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Your porch or backyard area may be your favorite outdoor space at home. But wouldn’t you feel vulnerable if you had no residential fencing system with a lockable gate latch? Our professional McKinney fence installation service is designed to tackle exactly that. And besides marking your property lines, we believe that it is important to keep your pets and children safe from potential intruders.

Having completed a wide variety of fence installations, McKinney handyman professionals know exactly how to make your outdoor living space safe and functional. Rely on your expert team at Mr. Handyman of Midwest Collin County to deliver quality service for your next fence project. Contact us today to inquire about our popular McKinney fence installation service and schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our service technicians.

What Does A McKinney Fence Installation Project Include?

At Mr. Handyman, we are very thorough with our work, so you won’t ever experience any loose ends. Before the initial McKinney fence installation, we’ll take the time required to complete some inspection and housekeeping. The preparatory steps are crucial but shouldn’t take long. When planning to build any type of structure on your property, you’ll need to apply for building permits. Our experienced McKinney handyman team will guide you through the process and also ensure that you understand the local building codes.

According to the municipality of McKinney, the maximum height of your fence in the rear yard mustn’t exceed 8’6”. On the other hand, the one in the front yard mustn’t exceed 48”. As a part of the preparation process, we’ll ensure that all permits, site plans, and other types of paperwork are dealt with before moving on to your McKinney fence installation service.

Common Fence Materials

There is a wide range of materials that we use for our McKinney fence installation service. But what matters the most is your personal preference. You may choose from:

  • Wood (cedar, fir, pine, pressure-treated)
  • Chain link
  • Iron, wrought iron
  • Vinyl
  • Composite
  • Metal

These are the most common styles you’ll see in your neighborhood. While all of them provide aesthetic and functional benefits, they have different characteristics. And each requires a different type of maintenance; some need even more regular maintenance than others and are prone to damage that needs fence repair.

Gate Types

Having a high-quality gate with a latch provides your property with extra security. Some popular gate installations include:

  • Galvanized chain link gate
  • Aluminum panel gate
  • Cedar fence gate
  • Wide mesh cantilever gate And more!

Mckinney Fence Installation (Example for Wood)

Once we have come to an agreement and all the preparation work is done, we’ll schedule the installation service and get to work immediately. Our expert craftsmen will start with determining the exact locations by marking them with stakes and strings. Next, they will set the foundation by digging holes for your concrete footings on which the fence posts will stand and hold the entire structure safely in place. In fact, there are several ways of organizing the foundation. Instead of installing wood posts into concrete footings, you may also install metal stakes into the ground or use anchor piles. But the determining factor is your climate and how level your ground is.

Once the post-installation is complete, our McKinney fence installers will apply horizontal backer rails (typically one near the bottom, middle, and top) that run from post to post, connected with fasteners. Then, pickets or boards are vertically installed against the rails, one by one.

Why Mr. Handyman Is Your Best Choice For McKinney Fence Installation

Your highly-rated local pros at Mr. Handyman have been serving the local community of McKinney and surrounding areas, including Allan, Princeton, and Blue Ridge, for many years! Every service technician on our team has passed their background checks and drug screening and brings an average of ten years experience providing quality workmanship to residential and commercial property owners. Every service request is covered by our Done Right Promise® which is our one-year labor warranty that also covers parts. Should something not meet your expectations, we’ll return and make it right at no additional cost. That’s how much Mr. Handyman cares about customer satisfaction. When you hire our expert craftsmen for property maintenance, house repairs, or improvement projects, expect us to go above and beyond to meet your needs. And that includes our popular McKinney installation service.

FAQs About Fence Installation | McKinney TX

At Mr. Handyman, we always strive to provide our clients with an exceptional customer experience. And one way to do so is by compiling a list of frequently asked questions because the inspiration we get is from our customers. You help us view things from different perspectives and that is how we become a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday. Knowing your pain points and struggles helps us find better handyman solutions to tackle your problems.

Which Type of Fence Installation in Mckinney is Most Popular?

That depends on personal preference, though we have found that the majority of property owners lean towards wood fence installations. McKinney has a number of renowned lumber companies that provide high-quality cedar, fir, oak, and more. In fact, cedar wood fence installation is one of the most common and popular types that property owners opt for. It’s naturally moisture-resistant and doesn’t require sealing (although we recommend doing so if you want it to maintain its shiny appearance for longer).

So unless you are a local wood enthusiast, there is also an option for pressure-treated lumber, which is available at your local hardware store. It is a popular choice because it comes pre-treated like common decking materials and lasts for a long time.

Which Mckinney Fence Installation Lasts the Longest?

Although well-maintained wood can last you for over 20 years, nothing will beat chain link fences with galvanized finish because they do not rust, at least not within 50 years. The protective zinc coating applied on the steel surface will last a lot longer than paint.

Can I Choose the Color and Finish of My New Fence Installation?

McKinney residents will be happy to know that they absolutely can! But you must keep in mind that if you opt for wood, it will need to be stained or painted accordingly to complement your landscaping and surrounding areas. On the other hand, when opting for vinyl or composite materials, you’ll have more color options without having to go through the process of staining and painting.

Does a New Mckinney Fence Installation Need Maintenance?

It does. In fact, all types of materials require periodic maintenance, particularly wood-based structures. After a fence installation, McKinney homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about maintenance for at least a year or two, but regular inspection is recommended. When it’s time to re-treat the surface, our McKinney handyman is happy to provide you with a pressure washing service. Routine maintenance also includes sanding down the edges and fixing splinters and cracks. When done, our technicians will reseal the service to protect it from the elements and early wear.

Wrought iron structures, on the other hand, are also prone to weather damage and should be treated with sealant and paint.

How Do I Prevent a Dispute With My Neighbor About a Fence Installation?

McKinney property owners may be aware of the so-called fence etiquette when trying to set property boundaries. Before a fence installation, McKinney residents should check their property line as the installation should be at least two to eight inches from it. That said, your neighbor may have a different opinion on that. Although most jurisdictions do not require your neighbor’s permission, it is a courteous step in the right direction. Your neighbor will greatly appreciate you letting them know. Who knows, they might also be interested in it but haven’t got around to it yet, so they’ll be more than pleased to know that you’ll be handling the project. Of course, every situation is different, especially if you are not close to your neighbors, and they are the reason you want a fence installation. McKinney technicians at Mr. Handyman recommend that you bring in the municipality to confirm your property lines and then discuss with your neighbors the possibility of a fence installation.

McKinney homeowners who have come to an agreement with their neighbors can eventually discuss sharing the cost. Our local pros at Mr. Handyman are happy to sit down with you and your neighbor to discuss the possibilities and quality of materials you can use.

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