Mr. Handyman Installs Beautiful & Functional Doors

Your doors are the gateways to every living space in your home, so you want to ensure they look great and function properly for as long as possible. Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale offers professional door installation and repair services to Wheaton and Hinsdale, IL homeowners. You might not spend a lot of time thinking about your home’s bedroom, bathroom, garage, and entry doors, but they are an essential component of your home’s aesthetic and functionality. Broken doors can compromise your home’s safety, and unsightly doors can ruin your home’s appearance. You can count on our exterior and interior door installation experts to increase your home’s value and curb appeal while reducing your energy bills and saving you money. Our expertise in windows, doors, and all other household features makes us a perfect handyman to handle your residential projects. We invite you to learn more about our door installation services and contact us today to request quick, professional service.

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We Repair & Install All Types Of Doors

We are proud to install a broad range of doors that blend seamlessly with all home designs and meet all types of homeowners’ unique needs and preferences. We can repair your existing doors to restore their condition or upgrade them to something more attractive, energy-efficient, and durable. If you’re searching for “door installation near me” in Wheaton or Hinsdale, IL, you’ve come to the right place. Our professional door installers do everything you need and work on the following types of doors:

  • Pet Doors
  • Interior doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Storm doors
  • Screen doors
  • French doors
  • Sliding barn doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Closet doors
  • And more

Repairing The Wear & Tear On Your Doors

The doors in your home are subject to a significant amount of wear and tear as time passes. Many older homes and doors in Illinois have homeowners who may be against replacing their doors because they enjoy their current entry doors, interior doors, and garage doors’ aesthetic. Our team can repair your existing door, but if repairs won’t work, we can replace it. We also perform exterior door installation services if we cannot replace your door. We will install new doors to match your desired home aesthetic. Typically, newer doors are more energy efficient, preventing air from entering or escaping your home through your doors and saving you money on your energy bills. We proudly offer door repairs for the following problems:

  • Squeaking doors
  • Sticking doors
  • Air leaks
  • Rotting or softwood
  • Damaged door jambs
  • Screen door repairs
  • Broken door locks
  • And more

The Benefits Of Our Door Installation & Repair Services

Installing or repairing your home’s interior and exterior doors is not a do-it-yourself job. You can raise your home’s heating and cooling costs and create safety hazards by installing a door incorrectly. Poorly installed doors can result in improper seals, translating to outside air infiltrating your home. Gaps between your exterior doors and the ground can let air escape or enter your home. Storm doors that you improperly install won’t protect your home effectively. The professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale have all the equipment, expertise, and experience necessary to complete your job right the first time, saving you money, time, and hassle. Contact us today to request door services for your home or business.

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