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Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional for Your Fence Repair in Frisco?

The global fencing market is worth $28 billion.

A strong fence protects your property and adds to the aesthetic appearance of your home. Due to its importance, you should repair it immediately when it shows signs of wear and tear.

You can hire a professional fence repair expert in Frisco, or even do it yourself. Both options are great, and choosing between them can be hard. If you are in this dilemma right now, worry not.

This guide will discuss both types of fence repair to help you choose the best. Read on!

DIY Fence Repair

A quick DIY fix is the right answer if you want to save money. However, you should dedicate enough time to the process and get the right fence repair tools. Here are the pros and cons of DIY repair:

Pros of DIY Fence Repair

Thinking about DIY fence repair? Here are some of the benefits you’d get:

Cost Savings

You can save money by repairing the fence on your own. You will not spend on hiring contractors for the job, and you will, therefore, use the money on other things. You will only incur the charges of buying the right fence repair tools and equipment.

More Skills

A DIY fence repair process will help you perfect your skills. You will gain more confidence, and you will learn more about chain link fence repair. You may not repair the fence as an expert, but you will learn new things.

With time, you may decide to grow your fence repair skills to become a chain link fence repair expert in Frisco.


At times, a DIY repair may give you the satisfaction you need. You will choose the materials of your choice, the right styles, designs and so on. Some contractors may be limited to one method only, meaning that you may not get your desired results.

Cons of DIY Fence Repair

Although installing a fence by yourself comes with some benefits, there are also some drawbacks. Here are a few of them:

Poor Outcome

Since you don't have the expertise, the chances are high that your results will be poor. You will also lack the right fencing tools, which means that your work will not be the best.

Time Consuming

The DIY fence repair process is time-consuming. You will be doing trial and error, and this means that you will take a long time to complete the project. Experts are well versed with their work; thus, they use a shorter time.


Fence repair is risky. You will be handling different types of chain mesh, woods, and other materials. At times, you may encounter injuries. For instance, unless you have someone helping you, it can be dangerous to repair a chain-link fence on your own.

Can Cost You More

You may end up spending more than what you would have paid for professional fence repairs in Frisco. Assuming that you have never done a similar project, you will have to buy new fence repair posts, a new fence, and the repair toolbox.

You may even pay double for the supplies, mainly because you do not know the materials' actual price. Experts recognize the best areas to buy these tools, thus they get great discounts.

Professional Fence Repair Services

Professional fence repair involves experts inspecting the fence and giving recommendations on the ideal repair method. If the fence is beyond repair, they can as well install it again to enhance its durability and aesthetic features.

Here are the pros of hiring a fencing contractor:

Pros of Professional Fence Repair

Better Results

Fence repair experts can guarantee better results. They’re experienced, which means that they can handle your fencing needs with precision.

Furthermore, they are familiar with different types of fences, from chain mesh to wood. You can entrust them with the project if you would like excellent results.

Fast Outcome

Fencing experts have handy tools for their work. When combined with their expertise, they deliver immediate results, depending on the size of the project. On average, they can provide results within a day.

The fast outcome will help you concentrate on other home improvement projects without focusing too much on the same thing.

Helpful Advice

As mentioned earlier, the fencing experts offer useful advice regarding your fence. They can advise you on the best type of fence to use and which would blend with your property, among other aspects.

Higher Property Value

Fencing experts guarantee better outcomes, which translates to higher property value. If you are planning to sell your property, a well-installed fence can boost the value. You only need to hire the best fence repair company that can provide the results you need.

Clean-up and Maintenance

The fencing process leaves the area dirty and messy. The cleaning process might be hard, mainly if you have other activities to do. The professional fencing team does the cleaning and maintenance to keep your place clean.

Cons of Professional Fence Repair

Although involving fence repair experts seems like the best decision, there are still some challenges you could encounter.

May be Costly

You may incur more fence repair costs in hiring experts. From the hiring process to the labor costs, you may end up spending more on the process, compared to the DIY route.

However, this might not be a big issue since you can look for an affordable firm. You can compare costs, and you can negotiate for better terms, such as installment payments.

DIY vs Professional Fence Installation: Which Is the Best?

Each option has pros and cons. It's up to you to weigh both sides and choose the most convenient method. If you prefer DIY, you will have to gather the right tools and be keen to avoid hurting yourself or making costly mistakes.

If you choose a professional, you will have to find the best team you can trust and keep a long-lasting relationship with them.

DIY is the best option if:

  • You have a tight budget for the process

  • You want to advance your fencing skills

  • The project is too small to involve a third party

  • You have enough time to experiment with a new thing

  • Accuracy is not needed

Lastly, you may choose DIY if you need the satisfaction and pride in repairing the fence on your own.

Professional fence repair services are ideal when:

  • You need excellent results to increase the value of your property

  • You don't have the right tools and equipment

  • You need the work completed within a short period

  • You are busy with other projects

  • You need helpful advice regarding fencing styles, designs, and materials

You can also hire experts if you need to learn newer skills regarding fence installation and repair.

Tips for Hiring Professional Fence Repair Services

Don't assume that any fencing firm can provide your desired results. You should do a background search on the available firms to choose the best. The hiring process can be overwhelming, but you can get the best team if you observe the right tips.

Here are helpful tips to help you choose the best fence repair expert in Frisco.

Get Multiple Estimates

You may obtain the estimates from several promising fencing firms, and compare the pricing packages.

Be sure to consider the reason for the costs. Some firms may give you a price quote for the labor, and leave out the price of materials, maintenance, tax, and other things.

The right quote should include all the costs that you will incur. Ask for hidden charges too so that you can plan well.

Note that a high-price quote does not always translate to high-quality services. Unless the firm is reputable, you should always consider the average-priced service.

Consider the Warranty

Does the fencing firm offer warranty? If it does, what does the warranty cover? Does it cover the labor alone?

Fencing repair is a long-term project, and the warranty should also be long-term. On average, the warranty period for the fencing project should be three years.

Remember to ask for the terms and conditions for the warranty.

The best fencing professionals will explain everything to you in detail to help you know what to expect.

Consider the Expertise

An experienced fencing expert will deliver better results compared to a first-timer. A skilled person will also accomplish the project within the shortest time possible.

Before you hire, find out how long the contractor has been in the field. You can ask them, or do your research to find out. The most skilled contractor will not hesitate to show you their qualifications and their previous projects too.

Consider the Reputation

Can you trust the person you’re about to hire? What do past clients say about them? Remember that your property is at stake, and you can't entrust it with anyone you meet.

The ideal fence post repair expert should have a great reputation. Past clients should be satisfied with the fence installation or repair work they received.

But how to determine the reputation of a fencing professional? It's simple. Go through their website and note the reviews. Too many complaints and negative reviews would be a red sign that the fencing firm does not deliver.

Take caution with too many positive remarks, because they can be fake. If you don't trust the website reviews, contact the past-clients who seem legit to find more information. You may also use third party sites that review companies to know more about the fencing firm.

Check the Certifications

The federal law requires all professional fence repair firms to have an operating license. The license provides evidence that the firm is legit and authorized to provide the mentioned services.

Some certificates may be fake, which means that you should know how to differentiate between the false and the real. Check for the stamp, the name, and the sign. Check the date too to confirm that it's not expired.

Besides the fencing license, the contractor should also have valid insurance. Fencing projects are quite risky, and the insurance can help you get compensation for any loss. Don't hire any contractor without proper insurance.

Ask Questions and Communicate Well

Write down the questions you would like to ask your fencing contractor. Ask about the cost and the project duration, and don't hesitate to seek clarification about anything that seems unclear to you.

Also, read the working terms and conditions well before you sign the agreement.

As you discuss with the contractor, you will note their communication skills, and you will know if you can engage them for a long-term job. Hire them only if their communication skills are excellent, and they are willing to explain every step of the project.

Test the Materials

Fencing materials are not the same. They come in different grades, whereby some are original, and others are counterfeits. For instance, you can get different types of vinyl and wooden fences. Similarly, you can get many different kinds of aluminum fences.

High-quality materials are the most durable and costly too. Before the fencing process starts, test the materials to know the status of their quality. You may involve an expert to help you in the testing process.

Evaluate the Complications

Find out the things that may affect the cost of the project. Obstructions such as slopes, terraces, and trees may hinder the fencing process, and lead to increased fence repair costs.

Be Wise: Hire the Best Fencing Contractor

While you can consider the DIY fence repair, a fencing contractor would do a better job. Nevertheless, you should still weigh your options, and choose the best.

If you decide to hire a professional, follow the above tips to hire the best. The right fencing contractor will increase the value of your property at the least cost.

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