Whether they're in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, office, garage or numerous other possible locations throughout your house, cabinets are an absolute must-have. We all have belongings and items that we want to keep close at hand without having to look at them all the time, and cabinets are the ideal storage space for everything that falls into that category. If your house just doesn't have enough cabinet space or you're ready to replace your old, battered units with a new Charleston cabinet installation, it's time to call your local, qualified Charleston handyman for help.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.
A modern kitchen with new cabinets that have been installed using professional services for cabinet installation in Charleston, SC.

The team of home installation, repair, improvement, and maintenance professionals at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville have decades of combined experience with projects, including Charleston cabinet installation, so we can get your new cabinetry in place efficiently and make sure the installation is durable and long-lasting.

Our Expert Charleston Cabinet Installation Services

If your current kitchen cabinet installation in Charleston, SC is looking rough and needs to be replaced or you are in the market for a brand-new system, turn to the talented cabinetry experts at Mr. Handyman. Unlike some other companies or contractors, we'll never do just the basics and leave you with a half-finished job that still needs steps like the trim installation to be completed. Instead, we'll make sure every last part of the project is taken care of, and we'll even clean up after ourselves before we leave. Our Charleston cabinet installation services include:

  • Remove old, damaged materials
  • Inspect and inventory new materials
  • Inspect drywall for serious problems like water damage
  • Check that floor is level and even, and locate the high point if it's not so we can make sure the cabinet installation goes in level
  • Plan, measure, and mark off the layout of your Charleston cabinet installation
  • Secure base cabinet boxes and mark where the doors and drawers will go
  • Locate wall studs for hanging units, wall stud marking
  • Install wall boxes
  • Install doors and drawers into the lower and upper boxes
  • Attach cabinet hardware such as door handles and drawer pulls
  • Re-install or replace any trim, such as baseboards, that was displaced during the installation

Count On Mr. Handyman for Cabinet Installation in Charleston, SC

A handyman from Mr. Handyman using a drill to install new cabinets in a kitchen.

When calling Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville for cabinet installation, Charleston, SC homeowners get the peace of mind that comes with knowing we'll send an experienced, professional installer with ample carpentry experience to handle the work involved.

We have the expertise and skill to handle your entire Charleston cabinet installation project from start to finish. While capable, efficient workmanship is, of course, important, it's not the only factor that goes into an ideal service experience. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and that's why we always answer the phone, schedule convenient appointment times, and show up promptly in uniform. We want you to have confidence that we'll treat you and your property with respect. We’ll ensure the results of our work will meet or exceed your expectations for outstanding service quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charleston Cabinet Installation


Suppose your Charleston cabinet installation is part of a larger project like a bathroom or kitchen remodel; plus, there will also be a new floor installed. In that case, you're probably trying to work out the right order to get everything done for maximum efficiency. While Charleston cabinet installation service can be done without disturbing your flooring material, if it's being ripped out anyway, it makes the most sense to take care of the cabinetry before the flooring is installed. Of course, it'll be necessary to have flooring joists and the subfloor in place, so your cabinet installers have something to support the installation.


Suppose you like the layout and configuration of your current cabinetry, but the style is outdated, and you're ready for a new look, or your doors and drawer fronts are looking really beat up after years of wear and tear damage. In that case, it may not be necessary to do a complete replacement. We have expert finish carpenters who take care of the refinishing or refacing job. Refinishing may be all it takes to get a modern, fresh appearance that can transform the entire room, as long as the cabinet boxes are still sturdy and in decently good condition. Refinishing involves sanding down cabinet doors and drawer fronts to remove scratches and dirt and applying fresh coats of wood stain or paint. Refacing, on the other hand, is when we put on new doors and drawer fronts while leaving the boxes as-is. That's a good choice if you want an entirely new style


That really depends on your preferences. One big advantage of a custom installation is that it can be made to suit your needs. If your household members are shorter or taller than average, it may make sense to adjust the base cabinet height, so your countertop is at a height that's most comfortable for you to use. But if you want to stick to the standards, it'll be around 36 inches high for base cabinets, and upper cabinets begin about 18 inches above the countertop.


We certainly do because we understand that certain kitchen walls and ceilings are oddly shaped and need personalized, custom furniture to make specific spaces more efficient. In order to make your custom cabinet installation special, we’ll help you source your preferred lumber locally and ensure your solid wood is made of quality material. When choosing our expert carpenters, you can rest easy knowing that they’re trained professionals who are able to meet your requirements. High-quality materials will be acquired locally and sustainably.


That's up to you. It used to be standard for upper wall cabinets to stop a foot or two below the ceiling, but it's increasingly popular for a kitchen cabinet installation to go all the way up. That gives you some additional storage space inside the systems, and it also means you don't have to climb the counters to dust all the way up there.

Need Cabinet Installation? Charleston SC, Trust Your Local Handyman to Get It Done

Do you live in Charleston or another part of our little corner of South Carolina, such as North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Moncks Corner, or Goose Creek? Reliable, experienced handyman services are at your fingertips. We offer a wide range of property maintenance, repairs, and remodeling services for everything from cabinet installation to flooring installation to full bathroom remodeling services. We guarantee that you won’t find a more versatile team than us!

All you need to do is call Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville, and our friendly customer service staff will schedule a convenient appointment time for service.

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