Expert Fence Repairs in Charleston, SC

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When you are specific about marking your territory or keeping your pets and children safe, you likely have a fence installation in place. But how often do you inspect and maintain your wood fence? And is rust on chain link and wrought iron fence repairable? As a part of our exterior maintenance duties, Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville is committed to delivering excellent fence repairs. Charleston, SC homeowners can count on our team to detect underlying issues and provide cost-effective repair options.

The sooner you hire your local Charleston handyman for immediate repairs, the sooner you can protect your wood fencing system from further damage. We’ll help you recover its original looks and functions, so your family remains safe and your curb appeal untouched. Reach out to our dedicated office team at (843) 940 7525 today for a no-obligation inspection.

About Charleston Fence Repair Services

Before any type of repair service, our skilled Charleston handyman takes the necessary time to fully inspect the damaged area by assessing the cause. Once we have a detailed diagnostic and evaluation, it will be easier to determine the course of action.

Common types of damage that call for fence repairs in Charleston, SC include:

  • Wood rot: This occurs when wooden fence posts have suffered from weather damage that results in cracks and holes. Without regular maintenance, such as filling gaps, sanding edges, and resealing the surface, wooden fences become susceptible to water damage. The interior is not waterproof, so once moisture has reached the core, the interior structure will start to decay, causing structural damage.

  • Rust: Rusty wrought iron or chain link fences are unsightly but can be fixed with some TLC and efficient fence repairs. Charleston, SC professionals will thoroughly clean the fence using a pressure washer, during which some rusted bits will come off. Next, they will scrub the affected areas with steel wool pads or a wire brush until the surface is smooth. Before any painting takes place, our Charleston fence repair technicians will apply some spray-on rust inhibitor.

Leaning post: If you have a leaning fence problem, it was either not installed properly to begin with, or the soil on your property has shifted. Poor soil drainage is also a common culprit. Vertical wood posts are never installed directly into the soil and neither are the pickets. Your posts should stand on either concrete footing, ground spikes, or rigid foam. Otherwise, they will rot sooner than later. During fence repairs, Charleston, SC service technicians will deal with your soil problem by installing a landscape fabric for erosion control.

Why Charleston, SC Chooses Mr. Handyman

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Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville has been serving the local community for many years, bringing an average of over ten years of experience in the construction, remodeling, and home service industry. As your locally owned and operated handyman company, we pride ourselves in providing excellent workmanship and superior customer service to our local communities. Every service professional on our team is background-checked, certified, bonded, and fully insured to work on residential and commercial properties. What sets us apart from the competition is our high level of professionalism, efficiency, and respect for our customers.

FAQs About Fence Repairs | Charleston, SC

Who Is Responsible For Fence Repairs in Charleston, SC?

Essentially, fencing systems are something property owners choose to have on their property to mark the borders between them and their neighbors and the public. For that reason, you are responsible for any repair needs that were caused by weather or animal damage. That said, there are building codes and regulations that you need to follow during a fence installation project. These regulations will also highlight maintenance and repairs.

Another common issue that property owners face is when their neighbor refuses to pay for repairs, even though the damage is on their property. If you are not on good terms with your neighbor, we recommend that you get the city involved. If a bylaw violation is involved, the city will likely order your neighbor to take action.

When Should I Replace My Current Fence?

If it is over 20 years old and has suffered from severe weather damage, we recommend replacing it with something more secure. Warning signs that it may no longer be effective and efficient include peeling paint, wood decay and a sticking fence gate. When hiring Mr. Handyman for inspection and fence repairs, Charleston, SC residents will get a detailed diagnostic, as well as a consultation. Our handyman team will introduce you to different types of materials, along with price estimates for your next fencing project.

Which Type of Fence Is The Best And Needs the Least Repairs?

There is a wide variety of high-quality fences that are also aesthetically pleasing and increase one’s curb appeal. Cedar may be the leading choice because it is naturally water-resistant and durable. Though it needs periodic maintenance, such as sanding and sealing; otherwise, it would need fence repairs. Charleston, SC service technicians at Mr. Handyman are efficient in fence maintenance.

However, if you seek something low-maintenance, we recommend composite, which is highly durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. It is made of high-quality building materials, combining wood fibers and synthetics. You won’t ever have to worry about sealing or repainting, and it will continue to appear like wood for years to come. It is also rare for them to ever need repairs unless you’re dealing with leaning posts caused by shifting soil. Aside from that, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that it won’t need sealing.

Ready For Mr. Handyman’s Professional Fence Repairs, Charleston, SC?

Your local experts at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville are here to offer you a wide range of exceptional handyman services that you will not find anywhere else. From deck repairs to fence repairs, Charleston, SC residents can expect to save time and money with our excellent services. Call our friendly customer service team at (843) 940 7525 to schedule an appointment and find out yourself!

If you need Charleston fence repair or installation, count on our expert team! We proudly serve the residents of Charleston and nearby cities, including Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, and Moncks Corner.

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