Many of us may treat the blemishes on our ceilings as out of sight and out of mind, as they look like less of an eyesore than damage to our walls and floors. But sometimes a sneaky crack may be due to a serious and deeper underlying problem like a shifting house foundation or leaking pipes. It’s best to avoid having your ceiling cave in by signing up for a ceiling repair service in Flower Mound, TX so you can avoid a crisis scenario.

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A handyman using a trowel to spread Spackle on a ceiling for ceiling repairs in Flower Mound, TX.

Our qualified, licensed, and fully insured Flower Mound handyman team is here to restore your ceiling to top-notch condition and is more than happy to provide a consultation appointment to explore your repair options.

Our Verified Ceiling Repairs In Flower Mound, TX

A kitchen ceiling with a hole before and after Mr. Handyman has completed ceiling repairs in Flower Mound,TX.

You’ve probably noticed random fissures, stains, or spots on your ceiling but brushed them off. Of course, even if you don’t face the scenario of your roof collapsing in on you, you also face consequences of mildew and mold growth, for example, from a leaky roof which can spread like rapid-fire to other areas of your home, from the carpet to your personal belongings like clothing and furniture.

But no frets! Our handyman technicians can give you the quick fix you need to restore your ceiling to ship-shape order. Mr. Handyman is always ready to fix property damage before it gets worse with guaranteed workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Here are the steps involved in a small to medium-sized hole repair:

  1. Prep: Our technician will toss on safety goggles and a dust mask, and may ask you to cover surrounding furniture with a plastic tarp to protect it from drywall dust and debris. Drywall dust can result in health problems for some, so for extra protection, you can also put on a mask.
  2. Cut it Out: Our technician will use a utility knife to carefully cut out the looser part of the drywall by going over the edges of the hole. Enough drywall is removed so that a new piece of drywall can be matched against the ceiling. For anything smaller than 6 inches, a small patch will likely be all that’s needed. For larger holes, it may be necessary to cut a piece of drywall into a new patch that will be installed over the hole.
  3. Peel and Place: We remove the backing from the drywall patch and place it securely over the hole front and center. The sticky adhesive will harden immediately.
  4. Spackle Over: We will use Spackle to go over the patch and begin to sand it over, leaving a perfectly smooth and even surface where the hole used to be.

As you can see, ceiling repairs are a similar scenario to drywall repair, but again the type of ceiling repairs depends on the amount of damage and ceiling height. Mostly, for Flower Mound ceiling repairs, these are our specialty areas:


Any fracture snaking across your ceiling may make you feel uneasy but the reason may be totally out of your hands, like a shifting house. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be complacent about any cracks or stains and should schedule an appointment with your expert handyman for Flower Mound ceiling repair at your earliest convenience.

For smaller to medium-sized cracks, as described above, sometimes removing the portion of drywall isn’t required. Sometimes it’s just simpler to spread some joint compound over the crack and lock it in with a strip of joint tape. An additional layer of joint compound is then added to the tape to make it compact. Our technician will set the repair using a sanding block and smooth over the surface. For larger cracks, of course, we’ll have to cut out the damaged drywall and install a new piece in place.


Water damage is evident in brownish stains spotting the ceiling, unusually due to a leaky pipe and excessive moisture. Before we even begin ceiling replacement, we have to cut out the damaged piece of drywall, which must be removed completely. Your technician will also ensure the area is bone dry and no longer damp by using a fan.

Next, we’ll perform the actual repair by creating a patch by cutting it out of a new piece of drywall. We then proceed to nail-secure the patch atop the uncovered ceiling joists. For the finishing touch, we’ll cover the juncture with joint tape and mud and sand over.


A textured ceiling before and after it has been repaired with Mr. Handyman’s services for ceiling repair in Flower Mound, TX.

At times our clients are concerned if their Flower Mound ceiling repair will turn out gaudy and obvious if the textures of the old and new drywall mismatch. But rest assured our skilled technicians have the tact to keep texture in place without entirely removing it from the ceiling.

Whether you love or hate your popcorn ceiling, we can do everything from complete removals to resurfacing the ceiling with fine, medium, or coarse grains. We’ll retexturize using a roller or spray-on product and because we are trained we have the know-how to create a finishing look that is smooth and blends well instead of it looking like it’s been tacked on.

We Are the Coveted Choice For Ceiling Repair Services

You don't want to choose a run-of-the-mill carpenter that does a shoddy job in which you’ll require more damage control repairs anyway. Our team members at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton offer quality workmanship and courteous customer service.

If for any reason you’re still not satisfied with your Flower Mound ceiling repair we even offer a one-year service warranty in which we’ll return to correct your ceiling no questions asked. We always want our clients to make an informed decision, so we won’t try to upsell you any service that we don’t think you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Repair In Flower Mound


There are two main reasons: either it’s structural damage from general wear and tear or it’s the natural settling of your home’s foundation that is bound to occur as the building ages. Plus, not depending on a reliable, certified technician with verified workmanship such as our handymen from Mr. Handyman.


  • Water stains which yellow or brown
  • Musty odors
  • Slouching ceiling
  • Cracked or chipped-off pain
  • Condensation droplets
  • Warped or shapeshifted portions of the room


To protect the structural integrity of your home it’s best to replace the drywall ASAP, as it indicates there has been a recent leak in your pipes. Not only will weakened drywall fail to support the upper levels of your home but moisture damage could also lead to serious mold and mildew problems that will require more specialized, costly work in the future.


Apart from the Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling and your roof caving in on you, there can be serious health consequences as the mold and mildew spores from water damage lead to allergic reactions and repository problems including breathing issues. Plus random puddles from a severely leaking roof are a safety hazard for you and your family members as you can accidentally slip and slide right into an injury if you’re not careful.

Need Reliable Ceiling Repair? Flower Mound, TX Residents Know Where To Find Us

Glance no more at that unsightly crack in the ceiling and let our experienced technicians pave over that drywall damage. Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton can meet all your needs for drywall repair and new drywall installation, whether you need service for your ceiling or another area of your home. We serve not just Flower Mound but many nearby areas as well, such as Denton, Justin, and Lewisville.

Schedule your appointment for a Flower Mound ceiling repair service right away by reaching out, or if you’re interested in learning more about how you envision your next home renovation project our customer service team is on standby ready to help. We look forward to your request and earnestly await your response.

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