A small, bustling suburb outside of Greater Cincinnati, Reading is historically known for being a clothing manufacturing mill that later evolved into a destination for people to become literate and receive an education in reading and writing, as the name suggests. It’s also the home of the popular card game Uno which was originally invented. That’s why we know Reading residents are well-versed in appreciating the design of buildings and the composition of quality interior design and strategic feng shui and are always keen on upgrading their homes to the latest decor. Still, if Reading homeowners neglect proper upkeep of their homes and fail to do annual routine inspections and maintenance, they will eventually need a Reading handyman

Similar to the rest of Ohio and as a more northeastern state that borders Lake Erie, Reading enjoys a humid continental climate with humid, muggy summers and cool to colder winters, so certain home upgrades may be preferable to others. 

Although the pace is laxer compared to Cincinnati, Reading residents have all the amenities and conveniences they require; there’s no need to waste precious time searching for a “handyman near me” as an experienced team member from Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati will do the trick. Regardless of whether you’re a first-time homeowner buying a pre-owned house or a newly built one, you have to invest effort into preserving the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your home. But it can get overwhelming in considering the smaller repairs to the big remodeling projects, and you may not know which to give priority to. Your local, licensed and fully insured Reading handyman is an expert technician who is well-equipped with the tactics, tools, and know-how for all your plumbing, electrical, and carpentry needs and is here to help no matter the difficulty.

Mr. Handyman discussing home improvement projects with Reading homeowner

Our Reputable Reading Handyman Services

Many first-time Reading homeowners sign on the dotted line of a mortgage loan, not fully comprehending the significance of taking care of all the housekeeping, including repairs, replacements, and maintenance over the years. A home is a worthwhile investment which will retain its resale value if you preserve its condition through regular upkeep. We always advise Reading property owners to complete a master to-do list for seasonal and annual maintenance from ceilings, floors, and windows to drywall, trim, siding, gutters, and more. If outrightly ignored, not only will your property’s value plummet, but you also risk the safety of your family members once your home falls into disrepair. Don't be an irresponsible homeowner; instead, ask for upgrades only in unforeseen circumstances when your ceiling or drywall is about to cave in from a damaged siding after a heavy hailstorm. Get into the habit of renovating your humble abode every decade, so it can preserve its value. By relying on an expert handyman Reading, OH homeowners can relax knowing that everything from trim repair to shelving or tile repair installation remains unscathed.

Trim Repair

Trim or molding is usually made of individual wood pieces or other materials and encases your windows, walls, floors, and ceilings. Besides being a decorative trim, it’s also a protective shell that covers up gaps, and joints and overall provides extra defense for your surfaces and also affects your home’s energy efficiency if it’s damaged. There are a handful of different material types for trim, including wood, plaster, metal, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Polyurethane, and Polystyrene. There are also numerous types of trim designs, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Crown molding
  • Wainscoting
  • Baseboard trim
  • Door trim
  • Window trim
  • Chair and picture rails
  • Picture frame molding
  • Panel molding

Shelving And Bookcase Installation 

What’s an eye-catching and regal trim for your windows and walls without a grand bookcase to complement it? We know Reading residents are bookworms, but no one likes signing up for assembling furniture, especially the hassle that comes with reading a complicated instruction manual. Thankfully no job is too small for our highly trained Reading handyman, whether it’s building bookcases, bed frames, desks, cabinets, and more. It’s no use trying to assemble a makeshift shelving unit if you miss just one screw your bookshelf will forever be unstable and wobble. If you’re looking for something more customized, rely on our expert carpenters to build shelving directly into the walls with floating shelves aligning it of course to your spacing needs.

Tile Repair And Installation

Before and after photos showcasing a tile repair project performed by Mr. Handyman.

What’s your home’s office or reading room without fancy tile flooring to bring it all together? Tile adds a sense of grandeur to your home as it’s a more sophisticated material than plastic-based vinyl, plus there are numerous styles, shapes, cuts, and colors to choose from, such as natural stone to ceramic or porcelain. Sealed tile surface is more waterproof compared to other materials, easy to clean, and bodes well in fluctuating temperatures. Your local Reading handyman can refurbish your tile by correcting chipped pieces, hairline cracks, loose tiles, discoloration, crumbling or dingy grout, recaulking joints, or pressure washing any muck from in-between the lines. We can discuss the best package deal for you based on your personal preference, budget, and durability of materials. 

New tile installation services are common during our professional bathroom remodeling projects! When hiring the local pros at Mr. Handyman, Reading, OH homeowners can look forward to a more energy-efficient home with increased aesthetic appeal.

Our expert Reading handyman team handles:

  • Backsplash installation
  • Countertop repair
  • Shower wall remodel
  • Tile floor replacement
  • And more

Additional Reading Handyman Services

Before and after photos showcasing mailbox repair services by Mr. Handyman in Reading.

Our handyman repair and maintenance services don’t end here. There is a wide range of house care and improvement projects we complete for our local community in Reading and surrounding areas. There is a reason why we are known as your “one call does it all” handyman company in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area.

When hiring our personable handyman, Reading, OH residents can also count on the following types of repairs and routine maintenance services:

With our team of experienced handyman, Reading, OH homeowners won’t ever fall behind again with preventative maintenance and basic home repairs. 

Commercial Handyman Services in Reading, OH

Our Reading handyman services contractors also specialize in commercial properties where systems are slightly different compared to residential buildings. Plus, business owners and property managers have a lot more responsibility regarding upkeep, emergency maintenance and repairs. That’s because you are a part of the public and responsible for health and safety of employees, guests, and the general public.

Whether your business building needs repairs or you have a future project in mind, trust your commercial handyman in Reading, OH to get the job done. Popular commercial Reading handyman services include:

  • Door services
  • Tile repair
  • Finish carpentry
  • Furniture assembly
  • Painting jobs
  • Drywall repair, ceiling panel installation
  • Graffiti removal
  • Restroom repair (faucet, sink, toilet, and other basic plumbing services)

Your Expert Reading Handyman Is Raring To Go!

Don’t pull an Uno reverse and face the disastrous consequences of being complacent about home improvements as the homeowner, you dictate the result. We always best advise our Reading residents to plan ahead as responsible homeowners by investing in a skillful Reading handyman at the onset, so they don’t run into any big surprises or unforeseen circumstances as they will remain extra vigilant to problems before they happen. And you rather as well vote with your dollar and ask for one of the best home improvement franchises around, as Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati has been in operation for over 25 years and has an impressive track record. 

Besides Reading, we also serve nearby areas of Arlington Heights, Blue Ash, or Camp Dennison so reach out to one of our courteous customer service representatives to learn more about our diverse palette of services or to book a consultation or service appointment.