Suppose masonry is already a part of your home or commercial business in Dallas TX, from natural stone to brick and cement pavers. In that case, you know these long-lasting, durable building materials offer an attractive design sensibility that can enhance your entire property and increase its value.

But, as durable as masonry is, it doesn't last forever without professional repair and maintenance. If your stone, brick, or pavement has seen better days or you were contemplating a new installation anyway, then it pays to know exactly who you can call to get the work you need.

The skilled Dallas handyman team at Mr. Handyman has the experience to provide capable, high-quality workmanship and superior customer service on every job, including masonry in Dallas. Need to know more or have questions about a specific project that has been on your mind? Call Mr. Handyman of Dallas and chat with our friendly customer service representatives to learn more about our repair and installation services.

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What Do Masonry Services in Dallas Include?

Masonry is the building of structures such as walkways, walls, foundations, chimneys, or exterior stairs from single systems that are usually in and bound together with high-quality mortar. Sometimes, masonry is referred to as units that are made of stone, brick, or pavers.

Our local masonry Dallas services include:

  • Cement walkway repair
  • Foundation Repair
  • Fence post and concrete deck footing installation
  • Brick stair, walkway, and chimney repair
  • Stone or brick wall repair
  • Paver repair, replacement, and installation for patios, concrete driveways, and walkways
  • Commercial projects

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Masonry Work?

Finding a trusted, skilled masonry contractor can be a headache unless you look at the right place. At Mr. Handyman, you will find a team of certified and versatile handyman technicians who bring an average of ten years of extensive experience in helping the local community of Dallas and surrounding areas complete a large number of efficient home repairs and maintenance services, including brick repair services and general masonry maintenance.

When choosing Mr. Handyman of Dallas, you will benefit from the following perks:

  • Highly trained and certified service technicians who provide guaranteed workmanship, parts, and high-quality products
  • Worry-free customer experience, during which we ensure your safety, comfort and money’s worth. Customer satisfaction comes first!
  • An in-house inspection and consultation, during which we will answer any questions that you may have, as well as write up a detailed cost estimate with no hidden charges. We aim to be as transparent with our upfront pricing system as possible!
  • We are committed to our Done Right Promise, which means that if your masonry repair service is not done correctly, we’ll come back and make it right. Simply get in touch with us within a year of the service, and our handyman team will rectify the problem.

Masonry Work—Dallas FAQs

What Causes Damage to Masonry Surfaces?

As strong and dependable as stone, brick, and concrete pavers are, they can sometimes suffer damage which is usually, but not always, related to the excessive intrusion of water. Here are some common causes of damage that you should address as soon as possible.

  • Freeze and Thaw Cycle: During this cycle, groundwater freezes when it gets cold. During this process, water expands and constricts masonry structures, potentially causing cracks and cement mortar damage.
  • Building Settling: Every building shifts and settles over time, which can cause damage to bricks, pavers, and mortar, such as loose mortar and cracked stones.
  • Vegetation Growth: Do you live in a tree-dense area where plants are near your structures? Plants, such as weeds, grass, and leaves contain high moisture levels and can trigger mildew and moss growth on mortar.
  • Clogged Gutters: When you fail to book your routine gutter cleaning service, you could experience gutter clogs that lead to overflow and broken sections. Rainwater that spills onto your roof has nowhere to go but inside your attic. This can cause serious moisture issues, ranging from compromised foundations to water damage on the roofline.

What Are the Signs You Need Masonry Work?

Dallas homeowners might be wondering why their structures are due for repair. We recommend walking around the entire structure or surface and examining it closely from as many angles as possible, looking for the following signs of damage, whether it’s your indoor or outdoor living space.

Crumbling Mortar

Needless to say, mortar is probably the most sensitive part of your masonry, and deteriorated mortar joints are a common problem. When mortar crumbles apart, it leaves the bricks and stones without sufficient support, causing them to rub against each other and suffer internal damage or fall out of the unit completely. If you have a brick or stone wall, it will need mortar repair at least once every 15 years, depending on the harmful elements it might be exposed to. An important component of masonry work in Dallas is professional mortar repair service.

Loose or Broken Bricks, Stones, or Pavers

When bricks, stones, or pavers have become loose due to crumbly mortar or they have suffered severe cracks, you will need to replace them.

Masonry is made up of single units, so you rely on their combined strength to create a durable, long-lasting structure. However, it only takes a weak link to cause serious structural instability. This means that any missing pieces or huge cracks can also make a surface like a patio dangerous to walk on.

Frost Boil

When moisture makes its way behind brick and seeps into the backing, it pushes on the bricks and can cause them to cave inward or bulge outward. This is often the case with the freeze and thaw cycle because the ingress of water is a huge issue, and your mason will need to take out affected bricks, complete water damage repairs underneath, and install replacement sections to restore stability.

What Are the Benefits of Masonry Materials?

You can take big advantage of our masonry work in Dallas for all kinds of stone, brick, and paver installations. Depending on the exact type of material you choose, you can create beautiful, original structures that make you stand out from your neighbors.

Throughout history, masonry has been the highest standard of building material, and it's not difficult to see why—massive structures like the Colosseum in Rome are still standing after thousands of years. In other parts of the world, there are stone buildings that date back 6000 years.

Nevertheless, ancient structures took a lifetime to build and were installed under the strict guidance of math geniuses that were also master masons. In most cases, masonry is not an amateur do-it-yourself project — in order to get the advantages listed below, your stone, brick, or pavers need to be installed by an experienced professional such as the ones at Mr. Handyman. Need some advice to find the right person for the job?

Resistant to Fire, Rot, and Other Damage

This is among the biggest benefits of masonry materials because most homeowners struggle to keep wood rot fungi away from wooden patios, siding, stairs, and other timber structures on the outside of homes. While it is possible for some types of wood rot to travel across masonry, it is a wood-eating fungus that can't actually survive on or destroy stone, brick, or cement, making those structures impervious to the aggravating, unsightly and sometimes dangerous problem of wood rot.

Of course, the very nature of these materials makes them nearly impervious to fire, which gives you peace of mind that your property is less prone to going up in flames. Masonry surfaces and structures are also resistant or invulnerable to damage from elements such as wildlife, insects, vandalism, and harsh weather.

Durable And Long-Lasting

All that natural damage resistance gives masonry materials the durable, long-lasting qualities we associate with them. Your stone, brick, or cement installation may not last quite as long as the Colosseum—but with proper care and maintenance, it could still be around hundreds of years later!

Speaking of maintenance, these structures and surfaces are also known for ease of maintenance. An annual check for signs of water damage or other issues, combined with repair services from masonry technicians, will keep your installation looking great and functioning beautifully for many years to come.

Enhances Curb Appeal And Increases Property Value

Whether you're thinking of selling your home or commercial business in the near future or have no intention of leaving and just want to keep your property looking its best, a talented masonry expert can do a lot to improve your property value and curb appeal. These attractive, timeless materials add sophistication and the impression of durability, from patios and walkways to accent walls and fences, that will impress prospective buyers and encourage them to seal the deal.

Is Masonry in Dallas The Safest Form of Construction?

Masonry work is certainly considered one of the safest forms of construction. It offers better safety against fires, vandalism, and other types of damage. If you take stucco as an example, it costs nowhere near as much as masonry work. Dallas property owners who have masonry construction will know how much quality labor time was invested in their structure. Once you have had a masonry project completed on your home, you’ll notice advantages like improved insulation and sound-dampening qualities.

What Are The Disadvantages of Masonry in Dallas?

Our Dallas masonry experts can only think of two disadvantages that have property owners stay away from masonry services: cost and labor. You are dealing with heavy materials that are time-consuming when it comes to transportation and installation. And as you already know, time costs money and should be invested in hiring a professional masonry team for the best results. Of course, investing in smaller structures like chimneys, fireplaces, or other smaller concrete masonry units is also an option.

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