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When you go into your bathroom, do you look around and immediately notice that cracked tile floor, the wobbly hinges on the shower door, or that hole in the drywall where someone flung the door open a little too enthusiastically? Your bathroom should be a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, not a collection of broken, malfunctioning, or deteriorating components that are in desperate need of Charleston bathroom repair.

If you're ready to get your bathroom back in perfect working condition and looking its best again, count on your local Charleston handyman at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville. Our multi-skilled team has experience with a wide range of repair, maintenance, installation, and home improvement services, so we can take care of Charleston bathroom repair from floor to ceiling and leave you with a bathroom that looks great and functions just as well as the day it was constructed.

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A handyman from Mr. Handyman using a caulking gun to fix a seal between a glass shower wall and tiled shower wall during an appointment for bathroom repairs in Charleston, SC.
Our Charleston Bathroom Repair Services

A handyman from Mr. Handyman using a trowel to spread tile cleaner across the surface of a tiled shower floor.

When there are multiple smaller problems that call for bathroom repair, Charleston, SC homeowners may be reluctant to call professionals for help. After all, it may not seem worthwhile to call a tile specialist to fix one tile, a plumbing professional to fix a shower head that's not working properly, and a drywall repairman to deal with a spot of damage on the wall. Our dedicated Charleston handyman team can save you time and money by taking care of a number of smaller tasks in a single appointment to get everything crossed off your to-do list efficiently and correctly. Here are some of the many bathroom repair services our team can deliver.


Caulk is a semi-flexible sealant that is found in multiple places around your bathroom. It is typically used to seal off the edge or gap where one material transitions into another, like where wall tile meets drywall or where two surfaces meet at a 90-degree angle. It's also sometimes used to seal grout lines on moisture-prone tile installations such as shower tile to help give it greater water resistance. Or caulking around your bathtub to prevent interior water damage. However, high-quality caulk only lasts around five years before it starts peeling off and needs to be replaced. Your local handyman professional can take care of even, smooth caulk application to make sure your bathroom is sealed against moisture incursion.

Drywall Repair and Refinishing

Drywall is pretty sturdy, but it's fairly common for it to become damaged and need bathroom repair service because the room is smaller and more confined, which creates more opportunities for impact damage. It can also be damaged by excessive moisture, especially in a room that is poorly ventilated. We'll get it patched up, so the repair work is completely invisible—and we can install a bathroom fan for better ventilation as well.

Tile Repair and Installation

Whether it's on your bathroom flooring material, wall or both, most houses have some tile that will eventually need Charleston bathroom repair services. Porcelain and ceramic tile are the most popular choices by a long shot, and while they are very strong and durable, they tend to develop surface issues over time such as chips and hairline cracks. They can also be smashed by a heavy impact, or the grout becomes loose and crumbly. We'll repair or replace your damaged tile flooring and backsplashes to erase unsightly signs of deterioration.

Shower Head Servicing

Suppose you've got a leaky, clogged shower head or other bathroom fixtures that aren't working correctly. In that case, it can be incredibly frustrating—but the good news is that our Charleston bathroom repair professionals can usually get it fixed up quickly so you can use your fixtures as intended again.

Shower Door Repair

Your shower door needs to be able to hold back the flood and prevent the rest of the room from taking a shower every time you want to get clean. Whether you've got a hinged shower door that is loose and wobbly, a sliding door that has come off its tracks, or a myriad of other potential problems, your bathroom repair handyman will get it fixed up, so you don't have to step in a puddle every time you get out of the shower.

Cabinet Repair and Refacing

Bathroom storage space is essential for all the numerous items we need and want to keep on hand for our daily grooming routines, which is why most homes feature bathroom cabinets. Like anything else in your house, those storage cabinets can take unsightly damage over the years or suffer other issues like broken latches and loose hinges. We'll take care of cabinet repair and can also reface your cabinetry if the surfaces are seriously damaged or you're looking for a new style.

Accessibility Modifications

If you or a loved one are experiencing some mobility-related challenges, it can make using the bathroom independently very difficult. Our experienced handymen can help with a few simple accessibility modifications that will make it safer and more comfortable to use the washroom. That could include installing a walk-in tub or barrier-free shower, raising the toilet seat, changing out the faucet or cabinet handles, and putting up grab bars so there's a way to steady oneself in those awkward transitions from sitting to standing and vice versa.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

While bathroom remodels may not strictly qualify as bathroom repair, it's worth noting that our capable professionals have the skill and experience to transform your outdated bathroom into the dream bathroom you've always wanted with a complete Charleston bathroom remodeling project, including double vanity, improved light fixtures, bathtub to shower conversions, increasing your bathroom space, and many other possibilities.

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Many homeowners and business owners in the Charleston, SC area tell us that they've struggled to find a reputable handyman who will show up on time and get the work done properly while also displaying courteous, professional behavior. Don't suffer the headache of dealing with contractors who aren't committed to customer satisfaction when you can get top-quality service from the team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville.

A handyman from Mr. Handyman using a trowel to spread tile sealer across the tiled floor of a bathroom that has just received tile and grout repairs.

We are dedicated to doing everything in our power to make sure the results of your home repair, maintenance, installation, or improvement project are exactly what you were hoping for or even better. We also value clear, honest communication and will take the time to address any questions or concerns you may have to ensure we're delivering the best possible customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Charleston Bathroom Repair

Are Grout and Caulk the Same Thing?

No, they're not, but many people get two confused because they both belong in a bathroom and perform similar functions. Grout is a cement-based product that cures a hard but somewhat porous finish, and it is used in tile installations to separate individual tiles. Grout prevents dirt from getting between the pieces and also gives a little leeway for movement caused by the building settling. Caulk is a semi-flexible material that is usually made from silicone or acrylic, and it's used all over your house to seal up gaps, cracks, and other places that could let in moisture or air drafts. When it comes to Charleston bathroom repair, caulking is typically done around the edges of tile installations or where two materials meet, especially in areas like the shower that are going to be frequently splashed with water.

Is It Possible to Restore Water-Damaged Drywall With Bathroom Repair?

In some cases, it’s possible to repair water-damaged drywall. Your handyman will cut out the damaged part and install a new patch, then smooth over the edges of the patch and paint the wall, so the repair is invisible. However, if the damage is widespread across multiple panels in the room, patching would be a waste of time and effort. In the case of really widespread or severe damage, replacement is going to be the best course of action.

How Often Should I Expect to Need Bathroom Repair Services?

In all likelihood, you will need to call our handyman service for Charleston bathroom repairs at least once every seven to 10 years because certain components and fixtures can only last so long without professional repair. However, caulking can be necessary every five years, so it's possible you'll need professional services as often as twice per decade. That being said, there's naturally no time frame for sudden damage, which could cause you to need bathroom repair much sooner.

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