Serving as your home’s armor, your siding is constantly exposed to the elements. For that reason, they are designed to be extra durable for all types of weather conditions. However, your vinyl or fiber cement siding is not maintenance-free. The failure to keep it in clean and in shape could result in costly repairs and negatively affect your curb appeal. That’s where Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore comes in with their professional Walpole siding repair service!

Whether you have foundation cracks or are dealing with faded colors on your vinyl siding, rely on our expert Walpole handyman to handle all your property repair needs. Exterior repairs are often overlooked, but for a good excuse: they are not a homeowner’s favorite chore, nor are they the safest. Luckily, all of our experienced service technicians are fully insured, bringing an average of ten years’ experience in indoor and outdoor repairs, which includes professional siding repairs. Walpole, MA residents are invited to give our friendly team a call to learn more about our popular handyman services. Or schedule an inspection appointment with one of our specialists!

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Expect the Best From Our Walpole Siding Repair

We understand if hiring Mr. Handyman for a Walpole siding repair service is a huge step for you. After all, you are inviting a contractor to your home who is also a stranger. But don’t fret. Not only are our service technicians highly qualified in what they do, but they are also personable, courteous, and fully respectful of our clients’ homes. Our goal is to build a strong relationship with our clients should they require our services again in the future.

Unlike non-certified contractors who would simply go ahead with what they believe needs repair, our experienced technicians will take the time to thoroughly inspect your vinyl or wood siding. Identifying underlying issues is key to proper home maintenance. Detecting serious conditions in advance means that repairs can take place sooner than later. With professional tools and knowledge, we’ll properly investigate surface issues like water stains and cracks, ensuring any damage made is only minor.


There is a wide range of siding types, with each having its own characteristics. While they are all made to withstand the elements, some of them are higher maintenance than others. Let’s learn more about different types of siding and the common issues they have.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is probably one of the most popular types used in North America. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also highly durable, engineered from high-quality PVC materials. We may hesitate to say it is easy to install because it requires a certain level of expertise. Ideally, you have upgraded from traditional, thin vinyl boards to insulated vinyl, as it provides better impact resistance and also helps reduce thermal bridging. The insulation material used is rigid foam, which is attached to the back of the board. Insulated vinyl is slightly more complicated to install than the traditional type, as you need to make sure there is no gap between the boards. Despite its resistance to warping and increased R-value, insulated vinyl comes with a higher cost than standard vinyl. But many homeowners would spend the extra 20-50% more if it means better durability and longevity.

Common issues with vinyl include cracks and gaps due to either poor installation or wear and tear. And, over time, the surface colors tend to fade or become weather damaged. Dirt and grime that accumulates on the surface can also promote mildew and algae growth. Moisture and bacteria are detrimental for all types of surface. If you haven’t had pressure washing services in a while, our Walpole siding repair technician is happy to help. After the cleaning, they can apply a vinyl siding restorer or even prime and paint it to bring back its original shine.

Cracks and gaps are fixed with high-quality caulk, unless the damage is so severe that a new board is required. Installing a replacement board can be tricky because you need to make sure there are no gaps.

Wood Siding

Wood has always been a highly desired material for all sorts of structures. But when using it for exterior purposes, you must brace yourself for the high level of maintenance. Like wood deck and fence, wood siding must be sanded and refinished at least once every two to three years. It can be a costly and tiring process, but failure to do so could lead to a number of moisture issues. Holes, gaps, and cracks will attract moisture, termites, and other pests, if not fixed right away.

Common wood types include:

  • Cedar: Cedar is naturally moisture resistant and, therefore, favored by many property owners. However, sealing or staining is still recommended, so its natural shine lasts for longer and the surface stays protected. Otherwise, cracks and holes can lead to water damage and even affect protective layers behind your cedar siding. Common problems our Walpole siding repair experts fix include mold removal and wood rot repair. In severe cases, moisture has seeped into your interior walls and requires drywall repairs.
  • Engineered wood: Engineered wood is a good alternative if you prefer something more water-resistant. It also holds well against the climate in Massachusetts, where winters are cold and snowy and summers are hot and muggy. Although durable, the lack of maintenance could lead to issues with warping, mold, and rotten wood.

Fiber Cement

As one of the top three types, fiber cement is highly durable. Made of Portland cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, it is a strong material that withstands all types of weather. But it needs regular maintenance to stay in shape, from cleaning to repainting the surface.

Common problems that need repair include foundation cracks and holes. Unlike vinyl siding repair, Walpole MA technicians use a special putty to patch the damage on fiber cement.

Other Popular Types We Repair:

  • Brick
  • Brick veneer
  • Stone veneer
  • Aluminum

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Expert Walpole Siding Repair?

When Mr. Handyman was founded in the early 1990s, we had a specific goal in mind. That goal was to make a difference in our local community by being the most customer-driven home service provider in North America. Our brand never stopped growing, even when we became one of the nation’s top-rated home service franchises! Each Mr. Handyman location is a locally owned (family-owned for the most part!) and operated business, committed to delivering excellent handyman services to residential and commercial property owners. When hiring our services, you can anticipate guaranteed workmanship and excellent customer service that exceeds expectations!

Whether you’re in Walpole or a nearby city, such as Duxbury, Norwood, or Milton, our local pros are ready for any handyman service you have lined up this year! From window repairs to siding repairs, Walpole, MA residents in need of a home improvement are in the safe hands of Mr. Handyman.

FAQs About Siding Repair, Walpole MA


Repair costs highly depend on the type of siding and extent of damage. Mr. Handyman cares about providing transparent cost estimates. The best way to do so for this type of work is to offer you a no-obligation inspection. Exterior repairs are tricky because you’ll never know if there are underlying problems until you have hired a professional. For example, a loose siding could mean more than just popped nails and screws. Without a closer look, it’s difficult to determine whether you need a Walpole siding repair or perhaps even a replacement siding. Our expert team invites you to give us a call to describe your situation in more detail. We may even be able to give you a price range.


Besides harsh weather conditions, such as hail and strong winds, there are also flying objects, debris, or low-hanging tree branches that can cause damage to your exterior cladding system. Not to mention animals like birds (woodpeckers), squirrels, rodents, and insects. Wasp nests have also neen reported by past customers.


Besides regular inspection and annual pressure washing and resurfacing, our Walpole siding repair technicians highly recommend that you also take good care of other exterior structures. For example gutter cleaning, gutter repair, downspout inspection, soffit and fascia repair, roof inspection, and other roofing needs. By ensuring that your exterior drainage system is in tip-top shape, your

Recover Your Property’s Aesthetic Value With Professional Siding Repairs, Walpole, MA!

Having a hard time finding a qualified siding contractor that you can trust? Mr. Handyman of Central Eastern Norfolk County South Shore has been in business since 2005, providing the local community with exceptional handyman services to keep homes safe, energy efficient, and comfortable.

Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative. Inquire about our other popular services or schedule an appointment with a skilled Walpole handyman.

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