Stepping into an outdated, hazardous, and inconvenient shower at the end of a long day can feel more frustrating than refreshing. If you’re looking to spruce up your bathing area, you may want to consider a Norfolk County shower remodel. Not only will it transform your shower into a space you enjoy, but it will also increase your property value and make it more accessible.

When choosing a Norfolk County handyman for the job, look no further than Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S. Shore. Our qualified team can help you turn this dull disaster zone into your dream bathroom. Ready to start planning? Read on to discover what’s possible for your space, or give our dedicated customer service team a call to get started.

About Our Norfolk County Shower Remodel Services

If you’ve been cursing your shower door for far too long or worrying about the peeling caulk around your bathtub, there’s never been a better time for a Norfolk County shower remodel. While the shower is just one small space, making changes to this bathroom feature can totally make your bathroom area sparkle. But what’s exactly possible for this space, and how can we help with your shower remodeling project?

Shower Tile Replacement or Repair

Cracked, outdated shower tiles can sure put a damper on your showering experience. Enjoyment goes hand in hand with aesthetics, which is why replacing or repairing damaged tile is one easy way to get more from your shower and create a calming bathroom.

Tile replacement involves removing the old pieces before re-leveling the bathroom walls, applying mortar, arranging new tile, and sealing with grout. If you are switching up the design of your shower completely, you may want to consider a different pattern, color, or shape. 

Have your choice of materials such as these popular options:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Glass tile
  • Mosaic tile
  • And many more!

Shower Door Replacement

Your shower door is what you use to get in and out of your shower. Depending on the number of people that use this shower, it may get a lot of daily use. From broken hinges to chipped glass, there are a number of reasons why you may want to change your shower door up for a new one. Of course, making the swap to a new door can also help you create a beautiful bathroom. Choose from sliding doors, frosted glass, or accessible models to make your bathing experience easier and more private.

Storage Niche Installation

Where are you currently storing your shampoo and soap? If you have a walk-in shower without a tub, it’s likely the floor or an annoying shower caddy. Make your life easier by getting a storage niche installed in the wall of your shower. It will give your space a cohesive and beautiful design while making your body care products more accessible.

Re-Caulking and Re-Grouting

Caulk is a flexible material used to seal edges around your shower. If you’ve noticed the white material peeling from around the perimeter of your shower, this isn’t a good sign. Not only is it unsightly, but it also means water could get underneath and cause damage leading to mold growth. This one small bathroom renovation will improve the look and comfort of your shower.

While caulk and grout are used for similar purposes, they have different applications. Re-grouting is usually only necessary if the existing grout in between tile sheets has excessive damage or if you plan to replace the entire tile structure.

Shower Fixture Replacement

The simple switch of the style of your shower head and faucets can elevate the look of your bathroom space. From vintage designs to chic and modern, this is one of the most affordable ways to uplevel your shower instantly. Thinking about accessibility? Go for a style that’s easy to grab or a shower head that detaches. The type of shower head you choose may also be more water efficient, and if you’re at all interested in conserving water and lowering your utility bills, this is the perfect chance to make the switch.

Looking to do a complete bathroom remodel instead? We also offer shower remodeling as part of a large-scale bathroom remodeling project in which we can perform drywall repair, bathroom floor tile repair and replacement, bathroom mirror installation, and more.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Your Norfolk County Shower Remodel?

While the range of services performed during a Norfolk County shower remodel vary in terms of difficulty, no matter which ones you need, it’s important that they’re done by a professional with ample experience. There is, indeed, a right and a wrong way to caulk, and there’s definitely extensive skill required to create a shower niche within an existing bathroom wall. 

When choosing Mr. Handyman of Central - East Norfolk County & S. Shore, you’re getting a team of contractors with decades of combined experience as well as one that will always be respectful of your time, home, and family. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Just read our customer reviews

For total peace of mind, call our skilled team today to learn more about our bathroom remodeling services or any of our other home improvement projects, such as backsplash installation or door repair.

FAQs About Norfolk County Shower Remodel Services

Why Should I Remodel My Bathroom?

Many homeowners choose to remodel their bathrooms because it is an easy way to make them look better. Upgrading the tile or shower door will also increase your property value while installing a grab bar and shower niche and changing the fixtures will make it more accessible.

How Can I Redo My Shower on a Budget?

A shower is a relatively small space, so any single change you make will have a significant impact. Also, because of the size, you won’t have to spend much to transform your shower. Even if you’re taking on a larger bathroom project, such as tile installation, you can find affordable tile options that will still uplevel the space. But focus on the necessities first by asking yourself what will soon require repairs. Perhaps you’re due to upgrade the flooring material or the glass panels. Prioritize necessary fixes that will make a huge difference down the road.

What Adds The Most Value to a Bathroom?

A new shower door and new tile installation add the most value to your Massachusetts shower and bathroom. These are the defining features of how your shower appears. While caulking is certainly significant and high value in its own regard, it’s not something that will raise your property value.

What Other Bathroom Remodeling Services Do You Offer?

It's not uncommon for drywall damage to occur in bathrooms. Drywall issues such as water damage and holes in the drywall sheet are common. If you are remodeling your entire bathroom, you should consider replacing much more than your faulty shower. While remodeled showers can give your bathroom an updated look, choosing drywall repair, custom mirror design installation, new fixture installation, and new flooring installation can totally transform your space.

Spruce Up With A Shower Remodel in Norfolk County, MA - Call Mr. Handyman Today!

Your shower is just one small space in your home, but it takes up a fair bit of room in your bathroom. Its condition can completely affect the overall aesthetic of the room, but thankfully, calling us for a Norfolk County shower remodel is an easy way to upgrade its look. 

Call our knowledgeable team today to schedule services for your shower or learn more about what’s possible. With our wide range of home improvement services, we can take on any type of project you throw at us—don’t forget to inquire about drywall installation or stair repair too!

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