Are you interested in improving the function and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom without making major changes to every part of the room? If you answered yes, it may be time to consider a shower remodel. Wheaton households can benefit in multiple ways from the right shower remodeling project by a skilled Wheaton handyman. After all, the shower is the biggest and the most important part of most bathrooms, so upgrading an old shower or replacing an unwanted bathtub with a new, custom shower can have a huge positive impact on the whole room.  

If you're ready to make a change that will make your shower experience more pleasant, safe and efficient, count on the shower remodeling experts at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale. Our team has an average of 15 years experience with all types of handyman work, including shower renovation. When it's time for a shower remodel, Wheaton homeowners can count on our skill and expertise for perfectly done, on-schedule results.

How We Handle Your Shower Remodel in Wheaton, IL

Shower upgrades are a typical part of most bathroom remodel projects, but they can actually make for a very worthwhile stand-alone project as well. That's especially true if you're happy with your overall bathroom layout and its condition but there are some issues with the bath area in particular that can be solved with an experienced shower remodel. Wheaton residents usually have a vision in mind for how they want the project to look once it's complete, but it can be a challenge to figure out how to get it there. 

The first step is to call the reliable team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale. There's no need to worry about finding, hiring and managing multiple contractors to take care of different elements of shower remodel service when our team can complete the entire project from start to finish. We'll start by visiting your property to consult with you and find out exactly what you're looking for, as well as take some measurements and determine what, exactly, will be required to meet or even exceed your expectations. Then we'll provide an upfront quote for the work so you know what the project cost will be in the end. The next step is to arrive on time for your service appointment, with all the necessary materials and tools we need to get the job done right. 

There are a number of services that may be necessary for your shower remodel in Wheaton, depending on what you need done. Our team will take care of removing your old shower or bathtub before we get started, and we'll also take care to clean up after ourselves before we leave. 

  • Tile Installation: There are several options available for covering your shower walls and floors to form a moisture-proof barrier that will prevent water damage, and tile is the most popular choice for several key reasons. It's durable, long-lasting, easy to clean and comes in pretty much every color and style imaginable, so you can always choose a tile pattern and type that will match perfectly with your personal design aesthetic for an ideal shower remodel. Wheaton handyman professionals on our team have lots of experience with tile installation and will ensure your tile walls and floor are even and attractive, with straight grout lines. We can also handle grout sealing with caulk to make your shower easier to clean and avoid the possibility of mildew buildup or a major mold issue.
  • Shower Fixture Upgrades: You don't want to have brand-new shower walls, floor and enclosure put in, only to keep the same old plumbing fixtures in place that may not be working as well as they once did. Part of a shower remodeling service includes installing a new showerhead (or possibly multiple showerheads), along with new taps. When planning a shower remodel, Wheaton homeowners should take the opportunity to add amenities they've always wanted, like a luxurious rainfall showerhead. You can even potentially make your shower more energy efficient by choosing a model that reduces water usage while still providing a pleasant shower experience.
  • Shower Enclosure Installation: The least enjoyable thing about taking a shower is the threat of getting tangled up in a dirty plastic shower curtain. Eliminate that concern forever by having your handyman install a new enclosure with a sliding or hinged shower door. It's easier to clean, a lot nicer to look at, and can even increase the natural light in the room when the only available window is located in or above the shower.
  • Extra Features: Why settle for a boring shower remodel? Wheaton homeowners can get all the extra features they're looking for by working with our professional team, from a tiled shower bench to shelves for shampoo bottles, and much more. Let us know what you have in mind for your ideal shower remodeling project and we'll find a way to make it happen.

Choose Our Team for a Beautiful Shower Remodel, Wheaton Homeowners

Are you searching far and wide for the right team to handle your shower remodel? Wheaton, the professionals at Mr. Handyman are here for you! When you call Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale, you get the total peace of mind that comes with knowing your shower remodeling service will be taken care of properly and efficiently, with long-lasting, attractive results. 

Of course, we can do much more than a shower remodel. Wheaton homeowners can count on us for a wide variety of services, including door installation and repair, interior and exterior trim replacement, flooring installation, drywall repair and much more. We also provide commercial handyman services to the business owners of Wheaton and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to find out more about the trusted handyman services we offer, or to schedule a service appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wheaton Shower Renovation

Can Mr. Handyman Take Care of an Entire Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Absolutely! If a shower renovation is only one part of your vision for what you'd like done with your bathroom, rely on our experienced professionals for full bathroom remodeling services. If you want to change absolutely everything in the room, we can do that! Our bathroom remodel services include:

  • Tile flooring installation
  • Bathroom wall tile installation
  • Drywall repair
  • Cabinet and countertop installation
  • Mirror installation
  • Sink replacement 
  • Toilet replacement
  • Replacing or adding light fixtures
  • Towel rack installation
  • And much more!

Count on the team at Mr. Handyman to take care of your dream bathroom renovation from beginning to end, so you can relax and rejuvenate in a beautiful bathroom that is perfectly suited to your personal needs and style. Need more information? Check out our top 10 bathroom remodeling tips for your Wheaton home.

What Type of Tile Is Best for a Shower Remodel in Wheaton?

Tile is one of the key materials for a shower remodel. Wheaton homeowners have a wide range of options available for wall tiles and floor tiles in a shower, so it can be challenging to choose the perfect ones. Porcelain or ceramic tile are the most popular choices by far, because they're so durable, easy to maintain and attractive. Glass tiles, while too delicate for the floor, are a great choice for a strip of accent tile that will give the illusion of depth and brighten up your shower remodel. For the shower floor, tiny mosaic tiles are a great choice because they are small enough to adhere to the curve of the shower pan, and the extra grout adds grip to the slippery tiles.

What's the Best Way to Improve Accessibility With a Shower Remodel in Wheaton?

If you or a member of your household is dealing with mobility issues, it's important to keep accessibility in mind while planning a shower remodel. An accessible bathroom naturally includes a shower with certain safety features that make it easier to get in and out, and easier to keep one's balance while showering. For those who have difficulty lifting their feet off the ground, a walk-in shower base that is flush with the floor level is a great addition. We can also install built-in shower seats, or leave room for a portable shower seat that can be removed when other people are using the shower and want more space for standing.

Finally, grab bars are a key addition for accessibility. There should be a vertical bar on the wall opposite the faucet and a horizontal bar running along the side wall. The bar on the side should be at least 30 inches above the shower floor and ideally span the entire length of the side wall.

Ready for a Shower Remodel? Wheaton Can Trust the Experts at Mr. Handyman

If you're interested in getting started on a shower remodeling project in Wheaton or a nearby area such as Carol Stream, Palatine or Oak Brook, Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale is the right team to make it all happen according to plan. Get in touch with us today to let us know what you have in mind for your shower remodel, or to book an appointment for trusted handyman services.

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