Exterior Painting Wichita, KS

An unpainted house is like a cake without icing; it’s simply not complete. The finish that gives it color, character, and even charm, Wichita KS homes are generally neutral in tone but rich in aesthetics. While design features such as siding, trim, and windows contribute to the overall appeal of a home, there’s one more element that acts as the cherry on top: exterior painting. Wichita KS homeowners often take the project of interior painting on themselves, but they know the value of calling in their professional Wichita handyman for high-quality paint jobs on the outside of their house.

The design and color of your home are the first things guests and those that pass by see. It gives them an impression, much like the outfit you choose to wear each day. It can either make your home appealing or standoffish and for that reason, exterior painting is a service better left to someone who knows what they’re doing. Why teeter on a ladder to reach trim when you could be doing anything else? Choosing Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area for the job not only saves you time but also protects you from falls and injuries. Plus, our professional painters are fully insured and licensed, with an average of ten years of experience among them. This guarantees you will always receive high-quality work.

Interested in exterior painting, Wichita KS? Call our excellent customer service team to schedule a service. If you’re in need of additional exterior services, our Wichita handyman offers a lot more to meet your needs. From staining decks and fences to repainting your siding, our experienced house painters in Wichita, KS have what it takes!

The Efficient Exterior Painting Wichita KS Needs

Offering our exterior painting service to home and business owners, Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area can tackle your property in no time. We’ll work tirelessly to elevate its appearance while addressing any other issues you’d like handled, including wood rot or trim replacement. If the condition of your siding is good, we’ll go ahead with painting, but we may need to use pressure washing beforehand to remove any dirt or debris on the side of your building. Want a walkthrough of how our exterior painting works? Read on to discover more about how our experienced house painters in Wichita, KS work.


Houses and commercial buildings vary in size, so the first part of our process is to inspect your property. An expert from our team will visit your home or business to learn more about what you’re looking for, the size of your home, and if any additional projects need to be tackled before painting begins. It’s not uncommon for Wichita homes to require some TLC before exterior painting can begin, and during this step, we’ll walk around the exterior of your property to inspect what work (if any) is required before we can begin painting.

Based on what we find, we’ll give you an idea of what the rest of the process will look like and what it will cost. No two painting projects are quite the same, so this part is perhaps the most important. If you agree to our services, we will set up a convenient appointment time.


On your service day, our expert handymen will arrive on time and in uniform. They will have all the tools and equipment needed to complete the job. We aim to give you the best paint job possible, and that means thorough preparation must be done. This is when we will prep the surfaces of your home that we will paint, in addition to completing any other necessary tasks you have asked us to carry out, such as trim repair or window replacement.

When these tasks are completed, we will wash the surfaces of your home to remove mold, mildew, and dirt with power washing. Then, we’ll scrape off peeling paint and sand any areas that need it. If there are gaps in your siding, we will fill them to protect your home from water damage. Our crew will be in contact with you along the way to inform you of exactly what we’re doing during the preparation process.

Exterior Painting

It’s time to paint the exterior of your home. We’ll first prime all painted surfaces before painting with the color you have chosen. We only use high-quality paint and products and make sure to clean up as we go. At the end of the painting process, we will thoroughly check our work before removing any mess we made around your home or business. 

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Exterior Painting Services, Wichita KS?

We know you have a choice when it comes to exterior painting, Wichita KS, so why choose Mr. Handyman? Aside from our vast selection of home improvement services, we offer the kind of service that locals can rely on. Our team of handymen is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible, and that means showing up on time with a courteous attitude, ready to get to work. With convenient appointment times that fit your schedule, you’ll never feel inconvenienced when hiring us, and our Done Right Promise® ensures that your job is done correctly.

Another thing Wichita KS homeowners love? Our house painters in Wichita, KS have an average of ten years of experience among them. This means they bring skill and knowledge to every appointment. With us, your needs for a range of home improvement services will be met so you can cross off pesky jobs like drywall repair, window repair and replacement, siding repair, gutter cleaning, and trim installation and repair off your long to-do list. Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area cares about the condition of your residential and commercial properties and assesses the full scope of your property’s condition. We won’t just paint over mold and wood rot like other painting companies might because we know that doing so just leads to peeling paint and the need for more exterior painting a few months down the road.

We’ll address any issues the exterior of your building has before going ahead with the service, informing you about anything we find along the way. To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule exterior painting, Wichita KS residents can dial (316)285-1217. Our customer service team is available and ready to take your call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Painting Wichita KS Homeowners Should Read

How Often Do I Need Exterior Painting in Wichita KS?

It really depends on what the exterior of your home is made from. Different materials need to be painted at different frequencies. Wichita homes with fiberboard siding should be repainted every ten to fifteen years; however, most should be repainted every seven to ten years. If you’re not sure when the last time your home was painted, call in a professional house painting service. We’ll take a look at your home’s exterior and let you know if it needs a fresh coat soon or if it could handle a few more years before painting. If we find that it should be painted soon, our skilled house painters in Wichita, KS will help you set up a convenient appointment time.

What Are The Benefits of Regular Exterior Painting?

Painting their homes is one of the smartest decisions Wichita KS homeowners can make, whether they do it for themselves or to get their property ready to sell. Aside from making their homes look good, exterior painting brings about a host of benefits, including:

  1. Increases value: A property that looks good will have a higher value than one that doesn’t. It’s as simple as that. Any steps you take to invest in the appearance or quality of your home or business will make it more appealing to potential buyers, and it will possibly be easier to sell.

  2. Protects from weather and bugs: A coat of paint acts as a layer of protection for the siding of your home. It will prevent it from taking on damage from rain, snow, and wind and can even stop insects from making it their home.

  3. Encourages necessary repairs: Repainting the exterior of your home gives you a chance to inspect the condition of your home. Hiring a professional for the job like Mr. Handyman means your property will be looked over for rot and mold and that those issues (and any others) will be dealt with correctly. After they have been resolved, we will go ahead and get to work with the painting process.

  4. Allows for changes: Tired of your beige house? Switch it up to white and give it an entirely new look. Repainting is the perfect time to change the way your home looks in terms of color, so talk with your expert painter about the possibilities for your property.

  5. Lengthens lifespan of siding and trim: Trim and siding that are protected by paint will last longer than those that are not. This is because the layer of paint takes the beating from the sun, wind, and rain, helping the material underneath stay protected and in better condition for longer.

  6. Repels moisture: The more layers of protection your home has against moisture, the better. It helps prevent wood rot and mold from settling into wooden siding and trim and stops moisture from rain and snow from penetrating and causing interior water damage.

How Long Does it Take to Paint the Exterior of a House?

As you know, Wichita houses are not all the same size. Smaller cottages will take less time than larger estates will, but if we’re talking about the time it takes to paint an average size house, you’re looking at about three to four days if you have a team of two to three painters working at the same time. Average size homes are two stories and have less than four bedrooms. If your home falls in this category, you can expect our painters to finish up within that time frame. If your home is any larger, add on one or two more days. No matter how big your house is, though, you can count on the same level of expert service. We bring a hardworking attitude to every job and aim to get it finished quickly and correctly.

How Much Does Exterior Painting Cost in Wichita, KS?

The cost for exterior residential or commercial painting really depends on how long the job takes. Buildings range in size, so as you can imagine, the time it takes to paint them will vary. The best way to get an idea of what you will pay for your exterior painting is to call our team and set up an initial consultation. We’ll talk with you about your home and painting needs before giving you a price. After that, you can decide if you’d like to choose us for the painting job. If you do, certain perks come with picking Mr. Handyman for exterior painting, Wichita, KS. Perks such as convenient service times, courteous painters, and a Done Right Promise you can take to the bank.

Want To Instantly Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal? Call Mr. Handyman For Exterior Painting, Wichita, KS!

Painting the exterior of your home or business comes with many benefits. The main one? Increasing curb appeal. Whether you’re trying to outdo the Jones’ or attract customers, a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to do it. Exterior painting can also increase your home’s value and protect it from the elements, making it one of the smartest decisions Wichita homeowners can make. If you haven’t repainted the outside of your home in years, it’s a great time to call us for exterior painting, Wichita KS!

Mr. Handyman of the Wichita Metro Area is ready for the job. Our team of experienced painters knows the importance of a fresh exterior coat of paint on local homes, and they take care in their work to elevate the appearance of your property. With extensive experience in painting and other handyman services, we’re the team you can rely on for quality workmanship and a wide range of home improvement jobs, including door repair and siding replacement.

When calling us for exterior painting, Wichita KS homeowners can rest easy that the condition of their home’s exterior will be looked after too. Because we check your house for signs of mold, wood rot, pests, and other types of damage, you’ll feel confident knowing that your property is in excellent shape before we ever lay the first coat. Ready to book our experienced house painters, Wichita KS? Call (316)285-1217 to get started. We’re proud to serve Wichita and the surrounding areas of Augusta, Bel Aire, and Eastborough.

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