Drywall repair and drywall installation

Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket specializes in repairing, maintaining, and enhancing residential and commercial properties. One of the routine services we provide is drywall repair and drywall installation.

Unfinished attic with brick and wood exposed.

Drywall is also known as sheetrock, gypsum board, green board, or a variety of other names. Drywall is a panel that is made of a compound, sometimes calcium sulfate dihydrate, that is sandwiched between thick sheets of paper. The paper is normally recycled and is referred to as the facer and backer paper. Drywall is most commonly used as the interior panel that creates a wall or ceiling. Because drywall is made of somewhat brittle material and paper, it can often be damaged. Also, because drywall is the final surface of the wall before painting, it is often cut or removed in order to gain access to the electrical wires, plumbing pipes, or framing of the walls or ceilings.

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Drywall Repair

Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket repairs drywall on walls and ceilings for a variety of reasons. Drywall can become damaged due to a water leak. Typically, drywall develops a brown-colored stain on it when water is applied to it. However, if drywall is exposed to enough water, it will crumble. Watermarks on drywall are usually an indication of a water leak. A drywall can also become damaged from another object banging into it. This can happen when moving furniture and accidentally running it into the wall. The most creative drywall repair that our team performed was at a store where a shoplifter was running away from the security team and did not turn fast enough and ran into the wall, leaving the impression of their body in the wall.

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Drywall Replacement

Drywall replacement normally occurs when the previous drywall has been removed for a specific reason. These reasons can range from water damage to renovation projects. In each case, the drywall was removed and now needs to be installed. Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia – Arlington to Haymarket can assist you with these projects. Whether an electrician or plumber required access behind the drywall and therefore removed a section of it or a restoration company removed it to treat for mold, fire, or water damage, our team of professional service technicians will replace the drywall to make the wall or ceiling appear as new again.

Drywall installation

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Drywall repair

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