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Your home would literally be a box if you didn’t have windows that let in sunlight and fresh air. Then, there is this beautiful, scenic view of your front yard’s landscaping, trees, and the blue sky. Not many people are aware that the little moment you spend pondering in front of your window is important to release stress and recharge your energy. When opening all your awning windows first thing in the morning, the dewy, earthy scent of a new day is enough to inspire you for a productive day ahead. Your windows get a lot of abuse throughout the year without you realizing it. They may look intact and fine but structurally, they might have deteriorated and become less effective until you call for a Manassas window replacement service.

Unfinished attic with brick and wood exposed.

New triangular windows that have been installed in an unfinished attic using professional services for replacement windows in Manassas, VA.
Many property owners often won’t notice issues until they receive increased energy costs or hear exterior noises more clearly despite closed windows. Surrounding structures like frames and sills could also experience damage and deterioration that lead to dysfunctional glass panes. It’s easy for these issues to fall through the cracks unless you hire your local Manassas handyman from Mr. Handyman of Northern Virginia - Arlington to Haymarket for detailed inspection service.

If you have received numerous repairs in the past that have only brought you temporary relief, our expert team will walk you through the process of an effective Manassas window replacement project. At Mr. Handyman, we care about long-term results to ensure safety, comfort, and reliable performance. While home maintenance and repairs are our expertise, we also have the necessary eye for detail to detect disrepair and that’s when you can count on our window replacement services to recover your home’s original functions and lower your energy bills.

What To Expect From Our Manassas Window Replacement Service

It’s hard to imagine homes that are not equipped with double-pane windows, and, sometimes, even triple-pane. When double panes were invented in the 1930s by a popular American engineer, they became widely popular, and people immediately benefitted from better insulation, protection, and improved indoor living quality. Before that, single-pane windows were the standard norm, and they are still in use today. While it’s safe to use them on your home’s interior, such as when separating spaces, it is not recommended to have single panes for main windows. Replacements are strongly encouraged if you own an older house with outdated systems.

Double-Pane Window Types We Handle:

It’s hard to imagine homes that are not equipped with double-pane windows, and, sometimes, even triple-pane. When double panes were invented in the 1930s by a popular American engineer, they became widely popular, and people immediately benefitted from better insulation, protection, and improved indoor living quality. Before that, single panes were the standard norm, and they are still in use today. While it’s safe to use them on your home’s interior, such as when separating spaces, it is not recommended to have single panes for main windows. Replacements are strongly encouraged if you own an older house with outdated systems.

Feel free to check with Mr. Handyman about energy-efficient window replacements. Manassas VA homeowners will benefit from improved insulation and enhanced safety.

Double-Pane Or Double-Glazed:

Double panes are also known as insulating glass units (IGU), where two sheets are separated by trapped air in between them and sealed around the corners with strips. This effect blocks exterior air from entering your home and also protects the glass pane that is exposed to the elements. IGUs are celebrated as some of the best home insulators that not only protect your home but also back your heating and cooling systems.

Though double-pane and double-glazed windows are used interchangeably and are essentially the same thing. In this sense, glaze is an alternative term for glass or pane, but it has become slightly outdated these days. Either way, it describes two glass sheets with trapped air or gasses in between them, known as either krypton, xenon, or argon. These non-reactive gasses are the insulating factors that make double panes work.

Thermopane Glass (Low-E Glass)

Thermopanes are essentially the same as insulated glass units except that they have a low-emissivity (low-e), metallic film coating that functions as a UV inhibitor. This is ideal if you have furniture or vinyl flooring in your Manassas home that is sensitive to sunlight. Though low-e can also be applied differently to serve other purposes.

However, low-e glazing provides a higher R-value than your standard double-glaze which already effectively resists the transfer of heat. The R-value of double glaze varies between R-2 and R-3, whereas low-emissivity is between R-3.8 and R-5.

Some Glass Types to Consider:

  • Annealed glass: Annealed glass is sometimes referred to as standard and is a heat-strengthened type of glass. While annealed is fairly common in homes, it’s also one of the most fragile types because it’s softer than its counterparts.
  • Tempered glass (safety glass): Tempered glass has undergone a rapid heating and cooling process to give it more density. This way, it doesn’t break easily, but if it does, it breaks into square pieces rather than jagged shards.

When it’s time for your Manassas window replacement or installation, we understand that you want something extremely efficient and cost-effective this time around. Our team of experts is here to answer any question that you may have about high-quality window replacements. Manassas, VA service professionals at Mr. Handyman have installed and replaced a great number of new systems for our local community and know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Schedule a consultation with your local Manassas handyman during which they can inspect your existing window. Make a list of questions and concerns, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process.

Other Types of Window Replacement | Manassas VA:

There is a wide variety of styles to consider, and you can expect the experienced technicians at Mr. Handyman to perform a proper installation service.

  • Double-hung windows
  • Single-hung windows
  • Aluminum windows
  • Casement windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Bow windows, bay windows
  • Arched Windows
  • Storm windows

Why Mr. Handyman Is the Best Choice For Manassas Window Replacement

Regardless of whether the damage on your window is more widespread from shattered glass or subtle such as a jammed latch, it’s well worth it to invest in a professional window replacement. Oftentimes, a window replacement, Manassas VA residents will discover, is more cost-effective than getting tedious repairs. Everybody wants to reside in a safe and pleasant dwelling and a Manassas window replacement is valuable as it makes your humble abode more livable. Our trustworthy handyman team will always arrive uniformed and prompt for your Manassas window replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Manassas Window Replacement

Have more questions regarding our Manassas window replacement services? Our team has collected frequently asked questions from our local clients, and we believe our answers will be of great use to you! If your personal question is not listed, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

What Are the Signs I Need Manassas Window Replacement?

Some types of damage you can repair without question, but often, the damage you can’t see is the worst of all. If it goes undetected, it will impact your home’s insulation until one day, you sit beside it on a cold winter’s day and notice a draft swinging by while reading a book. It’s natural to first inspect the window frames and sill for cracks, holes, and worn caulk lines, but there may be an even worse culprit—the window pane itself.

Or perhaps your energy consumption has increased despite using your utilities sparingly. If your home’s insulation is compromised—but you have already installed new attic insulation and had HVAC maintenance services crossed out on your to-do list—what else could you blame?

Not many homeowners would immediately think of installing replacement windows. Manassas, VA handymen can help you with an energy audit or simply test your window’s functions to identify the source of your energy loss.

Sometimes there's no way around a window replacement. Manassas, VA homeowners who have had several window repair services will soon realize that it’s time to invest in a new one for the sake of safety and energy efficiency. Learn about the common problems that indicate you might need Manassas window replacement services from your trusted Mr. Handyman.

Wood Rot on Frames and Sills

This nasty fungal decay starts with moisture damage. As long as it is combined with a decent room temperature and oxygen level, it’ll begin to grow and thrive, eating away at the healthy core of the wood. It’s important to investigate whether the moisture comes from the outside or inside your home. If inside, you should check your other wooden materials for rot and control the humidity levels indoors. However, if the moisture damage is due to worn caulking and an inefficient window pane, an inspection from your local Manassas window replacement service professional will be able to tell.

Some obvious signs of rotted wood include chipped and peeling paint, which, at first sight, should be sanded and repaired with wood fillers. If left untreated, it will allow moisture to penetrate the core and initiate the rotting process.

The most important thing to do is remove the rotted wood and inspect any nearby materials in case the fungal spores have spread onto your furniture. While dry rot could greatly deteriorate your double-pane glass’s efficiency, we will check if there is any interior damage. Unfortunately, if the insulating parts inside the glass have been compromised, you will need a replacement window. Manassas VA handymen will lay out the options for quality products and also help you replace your window casing.

Insulated Glass Seal Failure

Inspecting the interior of your double panes for faults requires a trained Manassas handyman who knows what type of window they’re dealing with. But some warning signs that homeowners will detect include:

  • Condensation on inner surface
  • Fogginess
  • Air leak

Visible signs may be dependent on the weather situation, but having trapped moisture within the airspace is problematic.

Metal spacers are what hold the double panes at the edges in place and help to increase insulation by keeping the interior temperature consistent and keeping out moisture. Over time, metal spacers can deteriorate and even corrode. That’s the most common type of IGU seal failure.

Old Windows

Have your windows seen better days? If they are old and happen to be in a non-heated area like old greenhouses, it’s easy to forget about replacing them. They have likely suffered weather damage or are even single-pane systems. To minimize the risk of injuries, hire your Manassas window replacement technician for a new window installation and upgrade.

Faulty Operation

If opening and closing used to be a lot easier and now stickiness is making your life a lot harder, it may be time to renew the entire system. It can happen that this incident calls for repair, as your hinges might be rusty or home settling has caused a slight shift. But you may also have a low-quality double-glazing that might have warped in less than a year and is causing all those faulty operations.

Other Warning Signs to Watch Out For:

  • Increased utility bill
  • Cold drafts
  • Air leakage
  • The double-pane glass feels cold
  • Inexplicable scratches on the surface
  • Increased outside noise

What Does Fog in Between Panes Mean?

If you experience fog buildup after about 15 years of installation, it may be reaching its lifespan. However, if this problem happens shortly after your installation, you should check if you have a lifetime warranty, as it could be due to poor installation or a window material defect. Your Manassas window replacement service professional recommends always choosing a reputable manufacturer and a licensed window installer who knows what they are doing.

The spacers should be of high quality and work efficiently in conjunction with the panes and gasses to keep out moisture. If spacers become rusty, they will no longer insulate and thus, water will seep through. Visible fog and condensation are clear signs you need a replacement.

Help! Why Is There Ice On My Window?

Condensation buildup happens a lot in the winter while cooking. Even when running the range hood fan, hot steam may get in contact with your window. Ice usually forms due to a high amount of vapor in the air inside your home and when it comes into contact with the cold pane, it turns into ice. It may indicate that the IGU is deteriorating, but an inspection will confirm it.

Can You Buy Window Replacements Directly From the Manufacturer?

Mr. Handyman definitely has trusted sources and suppliers, and we are happy to make recommendations that have proven to work best for all the installations we have done thus far. Feel free to tell us about your own sources and preferences, and we’ll be glad to share with you our honest opinions.

In regard to the cost of window replacement, Manassas, VA residents may be able to acquire the average costs for installations. Ideally, we know the exact measurement and type you are looking for.

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