Wichita door repair is one of the most frequently requested local handyman services for good reason. While some home repairs and improvements are made for aesthetic reasons alone, others are done to improve functionality and increase cost savings. Door repair is done to improve all three.

Interior and exterior doors alike are used multiple times each day. As such, they undergo significant wear and tear over the years, making repairs something that all Wichita homeowners will require at some point or another. Gravity combined with temperature fluctuations and an active household makes door repair something of a necessity. And, while those squeaky hinges on your interior entryways may be grating on your nerves, an exterior door that fails to seal or properly lock can drive up your energy bills and put you and your family at risk.

With the help of our Wichita door repair service, you can get your doors operating properly again. Our Wichita handyman professionals have an average of a decade of experience in the home improvement and carpentry industry, making them experts at what they do. When you choose our Wichita door repair service, you’ll get outstanding customer service and unparalleled craftsmanship at an affordable price. To book an appointment for door repair in Wichita, KS, give us a call or keep reading to find out more about all our professional service entails.

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Wichita Door Repair: What’s Included

A handyman wearing work gloves and using a screwdriver to attach a new hinge to the side of a door during an appointment for door repair in Wichita, KS.

At Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area, we’re proud to serve both residential customers and commercial customers with a wide range of interior and exterior repair services. Whether you need minor repairs made to your home or business entryways, or you require frame or slab replacement, our skilled technicians can take care of it. Because there are so many different underlying causes of entryway problems, the steps your technician will take to complete your repair will differ accordingly. That being said, all of our interactions with our customers follow a few broad stages.

In the first stage, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know to determine whether you’d like to go ahead with doing business with us. For simple repairs, we may be able to provide you with a cost estimate over the phone, but for others, we’ll need to diagnose the issue in person to come up with an accurate estimate. If the estimate and our discussion with you about the expected project scope meet your needs and expectations, we’ll book you in for a service appointment.

In the second stage, we’ll show up on time and ready to work on the day of your pre-arranged appointment. We’ll enter your home with a pair of disposable booties to protect your floors, reiterate the project scope and expected timeline for the job from start to finish and answer any remaining questions you may have before getting to work. If we encounter any unexpected problems and setbacks during the repair, we’ll let you know right away so that you’re kept in the loop and can let us know how you’d like us to proceed.

In the third and final stage, we’ll test the repair job to make sure your entryway is in working order again. We’ll demonstrate the results to you as well so that we can address any remaining concerns you may have before we’re on our way. We strive to treat you and your home with the utmost respect, which is why we will take the time to ensure that your home is just as clean as we found it.

Top Reasons You Need Wichita Door Repair

One of the more challenging parts of door repair is determining the cause of the issue. Doors are complex structures with many components that work together. Without an advanced understanding of carpentry, troubleshooting door issues is no easy feat. Over the years, we’ve repaired so many rare and common door problems that nothing surprises us anymore.

There are many reasons you may come to us for help with door repair in Wichita, KS. These reasons may include:

Door Won’t Latch

An interior panel that won’t latch with the frame can be a nuisance, but if you’re having this issue with an exterior door, the problem is much more serious. Our experienced technicians will go through a series of tests to determine why your door isn’t latching properly. Some of the solutions may include:

  • Adjusting the hinges so that the latch is level with the strike hole
  • Repositioning the strike plate
  • Increasing the size of the strike hole
  • Modifying the depth of the hinges with shimming or sanding

Panel Fits Loosely In Frame

When your entryway’s panel doesn’t fit tightly against the doorstop, you may hear a constant rattling sound. Another cause of this is a striking hole that is too large. To fix this issue, we may use one of the following strategies:

  • Remove and reposition the doorstep
  • Build up the door frame
  • Replace and refit the strike plate

Panel Fits Loosely In Frame

The opposite problem of a panel that does not fit securely in the frame is a panel that is too large for the frame. In this situation, you may need to apply extra force when opening and closing your entryway. Sometimes the hinges simply need to be screwed in more tightly, while other times it may be a humidity issue. If you notice your door only sticks during those few muggy Kansas months, then it’s likely the latter.

As a last resort, we may gently file down your frame to better accommodate the panel. Our talented carpenters will ensure they only file it down enough to prevent sticking—after all, you don’t want to eliminate sticking only to have to deal with rattling!

Squeaking Hinges

In most cases, a squeaky entryway is caused by hinges that need lubrication. In other circumstances, the issue may be larger. If it sounds like the squeaking isn’t coming from the hinges but may be the result of wood rubbing against wood, the hinges probably aren’t the problem. At least, not directly. Our handyman team can properly diagnose the issue and fix it accordingly.


When you think about your home’s insulation, the first thing that comes to mind may be the fluffy pink fiberglass insulation up in your attic. The insulating material is only one of several components of your home’s insulation strategy. Others include your windows, curtains, HVAC system, and, last but not least, your doors.

If exterior panels do not fit securely in their frames, cold air during Wichita winters will seep into your warm home. Likewise, in the summer, you’ll find it difficult to keep your interior cool if hot air is able to flow through gaps between your panel and frame. To keep your home at a comfortable temperature, your HVAC system will have to work harder, resulting in greater energy use and higher utility bills.

Though a properly positioned panel in the frame is important for interior entries as well, an even higher level of precision is needed for exterior entryways. One way in which this can be repaired is with weather stripping, but the frame may also be built up to improve the seal.

Damaged Paneling

Sometimes accidents happen and you end up with a panel that is covered in gouges, or even a big hole. This is mainly a cosmetic issue but is important to repair all the same. Your doors play an important role in fire safety, so you want your panels to be in the best shape possible.

If your hollow-core interior slab is damaged, we’ll probably recommend a panel replacement. These slabs are incredibly inexpensive, and thus repairs may not be financially worth it. On the other hand, a solid wood door costs a pretty penny to replace, making refinishing its surface in your best interest.

The best repair method will largely depend on your budget, your goals, the type of damage, and the extent of the damage. Our handyman experts will assess the damage and provide you with a couple of different options prior to beginning the job. We’ll always recommend the most affordable option for you.

The Mr. Handyman Difference

As a locally owned and operated home services franchise, we’re passionate about the Wichita metro area community. We firmly believe that repair and maintenance services are key to saving our customers from having to spend their hard-earned income on costly repairs and replacements, allowing them to keep more money in their pockets while also living in the home of their dreams. We aim to achieve total customer satisfaction in all the services we provide to not just residents of Wichita, but Derby, Newton, Andover, and other nearby communities as well.

To provide our customers with the greatest peace of mind possible, we offer the following two perks:

  • Services are provided by highly experienced handymen and carpentry professionals. All of our employees are also background checked and have been hired not just for their impressive credentials and work experience, but also for their commitment to and passion for great customer service. They’ve also undergone an extensive background check so that you can feel safe welcoming a stranger into your home.
  • A workmanship warranty. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of workmanship you received, simply give us a call within a year of your service appointment and we’ll make it right.

Wichita Door Repair FAQs

When Is Door Replacement Better Than Door Repair in Wichita, KS?

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to consider repair over replacement whenever possible. Not only is this more sustainable, but in many circumstances, it’ll save you more money as well. However, repair is not always the right choice. Your home and your wallet will sometimes benefit from choosing door replacement over door repair in Wichita, KS.

Some of the signs you need door replacement include:

  • Evidence of wood rot. If your frame or panel shows signs of woot rot, it’s probably time for a replacement. A very small area may be removed using a chisel and sander, but larger areas will need to be replaced entirely. Ignoring wood rot will only encourage the problem to keep spreading. If you’re not careful, it could end up in your wood siding or deck.
  • Sealing issues with exterior entries. Most exterior doors come pre-hung, meaning they come with the hinges and frame already attached. If your exterior panel and frame are severely warped or damaged, it may be best to replace them entirely with a new pre-hung exterior door that is guaranteed to seal properly.

How Much Does Door Repair in Wichita, KS Cost?

The cost of our Wichita door repair service will depend largely on the type of repair you require and the extent of the issue. As such, we regret that we are unable to provide an accurate cost estimate on our website.

For this reason, we’d be glad to provide you with an accurate in-person estimate. These quotes are no obligation, so if you decide that our Wichita door repair service isn’t right for you at this time, we won’t hold you to it.

Can I Do Door Repair in Wichita, KS On My Own?

We don’t generally encourage attempting to do a door repair in Wichita, KS on your own. As previously mentioned, doors are incredibly complex and require a high level of precision to install properly. Incorrect installation can cost you tons of additional expenses in higher utility bills alone. Plus, you may need to purchase tools and materials that your Wichita service technician already has.

If you’re experiencing an issue like squeaking, it doesn’t hurt to try to fix the issue on your own by lubricating the hinges. If you’re careful, you can also try slightly loosening or tightening the hinges to correct any misalignment issues you may be having. If neither of these solutions fixes the problem, give us a call. We’ll be in and out before you know it, saving you both time and the headache of troubleshooting.

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