Before air conditioning was invented, Texans stayed cool by sitting out on their deck to catch a breeze—and there's still nothing quite like relaxing on your backyard deck on a hot summer's evening, grilling dinner, chatting with friends and family, and watching the sun set over the horizon. But all that fun and relaxation can be brought to a screeching halt by a damaged or deteriorated structure that is in serious need of Keller deck repair services.

If you go outside to get your deck set up after winter departs and you notice some signs of trouble like rotten wood or loose deck boards, there's a simple solution: call your local Keller handyman to get your outdoor space back in excellent condition so you can enjoy it safely all summer long. The team of repair, improvement, maintenance and installation experts at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance have plenty of experience with Keller deck repair and know exactly what needs to happen to get your deck looking and functioning at its best again.

About Our Experienced Keller Deck Repair Services

When you notice indications that your structure is more than ready for deck repair, Keller, TX professionals at Mr. Handyman are the right choice to get the job done right and on time. We'll show up on time for your appointment, take the time to thoroughly inspect the damage, and clearly explain our recommendations for the best repair strategy. With your go-ahead, we'll get down to work restoring the appeal, longevity and safety of your outdoor structure. The repair strategy we choose will naturally depend on the material we're working with and how it is damaged, but there are some common types of damage we tend to see over and over again. Here's how we tackle typical Keller deck repair projects:

Rotting Wood: Wooden decks are prone to wood rot because they are exposed to excess moisture from rain and humidity. If the decay is advanced, replacing the affected timber is the best option. But if it's caught early, it's sometimes possible to handle wood rot repair by scraping away the rot and filling the gap with epoxy or wood putty.

Loose Railings: Handrails that are wobbly to the touch can sometimes simply be re-secured at their terminal points, but if a wobble is due to wood rot, your railing should be replaced.

Cracked Boards: Broken boards with deep cracks call for board replacement, but if there's only minor cracking on its surface, the repair solution may be as simple as removing your board, flipping it over and nailing it back down.

Peeling Paint: If you've got paint peeling off a wooden surface in strips, that's usually a warning sign of water damage. We'll remove old paint and apply a fresh coat, then follow it with sealant to protect against further moisture incursion.

Separating From House: Decks are typically attached to one side of a house, and they should be pretty snug with the side of your building. A widening gap between your house and structure is a serious sign of trouble that is probably related to weakened or improperly installed posts.

Trust Mr. Handyman to Tackle Deck Repair, Keller TX

When your outdoor living space needs help from experienced deck repair professionals, count on the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance. We have the carpentry skills to restore your structure to perfect condition so you can enjoy it while the weather is warm. But of course Keller deck repair isn't all we do—call our handyman professionals for a wide range of services, including deck installation, drywall repair, tile installation and much more.

Frequently Asked Keller Deck Repair Questions

Why is My Deck Sagging in the Middle?

If you take a good look at your deck and notice that it's sagging downward in the middle or on one side, that's a serious structural stability issue that needs to be addressed before it leads to a deck collapse. It means the posts are not able to properly support the weight of the structure for some reason like wood rot or soil erosion, and it's possible one or more posts aren't supported at all, causing them to drag the surface downward and create that sag. This is a real hazard and the deck shouldn't be walked on until it's been inspected and secured by an experienced Keller deck repair professional.

What's the Best Way to Avoid Needing Deck Repair Service?

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, destructive forces that cause damage to your outdoor living space is excessive moisture. That means the best thing you can do to preserve the condition of your structure and avoid the need for Keller deck repair is to keep water away and handle regular maintenance. Here are a few tips to help avoid water damage:

Have your deck re-sealed every few years or when you notice the old sealant wearing away Move items like patio furniture or plant pots around every so often to avoid trapping moisture underneath Trim bushes and nearby tree branches so wet leaves aren't always dripping on or brushing against your structure It's void rugs and mats that attract water, but if you must have them, plastic is a better choice than natural fibers that soak up water and will quickly rot the boards underneath

Call Your Local, Experienced Handyman for Keller Deck Repair

If you live in Keller or a nearby part of Texas like Trophy Club or North Richland Hills, rely on the team of professional repair experts at Mr. Handyman of Keller, Roanoke and Alliance for all your deck repair needs. Our friendly customer service staff can be contacted to discover more about our trustworthy handyman services or to schedule a convenient time for a service appointment.

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