Top 10 Home Renovation Tips That Will Increase the Resale Value of Your Frisco Home

With the housing market at an all-time high in America, The average American family can't afford to buy a home in 71% of the country. This tells us two things.

First of all, owning your own home is one of the biggest and most important investments most families make their whole lives. Secondly, increasing the value of your property is simply a wise investment.

Not all home renovation projects will end up adding significant value to your home and in some cases, you may lose money on the endeavor. Sharpen your pencil and take some notes. You are going to want to remember this.

We did the research for you and picked the top 10 home renovation ideas guaranteed to bring up the value of your home.

Home Renovation Tips

Renovating a home is just as much an art as it is a science. Property value is clear when it comes to square footage and the age of the home, but it is the character of a home that really gives it its value.

Nothing is worth more than what people are willing to pay for it. When considering the following home renovation tips, think about creating a unique living experience that isn't easy to replicate and you will be on your way to real improvements in the value of your home.

1. More Light

A bright home maximizes space perception and gives living areas a warm feeling. Light comes in three basic forms. There is natural light from the sun that you can increase with more or bigger windows. Your electric lighting can be increased or changed from hard to soft or vise versa to give the room a new and improved feel.

The only other way to add light is fire. A fireplace in the right place with the right design of home could potentially return on your investment. Can you imagine a fireplace fitting in with your home's design? If not you might consider a skylight in the dining room or den instead.

2. Polish and Paint

Not every renovation has to cost an arm and a leg. If home renovation costs are a concern then this tip is the single most valuable one for you.

Take a walkthrough of your home. Is the paint fading or the wallpaper peeling in spots? Could the doorknobs, plumbing, and light fixtures look better?

A fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures can go a long way to increasing the value of your home. If you are going to sell your home make sure you consider general preferences — not exotic designs and color schemes. This is the ultimate DIY home renovation tip because painting and replacing fixtures is a skill set almost everyone has.

3. Curb Appeal

The outside of the property is just as important as the inside when it comes to property assessments. Take a walk around your property. When people walk up to your property what are they going to notice? What will be their first impression?

If the house looks run down from the outside any potential buyer will immediately feel the house has less value even before they get inside. A new roof, fresh paint or siding, and/or new gutters all add to the value.

Planting some trees, flowers, or bushes could immediately increase curb appeal. Consider some landscaping projects like walkways, gardens, retaining walls, or planters. Homeowners want to be able to enjoy their homes from the outside as well as the inside which brings us to our next tip, building a deck.

4. Build a Deck

Another sure-fire way to increase the value of your home is to add a patio, deck, or porch. Homes that immediately open up to the elements inherently have a negative feeling of being vulnerable to the outside world and not a part of it.

A well-designed deck gives its owner the freedom to bring the joy of their home out into the beautiful outside day or evening. What homeowner wouldn't want to be able to stroll out onto a covered porch in their robe and slippers and listen and watch the late evening rain while sipping an earl grey tea? It is hard to put a dollar sign on that kind of life experience.

5. Add a Room

Adding a room or extending an existing one adds to the square footage of the living area which calculates directly into the value of your home. Think about the potential of what adding a room to the home could bring.

The new room could be an extra bedroom, a home office, reading or hobby room, kids playroom, and this list goes on and on for someone interested in planning their family life in the home. Building additions to the home is one of your more expensive renovations, but more living space will always raise the value of any home.

6. From Head to Toe

The basement and attic of a home can easily become forgotten and unused. Are you using an unfurnished basement or attic for storage? Every space of your home has the potential to be renovated and improved including the ones you rarely use.

When you consider the question "how much do home renovations cost?" you must remember that it is much cheaper to renovate an existing room that needs some TLC than it is to remodel or even build an addition to the home.

With a little creativity, even a small basement or attic can be renovated to better use than just dusty storage. Take some measurements and keep them in mind. If you can imagine a man-cave or mother's sanctuary you are on to a great project to increase the value of your home.

If you need some help with basement or attic renovation, Mr. Handyman has your back. Check out all our handyman services here.

7. Get in the Kitchen

Home designers refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home. Normally centrally located and one of the places of the home where most of the action happens, the kitchen is an ideal place to add value with renovations.

The key to good kitchen renovation is the smart use of available space. Does your kitchen have room for an extended counter or island? Do you have empty walls that could be covered with valuable cupboard space?

A little love and creativity will go a long way in the kitchen. Take a look around your kitchen and see if a few thousand dollars might transform the kitchen into a place where a family will want to spend time.

8. Wood and Marble Accents

Nothing says expensive like polished wood shelves and marble mantle pieces. A plain cheap plastered wall room can be transformed into a classic woodwork masterpiece with just a little carpentry skill and some high-quality wood boards.

Take a look around your living room to see if there are strategic places you could add some beautiful built-in shelving or storage. If you are really looking for a classic wood feel to your home consider installing hardwood floors and wood accent beams across your ceiling.

The natural wood look is very popular so it is likely to raise a lot of eyebrows which means more resale value for your home. Never underestimate the value of a clean and simple style.

9. More and Better Bathrooms

The number of bathrooms in your home affects its value. If your home has large spacious bedrooms then you could take advantage of the space and wall off a private bath for the master bedroom.

Here is a good way to think about bathroom renovations, imagine a guest comes to your home that you really care about. Now imagine them excusing themselves to use your washroom. What do you think their reaction will be? If you think they would be unimpressed then maybe a dazzling bathroom renovation could fix that.

Think not only how the bathroom looks and feels, but also consider practicality. How could a renovation best utilize your bathroom's space? Is there more room for linen storage, towel hangers, or other practical additions?

10. Modern Home Renovations

Technology is changing every part of our culture and society. Each generation is becoming more and more comfortable with fancy devices and the modern feeling and convenience these innovations bring.

A major trend in home design is to bring together seamlessly the old classic style with the modern practical smart home. A home renovation that captures the essence of this balance of elegance and technology will definitely add value to your home and to whoever lives in it after.

Green Power Your Home

Burning fossil fuels is on the decline worldwide. Solar and wind power generation rose by 15% worldwide in 2019.

Installing a power source to run your home is a modern home renovation that deserves any homeowner's careful consideration. Most states and countries offer tax credits and utility rebates for producing your home's own green power.

Update the Heating and Cooling

Comfort is worth buying. A modern central air and heating system is an upgrade to any home. A spacious home will normally require a lot of energy to maintain optimal temperatures.

How old is your system? Is it easily and centrally controlled? In many cases, an updated HVAC system for your home could end up paying for itself in energy savings as well as adding to the overall value of the home.

Take Your Home to School

Make your home smarter. Installing smart lighting, sound, security, and temperature control into your home will impress even the most tech-hungry family. The good news is this kind of home renovation can be done in stages.

Start with some smart interior and exterior lighting. Maybe add some security cameras and then get fancy with some automatic drapes. To the right buyer, a smart home could have values multiple times your investment.

There are all kinds of valuable tips available online. Do some research and you might be surprised at what you might find. Start by reading this article about smart home trends to get you started.

A home, they say, is where the heart is. Making your home better, stronger, more attractive, and more valuable just seems like a healthy decision for your heart.

Take Pride in Your Home

The housing market has its ups and downs, but a home renovation you do now could have any number of positive effects in your future, not to mention the immediate enjoyment of your upgraded domicile.

You take pride in your home and we take pride in our handiwork. Enjoy the journey and be proud that you took something and made it better!

Here at Mr. Handyman of Frisco, we are always here to help with your Frisco home improvement needs. To get started just request service by filling out the simple online form and a Mr. Handyman representative will call you shortly.