Farragut is an A-rated suburb in Knox County with a population of over 22,000 where many people own their homes, which means many people have maintenance and other chores to do. But that doesn’t mean everybody has time to get all that work done. When the pressure is on for home repairs and maintenance, or other home improvement projects, you need a Farragut handyman you can trust.

Fortunately, you can rely on your Farragut handyman at Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville to take care of all your projects around the house, so that you can continue to enjoy your life and your home worry-free. We pride ourselves on being your convenient one-call solution for a wide range of handiwork. With our many skills and services, you can avoid calling multiple companies. We can take care of your entire to-do list!

We’re a locally owned and operated company that is proud to serve our neighbors in Farragut. Whether you’re busy with work or just need help from an expert, you can rely on our team to meet your Farragut handyman needs. Each member of our team has passed a full background check and drug screen, and we’re fully committed to providing workmanship and service that meets the highest possible standards for a handyman in Farragut.

Popular Handyman Services in Farragut, TN

It’s not easy to keep up with maintenance, repairs, and improvement projects when you’re busy living life to the fullest, but those little problems won’t go away on their own. While you’re distracted by life, little problems that seem like minor cosmetic issues can become major problems. Those undetected, underlying problems should never be avoided or ignored, but not everyone has the time to complete all the little projects that pop up around their house. That’s where our handyman services can make all the difference. As your handyman in Farragut, we’ll take care of all the work that needs to be done around your home, so you can focus on the other important things in your life.

At Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville, we strive to build professional, positive relationships with our clients by demonstrating our integrity and trustworthiness. We know it can feel uncomfortable to have someone working in your home, especially if you’ve had a bad experience with a contractor in the past. When you use our services, you can rest assured that we will get the job done right and leave your home exactly as we found it, if not better than before! We’re dedicated to providing you with high-quality work and courteous, friendly service during every appointment. That’s one reason why so many people choose our popular services, some of which include:


Besides privacy and protection, your doors are designed to back your home’s insulation system up. Still, people often take their front door for granted, and might even slam it too hard when frustrated. That and many other factors could result in damage that requires an entirely new installation. While good doors have a lifespan of up to 40 years, defects and damage often occur in the frame and trim areas that are prone to developing cracks or gaps over time. As those issues get worse, a new installation becomes the best option.

Doors on older houses suffer from wear and tear even faster, as they cannot handle severe weather conditions. Their finishes are often worn down and must be refinished every three to five years, and they also suffer from problems like wood rot, warping or rust, depending on the door type.

Door installations require certain expertise from someone who is precise and thinks outside the box. Without the experience of an expert, many people make mistakes during installation. That mistake could even be as simple as not realizing that you need more screws than provided, or that you were provided with low-quality screws. If you want a hassle-free installation process with high-quality material that ensures no air leaks or squeaky hinges, count on your local handyman. Farragut TN residents know that we value their safety, and therefore, we only use durable materials that promote longevity. Some common interior and exterior door types include:

  • Solid wood
  • Glass panel (insulated, textured, stained)
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • PVC

Farragut Pet Door Installation

If your pet sitter isn’t always available when you need them, a pet door installation could give you peace of mind. We can also help you build a securely fenced area if your property allows it. This way, we will ensure your pet’s safety. Whether it’s a screened-in porch or a solid wood door, your dedicated Farragut handyman can help you with the desired pet door installation. Choose from a flexible pet flap or an electronic and automatic flap that works in combination with an ultrasonic pet collar. Interesting technology, right?


Do you love watching the sunrise or sunset on the horizon? If so, have you ever wondered what the trim in your home is there for? Researchers have proven that horizontal lines have a tranquil effect on our eyes and sense of balance. Therefore, trim work is supposed to offer the same qualities by enhancing stability and weight. Besides making hallways and rooms look neat and safe, baseboards hide ugly gaps and imperfections caused by post-drywall and floor installation. Baseboards will also protect them from water damage, such as if you spill your beverage over the floor. Door casings and window frames have a similar purpose of covering gaps and spaces between drywall and frame; moreover, they prevent unpleasant air leaks.

As this job requires precision, you can count on our Farragut handyman services to install trim right the first time. A trim repair or upgrade could boost your home’s resale value, from installing window sills to new crown moldings or other ceiling trim.

In some instances, your drywall might not match the flooring system, making the area look off. That’s when floor moldings help eliminate this clash by creating a gentle barrier. Apart from functionality, baseboards have an aesthetic purpose too—think about fancy corners leading up to staircases. But it’s important to keep in mind that this might not be ideal for a busy household with kids and chewy pets. That said, there are still ways to spruce up busy homes—think of adding an aesthetic flair to your crown moldings instead!

Trim materials we use include:

  • (Engineered) Wood
  • MDF
  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Metal


Are you approaching an age that’s making it more difficult to get around in your home? We all have the right to stay on our property for as long as we want. To make that happen, we offer home improvement services to facilitate your living situation. There are ways to refurbish your home accordingly so that, despite reduced mobility, you can keep everything the way you want but with added support. We care about your need to maintain your independence, most of all, we care about your safety.

Mr. Handyman of West Knoxville is certified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) as an Aging In Place Specialist. If you need a certified professional to inspect your home for all the relevant modifications that you need, you can count on your licensed handyman. Farragut TN property owners reserve the right to stay in their home as they age, considering the possible aging-in-place services that will enable a safer home, such as:

  • Installing curbless showers and shower-assist seats
  • Raising toilet seats
  • Installing grab bars
  • Putting in threshold ramps
  • Installing stair-lift systems
  • Enhancing light fixtures

Are you missing anything on this list? Feel free to let us know, because we are committed to finding the right solutions for promoting your quality of life.


We are versatile technicians with a positive can-do attitude that not many handyman services bring. Therefore, we thrive on being your one-call solution for all your Farragut handyman services.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning your dryer vent frequently will prevent the risk of fire. Clogged dryer vents contain combustible lint that can lead to fatal consequences. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 15,000 house fires are caused by dryer fires.

Attic Insulation

Healthy attic insulation is essential for your home’s energy efficiency. When it’s clean and dry, it will circulate cool fresh air through your house in the summer as well as insulate heat in the winter. Some signs that hint toward deteriorating attic insulation include:

  • Overworking HVAC system
  • High energy bills
  • Cold, drafty rooms
  • Pest infestation
  • Leaks
  • Old insulation
  • Roof damage

Well-installed attic insulation can last for many decades, but your local Farragut handyman recommends replacing it every 15 years to ensure good performance.

Gutter Cleaning

We all dread this grimy and tedious task, but it’s one of the most overlooked maintenance jobs, and it helps you maintain a healthy exterior drainage system. Are you equipped with a gutter scoop, gloves, safety glasses, and a well-inspected ladder like your local handyman? Farragut TN residents with large properties can count on us to inspect, clean and repair gutters!

Ceiling Fan Installation

If you want to use your HVAC system responsibly, it helps to install ceiling fans as a backup to control your indoor temperature. We install and repair ceiling fans to help you reduce heating and cooling costs.

Farragut Handyman Repair Services

Do you own a slightly older residential or commercial property? If so, there are probably areas that show signs of wear or deterioration. It could be a loose baseboard, dents in drywall, or drafty windows. If you want to find out about underlying issues, rely on your local handyman. Farragut TN homeowners will get a thorough diagnosis, along with repair options and other preventative measures.


Drywall panels are made of a soft sulfate mineral called gypsum. A renowned technician named Augustine Sackett invented it in Connecticut in 1894. It’s also known as gypsum board and Sheetrock, and it is non-combustible and lighter than other wall materials. It became popular in the mid-20th century when home builders discovered its flexibility and durability. Plus, the installation process requires less labor, making it the most cost-effective option for property owners. It's also more resistant to fire than wood-based walls, which you still find in some older homes.

The average drywall thickness is 1/2 inch, with 5/8 inch being the thickest. While durable, drywall is particularly vulnerable to water damage. Some kinds, like cement boards and green boards, have waterproofing elements, such as a waxed surface. Although many homeowners use these behind-tile installations in bathrooms, they can still suffer water damage if you ever have a shower leak in the walls.

Do you have small or large holes in your wall staring back at you? Drywall repair and installation are common in homes and commercial environments. We provide a range of jobs, from small patching services to complete drywall replacements. You can fix minor cracks with compound and tape, but it’s worth giving it a thorough inspection first if you haven’t seen those cracks before.

Holes that are larger than six inches in diameter will likely need drywall panel replacement, for which your local Farragut handyman will cut a corresponding size drywall panel to patch that hole.

A hole in a wall and the drywall repairs completed by Mr. Handyman to fix the damage.


We know the feeling where you can’t help but think about spending your time out on the deck again or having a beverage or two with friends. While looking forward to that, wouldn’t you want a clean, shiny deck that you can show off?

Decks are sensitive to weather damage, depending on the materials and sealants used. They may have a longer life expectancy if you’ve installed pressure-treated wood, which contains a moisture-resistant preservative. Still, they require some routine maintenance, such as resealing or removing stains and blemishes. Broken boards, wobbly railings, or wood rot aren’t uncommon, but your local Farragut handyman can give you a complete diagnosis of your deck’s overall health and determine the severity of any damage.

Whether you need re-staining or pressure washing, we have the tools and eye for detail to get the job done in a day, so you’ll be set for the summer!

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