgrade the existing door. If the new door is not the same size of the existing door, modifications will be performed to the door opening to adjust to the size of the new door. Door openings can be increased or decreased depending on the requirements or client desires. Here are some examples of our Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia – Arlington to Haymarket team replacing a basement door in Manassas, VA and replacing a commercial door for a client in Alexandria, VA.

brick entrance white doorcommercial door installationThe team at Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia – Arlington to Haymarket can also replace your shed doors like we did for this client. In this case the client wanted to paint the door herself once we finished.

white shack brown doorAnother part of the door that can be replaced is the lock. Door locks are normally replaced when a home is purchased and ownership changes, the door lock is damaged beyond repair, or the client wants to upgrade the lock to a newer style.

door lock replacement

Door Installation

Doors can be installed in a variety of places. For instance, shower doors can be installed to replace a shower rod and shower curtain. Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia – Arlington to Haymarket is a certified installer for Dream Line Shower Doors. Here are some shower doors our team installed for our clients in the Northern Virginia area.

black shower frameglass shower frameStorm doors are other doors that can be installed. Storm doors are typically installed on the outside of an existing entry door and allows the homeowner to open the main door to allow fresh air into the home as many storm doors have screens in them. Although it may appear that there is not enough room on the existing door jamb to add a storm door, our professional technicians can extend the door jamb to accommodate for a storm door. Here is an example of a storm door installation our team completed for a client in Lorton, VA.

storm door installationFinally, doors can be installed to create a room and separate it from another area. In the picture below, one of our commercial clients in Manassas, VA asked us to create a packing room which included creating a new room and installing a door.

door installation


Mr. Handyman is a Neighborly Company. Handyman repair services are one of the many home maintenance solutions available to you through Neighborly. At Neighborly, we are committed to being there for all your home service needs.