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As people age, they want to maintain their quality of life and continue living it to the fullest as much as possible. This is especially true when you are a proud homeowner and have lived in your home for many decades. You paid up your mortgage in a timely manner and took care of all the necessary property maintenance and house repairs to maintain your home sweet home. Luckily, Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore offers certified aging in place handyman services for residents of Norfolk County.

The last thing you want is to have trouble accessing specific areas with your reduced mobility. And before anyone arrives with senior center brochures, your local Norfolk County handyman has just about the right handyman solution for your home accessibility modifications! From grab bar installations to the widening of hallways, our expert technicians will study your living area and make the necessary suggestions and adjustments.

Mr. Handyman’s dedicated aging in place handyman specialists are committed to enhancing safety and accessibility for seniors and clients with reduced mobility. Rest assured that there are many ways of increasing the livability of your home! Contact our friendly office team to learn more about Norfolk County’s aging in place handyman services today!

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What To Expect From Aging In Place Norfolk County Handyman Services

When hiring Mr. Handyman for aging in place modifications, Norfolk County homeowners will be surprised to learn about the wide variety of options available. From the smallest detail to the largest home improvement service, count on our knowledgeable and certified aging in place handyman pros to enhance your living space with ease!

Here are some of the most popular aging in place handyman services we offer to Norfolk residents:

  • Grab bar installations
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Shower head upgrades
  • Tub-to-shower conversion
  • Adjustable bath stool or shower chair
  • Widening of hall- and doorways
  • Wheelchair ramp installation
  • Non-slip floor installation
  • Additional handrails on staircases
  • Stair lift installation
  • Cabinet and door handle upgrades
  • Light switch and electrical outlet modifications
  • Furniture upgrades
  • And more!

Of course, each home is uniquely designed. Once your aging in place handyman technician has completed a detailed inspection service on your property, they’ll be able to make suitable recommendations regarding home accessibility modifications.

Why Mr. Handyman Is Your First-Choice Aging in Place Handyman Services

Mr. Handyman is your locally owned and operated handyman business in Norfolk County. Our professional technicians have been providing local communities with exceptional property maintenance, house repair, and home remodeling services for almost two decades. We pride ourselves on our high level of efficiency and professionalism that always guarantee customer satisfaction. Led by many years of experience and a wide variety of effective handyman solutions, Mr. Handyman has grown into one of the largest and most significant home service providers in America and Canada.

We are always in the know regarding the common struggles of property owners and have vouched to go above and beyond to meet our client’s needs. And that includes aging in place. Norfolk County homeowners reserve the right to remain in their beloved homes for as long as they are able. And with our highly efficient aging in place modifications, we’ll help you get there. If you say you are still too fit for assisted living, we believe you!

FAQs About Aging In Place Handyman Services | Norfolk County, MA


According to the National Poll on Healthy Aging, up to 88% of Americans want to age in place. Norfolk County residents don’t think any differently. If you have lived in your home all your life, you want to remain there for as long as possible. It’s where you raised your kids and gathered all your most memorable moments.

With that in mind, it is easy to say you want to age in place. Norfolk County homeowners with reduced mobility certainly don’t want anyone to deem them incapable of doing so. You certainly won’t have to worry when hiring an expert aging in place handyman in Norfolk County for your bathroom remodeling project.


Norfolk County residents who are worried about pricing shouldn’t be! Though it does depend on the type of modification you choose for age-proofing your home. While handrail and grab bar installations cost between $50-$100, a fancy exterior outdoor lift could cost up to $250,000. But that is a little bit extreme. What you’re looking for may be a motorized stair lift if you live in a two-story house. A stair lift plus installation could cost anywhere between $3500 and $7500.

Overall, it really depends on your specific needs, from kitchen modifications to a walk-in tub installation. Most of our typical aging in place handyman services involve a shower remodel or eliminating a drywall panel to widen access for wheelchair users. Want to know what else our Norfolk County handyman services for seniors have to offer? Feel free to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our local experts! They’ll be able to inspect your space and evaluate what types of modifications are possible.


We are glad you asked this question. The sooner you look into it, the less likely you’ll have health care companies arriving with brochures recommending senior centers.

It is always a good idea to plan your home remodeling project ahead. This way, you can gather ideas and manage your budget. When planning to age in place, Norfolk County residents are recommended to contact our local technicians for an in-home consultation. Our local professionals will carefully listen to your needs, and together, you’ll come up with the best home accessibility modifications that suit your needs.

Ready For Certified Aging In Place Handyman Services in Norfolk County? Mr. Handyman Has You Covered!

Is it time for some important home improvement services, so you can live up to your golden age? Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S. Shore believes it is possible. Committed to enhancing our clients’ daily living environments, your aging in place handyman professionals will carefully listen to your needs.

Contact us today and speak with one of our friendly customer service reps. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Besides Norfolk County’s communities, we also serve nearby neighborhoods in Norwood, Duxbury, and Quincy.

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