The right front door can give your house major curb appeal. The entrance to your home, the one you choose, gives your visitors an immediate impression of the family that lives there. With a ton of local charm in the city, our handyman team provides the efficient door installation Knoxville, TN always needs. What’s more, like all of our other services, we’ll install your door quickly and efficiently, so you can go about your day.

However, we don’t just offer exterior door installation. Knoxville, TN residents expect a wide range of installation services, from sliding glass and screen doors to French doors. Trust your local Knoxville handyman to go the extra mile to give your home the charm you’ve been looking for. Of course, entryways aren’t just there for looks. They keep out drafts and unwanted visitors and can even lower your energy bill. Ready to see how we can transform your Knoxville home?

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About Our Handy Knoxville Door Installation Services

Installing a unit may not seem complicated at first, but that’s until you pull out the saw and chisel. There’s a lot more that goes into door installation Knoxville, TN, especially if you’re looking to make a good impression on your guests or want the unit to have proper insulation.

You’ll see and hear the difference when you hire a professional. It will close easier, fit inside the frame, and won’t squeak after we take care of door installation. Knoxville, TN homeowners often take an expertly-installed unit for granted. But truth be told, it can be a very trying process—especially if you’re trying to do it alone. Our efficient Knoxville handyman team knows everything there is to know about installation. They come prepared with all the right tools, do what needs to be done, and let you get on with your day. We offer a variety of styles of doors, including:

Exterior Doors

  • French Doors: French doors are doors with rectangular glass panes extending the full length, which brings sunlight into the home.
  • Sliding Glass Doors: Sliding patio doors are typically made up of framed panels of glass that slide open horizontally to access an outdoor deck or patio. These doors take up less space because they don't swing open. Sliding glass doors bring in lots of natural light and fresh air to create airy, bright rooms.
  • Screen Doors: A screen door can refer to a hinged storm door or hinged screen door covering an exterior entryway, or a screened sliding door paired with sliding glass doors.
  • Storm Doors: Storm doors are an additional door placed outside an ordinary outside door for protection against severe weather.

Interior Doors

  • Pocket Doors: This variety of interior doors is a type of sliding door that slides into a space inside the wall, meaning they are totally hidden from view when open. Pocket doors are used to save space when there's not enough room for a hinged door to swing open and shut, or for visual effect. They can slide on guides or tracks on the floor or on rollers suspended from an overhead track.
  • Closet Doors: Hinged swing door is the most common type of door used for closets. Its popularity stems from its simple design, easy installation, and affordability. These doors are attached to the door frame by two or three hinges and swing open much like the main doors of your home.
  • Barn Doors: For upgrading space in your home, barn doors are a good way to open up a room. A barn door is different from a swinging door because it doesn't require a door jamb and hinges on the side to function. Similar to a pocket door, a barn door lays flat against the wall and slides on two rollers attached to a track over top of the door.

If you have a specialty style you’d like hung, just call our team and ask. Whether it’s a safe pet door or a secure bedroom door, Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville can help. Don’t need to replace your entire unit? Our handyman services extend past installation. We offer repair to perform annual or seasonal maintenance, fix air leaks with weatherproofing, or modify locks, and we can even address rotting wood issues.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Door Installation in Knoxville, TN

When in need of door installation, Knoxville, TN residents can trust us to get the job done right the first time. Don’t struggle through the cumbersome process yourself, this two-man job is expertly handled by our pros, who have an average of ten years of experience. Why take a risk on an inexperienced handyman, either? You’ll notice the difference our years of expertise make on the job but also the difference our professional crew makes in your home. Arriving on time with a smile, we’ll get to work right away, so we can get out of your hair.

You’ll still get the friendly, local repairman, but with the professionalism of an elite team you deserve. With us, there is no more running in and out of your home with muddy shoes, impolite manners, or half-done jobs. We ensure a task is completed properly and to your satisfaction before we leave, then we’ll back it with our Done Right Guarantee®.

Need more convincing? We have been in operation since 1996, and we pride ourselves on providing efficient and cost-effective services to our community. Choosing us for your next door installation in Knoxville, TN, will save you time, frustration, and quite possibly a few injuries.

FAQs About Door Installation Knoxville, TN

What are the benefits of a professional Knoxville door installation?

A Knoxville door installation service, while not the world’s most simple process, is a quick and easy job for a trained professional. Your local Knoxville handyman ensures your unit is installed correctly before they leave. This way, it doesn’t just look good, but it brings you other benefits as well. What kind of benefits could a decent door installation possibly have? Quite a few, actually:

  • Lowered Energy Costs: When a unit isn’t sealed correctly, it lets air in and out of your home. In the summer, that means your air conditioning unit will have to work harder. In the winter, it means your home is susceptible to chilly drafts, and your space heater will be working overtime. The smart solution? A professional Knoxville door installation service.
  • Proper Protection for your Home: It’s easier for thieves to break into your home if your door is not properly installed. Whether it’s a lock that doesn’t quite align or a hinge that is easy to loosen, choosing an expert installer may help keep your home safe when you’re away.
  • No Annoying Noises: Whether you’re working or taking a nap, little noises like squeaking hinges are enough to send you into a rage. Fixing a squeaking door once it’s on isn’t something all homeowners often do, so why not install your unit the right way to eliminate this possibility altogether?
  • Reduction of Outside Noises: Properly sealing your unit is one of the most important steps when it comes to door installation in Knoxville, TN. Yet, it’s so easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re doing. Keeping out hot/cold air and outside noises, you’ll notice a more comfortable, relaxed indoor experience.

Can I install a door without a Knoxville door installation professional?

You can, but you do need to know a thing or two about carpentry. Installing a unit isn’t just about screws and hinges. In many cases, doors need cutting and precise chiseling to fit a frame. Our trained and seasoned experts arrive with everything needed for the job, and they complete it in just a few calculated steps. Doing all the heavy, awkward lifting for you, we’ll arrive with two service professionals ready to tackle the task.

How long does a Knoxville door installation take?

It depends on who is doing the door installation in Knoxville, TN. Our certified, trained experts can have your new unit installed in just a few short hours, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing may take an entire day to finish the job, that is, if they don’t give up in frustration halfway through. The time it takes to complete an installation also depends on the type of unit being installed. Larger, heavier doors or those with additional features will take longer. The best way to get an idea of how long your project will take is to speak to one of our local team members.

How much does a Knoxville door installation cost?

We’ve seen door installation types of all kinds. Some homeowners need frame repair and front door installation, while others wish to swap regular-style garage doors and go for a barn door installation in Knoxville, TN.

The price you pay depends heavily on the labor costs as well as the types of doors you want (style and material). Interior door installation tends to be less expensive than exterior door installation, and we’re sure you know that units come in many shapes, sizes, weights, and designs. Your installation cost will take the amount of time it takes to install your unit into account as well as whether any specific framing work is required. Feel free to contact us and inquire about a price range. We’ll be more than happy to send out a service technician if you’d like a no-obligation cost estimate.

What is your Knoxville door installation process?

We’ll get the job done in record time and save you the 45-minute DIY video. With us, all you have to do is open your door and invite us in. Our local experts in Knoxville are fully insured while on the job, making quick work of a process that might have taken you all day long. To install an exterior door yourself, your process would look something like this:

  1. Measure your old door
  2. Decide on your door, order it, and pick it up
  3. Pry off the trim and remove the old unit
  4. Tear off the brick molding and remove the jamb
  5. Prep the opening and set the new unit in the precise place
  6. Shim, square, and fasten the frame
  7. Plumb and shim the frame
  8. Secure the frame with screws

Our service providers have a ton of installation options for you to have your perfect custom door installation in Knoxville, TN.

What kind of door is the most energy efficient?

When it comes to energy efficient homes, keeping the heat or AC in your home, doors play a large role based on their insulation. While Knoxville winters are mild, temperatures still drop to below freezing, so if you want to insulate your home as much as possible, doors that aren’t made from glass have the worst energy efficiency of all the other materials available. Glass doors, especially sliding glass doors can lose the most heat in your home. Also, in the summers glass doors absorb the sun rays, making your entire house significantly warmer (unless you cover them).

Overall, the difference between a wooden door and a glass door installation in Knoxville, TN won’t affect how energy efficient your home is as long as they were properly installed and maintained. When it comes to choosing what material you want your door to be, there are a variety of factors that go into your decision, so there is no right or wrong answer.

Call Our Professionals for Door Installation, Knoxville TN!

Like many household repairs and installations, it always feels better choosing highly-rated local pros. Choosing us for professional service could be the difference between a squeaky, unsealed, and unsecured door and one that makes you feel protected and saves you energy. If your current unit is already in good shape but needs repair, we offer door repair services to restore your unit to its former glory.

A home without doors is essentially a hall, lacking privacy, security, and the charming aesthetic a great-looking unit can bring to your home. Whether you’re looking to up your home’s curb appeal with your entry doors, or wish to upgrade your interior doors to something more modern, we can help.

Your local Knoxville handyman has extensive experience installing units of all kinds. We have the method down to a science, so we can fit it, seal it, and ensure your home is safe and sound. Call us today for all of your needs for door installation, Knoxville TN or request service online. We proudly serve our local community of Knoxville and surrounding areas, including Alcoa, Powell, and Oak Ridge.

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