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You get home and go to unlock your front door—but it's not actually locked and hasn't been all day because the lock or latch mechanisms are jammed. Or, you get up in the night to use the bathroom and the door squeals so loud it wakes the entire household up. When those kinds of irritating or potentially dangerous situations occur, your local Knoxville handyman can get them solved with expert door repair. Knoxville, TN homeowners can rely on the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville to restore their security, curb appeal, energy efficiency, privacy and peace with experienced, long-lasting repair strategies.

About Our Trusted Knoxville Door Repair Services

A newly repaired exterior door in Knoxville, TN

Whether exterior or interior, your entry doors are critical parts of your residential or commercial property that need to be in excellent shape to benefit your property and household. While they are sometimes damaged by sudden impacts that require door repair, Knoxville, TN entryways typically suffer from slow deterioration over time. Because the damage starts out almost unnoticeable and worsens as time goes on, it's easily ignored by homeowners until it gets to the point where it's causing major problems that simply can't be left alone any longer and need immediate door repair. Knoxville, TN homeowners can rely on us to eliminate problems such as:

  • Peeling Paint: Your handyman can take care of this by sanding, applying a new coat of paint, and sealing. It should be handled as soon as possible because peeling paint leaves the material underneath vulnerable to rot or rust.
  • Rust or Corrosion: Speaking of rust, if you have small spots on your metal entryway it can likely be repaired, but if the corrosion is extensive, repair isn't worth it.
  • Jammed Latch: There are few things more annoying than an entry latch that is jammed in an open or closed position and won't let you use the entryway properly. Sometimes we can get it unjammed, but if it's really stuck or broken, we'll simply replace the latch mechanism altogether.
  • Loose Hinges: If your entry is wobbly on its hinges, it may be possible to simply tighten it up or replace the hinges only.
  • Squeaky Hinges: Your handyman can generally solve this problem with the appropriate lubrication, or the hinge may need replacement if it's rusty.
  • Difficult to Open and Close: A common problem for entries that are hard to operate is that the slab is grinding against the latch-side jamb near the floor and needs to be kicked open or shut. This is usually because the jamb is out of square, so your handyman will realign and secure it properly.
  • Rips or Holes in Storm Door Screen: If the issue is with your screen, not the frame, you just need screen door repair to get a new screen into the frame.
  • Degraded Weather Stripping: If you feel cool drafts near your entryway, it could be due to damaged weather stripping from a bout of extreme weather. If that's the problem, the weather stripping can just be replaced.

We will arrive on time for your scheduled appointment and thoroughly evaluate the problem, then clearly explain what's going on and what needs to be done to get it fixed up. We'll also answer any questions you may have and offer an upfront, flat-rate cost for your Knoxville door repair. While the strategy we choose for your particular repair job will naturally depend on the nature of the problem, our team has solved many entryway issues over the years and has the skill and experience to restore your interior and exterior entries to perfect working order.

Pick Mr. Handyman for Reliable Door Repair, Knoxville TN

A sliding door that had its track repaired by a handyman providing door repairs in Knoxville, TN

When they hire our team of service professionals for door repair, Knoxville, TN residents can count on exceptional quality workmanship combined with honest, reliable customer care. Our trustworthy service technicians are screened by a background check program to give homeowners the peace of mind that comes with knowing we will behave in a courteous, professional manner at all times. We also offer numerous other repair, installation, improvement and maintenance services for your home, including wood rot repair, pressure washing and much more.

Frequently Asked Door Repair Questions

How Does Door Repair Actually Reduce Energy Costs?

When it comes to making a home more energy efficient with door repair, Knoxville, TN homeowners should realize that there may or may not be a noticeable difference in their energy costs following the service. It really depends on the current condition of your entry and the nature of the problem. If you've got an entryway with a deteriorated slab or frame that is letting in air drafts and encouraging heat transfer, the repair is likely going to result in a reduction of the costs on your energy bill. But if the damage is unrelated to heat transfer, like a damaged lock or latch, or it's an interior entry, the repair job will have noticeable benefits but won't make your home more energy efficient.

The reason for that is because heat transfer is what increases your energy charges in the first place by changing the temperature inside and forcing your HVAC system to operate inefficiently to compensate. When we stop heat transfer with the right strategy for door repair, Knoxville, TN homeowners see a noticeable difference on their bills. If you want to make even more of an impact on your energy consumption, it may be worthwhile to consider replacement services to have insulated doors installed.

Do You Provide Commercial Door Repair Services?

Our services aren't just for residential buildings. When it's time for commercial door repair, Knoxville, TN business owners can get the help they need to get their commercial-specific doors working again by calling the experts at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville. That includes revolving and automatic doors. Count on our dependable team to keep our promises and get the agreed-upon work finished competently, on time, and to the highest standards of quality.

How Did My Interior Entryway End Up With Moisture-Related Damage?

If an exterior wooden entryway suffers some water damage, there's nothing too strange about it—after all, it is exposed to a lot of moisture from rain, humidity and other harsh weather patterns. But interior entries are inside and protected from the weather, so how do they sometimes end up with water damage problems such as wood rot?

It could be the result of a leaking roof or hidden plumbing leak, and if you suspect those types of issues, they need professional attention right away before your house incurs even more severe damage. But if the entryway we're discussing leads to the bathroom, this issue could be caused by a lack of adequate ventilation. Hot showers produce steam, which is why bathrooms need an exhaust ventilation fan or, at the very least, an open window. Without ventilation, the steam condenses on every surface and seeps in, causing problems like softened drywall and yes, wood rot on entryways.

Do You Need Door Repair? Knoxville, TN Can Depend On Mr. Handyman

If you live in Knoxville or a nearby part of East Tennessee such as Oak Ridge, Hardin Valley or Farragut, put your trust in the experienced team of service technicians at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville. You can reach our friendly customer service staff at (865) 409-0822 to schedule an appointment or get more information about how we can transform your residential or commercial property.

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